Drizella From Cinderella Says “Hello” During the Disneyland Parade

Today we have images of an absolutely beautiful girl named Drizella. She can be seen roaming the kingdom and wishing that she was on the throne instead of her step-sister Cinderella.

dressella step mother cinderella

One of the highlights of Disneyland's parades are the unique character interactions that the characters have with people in the crowd. In these two photos Drizella ran by squawking along to the “A Christmas Fantasy Parade” theme song.

In this photo Drizella quickly stopped for a screamed “hello!”

dressella cinderella closeup hello

The Cinderella step-sisters are absolutely hysterical in their interactions with the guests visiting Disneyland. Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella search for love in the video below:

Have you ever had a fun experience with one of Cinderella‘s step-sisters?

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