Disney’s Aulani, Today We Highlight the Lobby. We look at This Resort in Full Detail.

Over the next month we will be highlighting all different parts of the Aulani Resort in Hawaii. We will post once a week for the next four weeks, we will show off the lobby today. Before we start, just know that you can click on any of  the images and they will get much bigger.


When you first walk into the Aulani, the first Disney resort on Hawaii, you will be amazed by the attention to detail and feel of the main entrance. Looking across the open lobby, you can see over the pool area and out to the ocean.

Everything in the resort is highly detailed, telling the story of Hawaii. The roof is designed to look like the roofs of beach huts from old Hawaii.

Wrapping the entire lobby is an original mural telling the story of the Hawaiian people.

At either end of the lobby there are giant murals featuring men and women. One side is the female side, and other side is the male side. Not only do the murals differentiate the sides, but also there are two pools on each side. On the male side the pool is moving, over rocks, and is rushing water, but on the female side the water is still, personifying both sexes.

Not only are the walls detailed, the floor is also decorated in Hawaiian detail. In the middle of the room there is a giant compass, but rather than saying north, south, east, and west, the compass' points are each made out of a different type of rock from each direction. For example the point that points toward the ocean is made out of coral, and the point that points toward the mountains is made out of lava rock.

 My personal favorite thing about the Aulani is that it is done by Disney, but it isn't a Disney Park. Everyone knows that I love the Disney Parks, but there is another kind of Disney magic at work at the Aulani, one that truly brings Hawaiian history to life. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list below so that you can get our other posts about Disney Aulani.

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