You Decide: Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Attraction Showdown

Join us in the debate that has plagued generations: Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Leave your opinion in the poll below and share the astonishing results. I will use your opinions as data when we review each attraction in the future.


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  1. DISNEYLAND. Walt was there each step of the way, and it has his special, signature fingerprints that fuel the magic. Disney world is a great place, but it doesn’t have the spark. Disneyland is also a celebration of the Disney brand, where Disney World has a lot of other extraneous things designed to bait visitors.

  2. I grew up with Disneyland, but last year I took my famil to WDW. In my opinion, Disneyland is the greatest Disney park by far, but WDW as a whole is in it’s own league.
    BTW.. If all you have experienced is the Magic Kingdom “It’s A Small World”, and if you’ve never experienced New Orleans Square, you don’t know how much you’re missing.

  3. Disneyland FOR SURE! Been to both many times. Disney World just can’t hold the magic that Disneyland holds!

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