Disney’s Lost and Found Creates a Little Magic


The Theme Park Lost & Found at Disney World is a place that no one really wants to end up. It is filled with either extremely happy people or extremely upset people. There really is not a middle ground. If you are visiting the Lost & Found, chances are you have lost something very dear to you. Recently, we had an item that joined the piles of other items lost on Disney property. Our item was not as odd as some of the other items that end up there, like dentures, wheelchairs, or a bowling ball, but it was still precious and dearly missed.

We were at Epcot, on a perfect day, we were able to ride all kinds of rides, meet many characters, and even climb through the playground in Mission Space. It wasn't until we were about to leave when my daughter realized she had dropped the personalized compact mirror somewhere in Epcot. We approached the first cast member we could find. We were advised to visit the cast members at the end of the last couple of rides as well in the gift shops. Although cast members on both Mission Space and Test Track looked all around the ride vehicles and the gift shop cast members had not seen it, they conducted a good search. We visited guest relations and received a card with the phone number for the Lost and Found. I forewarned my daughter that it was a slim chance that she would ever see it again and I was not sure when we would be back to pick it up if they did find it. We left, empty-handed, and with doubts of ever seeing the special Christmas present again.

If you are going to lose an item, doing it on Disney property gives you the best chance of actually retrieving it. Disney's Lost and Found is a very organized and thoughtful place. The attractions are checked periodically for lost items. Those lost items make their way to the gift shop counters and then finally to Guest Relations at each park. Lost items are picked up each day and delivered to the Theme Park Lost & Found at the Transportation and Ticket Center, where they are cataloged and sorted. Sometime during the day, the personalized compact mirror was found and delivered to Guest Services and finally to the Lost and Found. We inquired about the mirror after work the following day since Lost and Found is actually open until 7 PM. The person on the line was very helpful and knew about the item we were missing. The mirror was carefully wrapped, packed and placed in the mail, free of charge, to be delivered to our house.


If you are unfortunate enough to lose an item on Disney property, first things first, don't freak out. Of course, retracing your steps can be very helpful but contacting a cast member is the most helpful thing you can do in that situation. You will be directed to Guest Relations at that park or the front desk if you are at a resort and if it is not there yet, you will be given the information for the Theme Parks Lost & Found. The Theme Parks Lost & Found is located on the east side of the Transportation and Ticket Center. If you rode the tram from the parking lot, you quickly passed by it on the right. It is a small building and almost blends into the surroundings.

It is open from 9 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week.

You can stop by the building and talk to someone in person or you can call them at 407-824-4245.


The personalized compact mirror was probably only worth $1 or $2 but it meant a lot to my daughter. She just received it as a gift and for her to be able to have it again was quite an experience for her. When the mirror finally arrived at our house, she unwrapped the manilla envelope and found her gift, wrapped with the cool crinkly paper cushion wrap. Once she unwrapped the crinkly paper, she found the mirror safely enclosed in a clear plastic bag. Seeing her face as she was given this gift for the second time in a matter of weeks melted my heart. Her belief in Disney has been made even deeper.

She feels like out of all of the items that are left in the park, the cast members took the time to find her item, deliver it to Lost & Found, carefully wrap it so it was safe and sent it with a little Disney Magic to our house. For the other items sitting in the Lost & Found, sunglasses only stay for 21 days, wheelchairs stay for 90 days and some smaller items only stay for a week. Considering the Lost & Found receives THOUSANDS of items per day, they have to make sure there is room for the incoming items.

Bob, the kind cast member at the Lost & Found, said that some of the best moments are when a passport is returned and a guest is able to return to his or her country or when a wallet filled with ALL of the vacation money is returned to a surprised and ecstatic guest. I would love to be a fly on the wall on one of those days and see that Disney Magic take place. Keep up the great work, Disney Theme Parks Lost & Found. Your work does not go unnoticed in our house.

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  1. I left my pouch with all my money, our annual passes, room keys, driver license, everything on the monorail one day. When I realized I had forgotten it, we found a cast member who was able to get on the radio quickly and catch it at the next stop. I had it back in less than 10 minutes. I have never been more grateful for the wonderful people there. It’s the reason I return so often.

    • Disney’s amazing collection of Cast Members keeps the resort running smoothly and the magic happening. It is always nice to know that Disney will go above and beyond for their guests.

  2. I took my granddaughter on the People Mover and accidentally left her special hat behind on the seat. After trying unsuccessfully to find the hat online, I called Disney’s Lost & Found 6 days later. While I figured it was a long shot, I also knew that Disney is amazing with their organization & customer service so if anyone could do it, they could. I did have to wait 40 minutes on the phone; but, once someone answered, in less than a minute the hat was found! It will be mailed out tomorrow and while I was more than willing to pay for shipping they said it’s no charge! Disney is amazing and well worth what you pay for a ticket!

  3. Just came back from a Disney vacation and had two very poor experiences with the new lost & found system. My husband’s phone fell out of his pocket on Space Mountain. We filled out the lost item report, checked with guest relations in the Magic Kingdom (where it was lost), and were sent on a wild goose chase. My in-laws back at home received a call from lost and found from my husband’s lost cell phone – the instructions they were given were very vague and didn’t work. They didn’t ask for a shipping address or give a location to pick it up. Just minutes ago I received an email saying that they considered it “lost” & were closing the case. I’m not sure how that could happen since they called my in-laws from the phone.

    Then my mother dropped her prescription sunglasses while entering the Three Caballeros ride in Epcot’s Mexican Pavillion. She dropped them right at the entrance. We were told that they’d find them when the ride was cleaned that night. Again, filled out a report but nothing yet.

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