We Go to Disneyland Weekly. These Are the Snacks to AVOID and the Ones to Try Instead.

Disneyland is a sensory wonderland, teeming with vibrant attractions, mind-blowing entertainment, and tantalizing food experiences. It certainly leaves no stone unturned in delivering a memorable adventure—right down to the menu of delightful Disneyland snacks and treats.

But let's be candid: not all that glitters in Disneyland is pixie dust gold. Some snacks, despite their tempting looks, may not provide the magical taste experience you'd expect. We will take you through the list of Disneyland snacks that might be better left untouched in lieu of something a bit more enchanting!


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If you're on a mission to experience Disneyland on a budget, especially with a larger family in tow, popcorn may seem like an appealing choice. Its affordability, coupled with the added benefit of inexpensive refills, makes it a champion of cost-effectiveness.

However, the quality of popcorn can often be hit or miss. Sometimes it's fresh and satisfying, but other times, it can be disappointingly stale and lackluster in flavor. When it comes to flavor and uniqueness, popcorn doesn't exactly take the crown among Disneyland's snack offerings. The park is bursting with innovative and intriguing treats that you won't readily find back home. So, while popcorn may be kind to your pocket, it may not deliver the culinary excitement you seek from a Disneyland visit.


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Disneyland's chimichanga undeniably falls into the “love it or hate it” category, but frankly, there are far more tantalizing options throughout the park. Unsurprisingly, you'll often spot these less-than-appealing snacks side-by-side with other questionable offerings, like the notorious turkey legs that can be just as, if not more, underwhelming. Some visitors have even tagged the chimichangas as excessively salty, greasy, and disappointingly stale or chewy.

Turkey Legs

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If you've ever fancied channeling your inner Gaston and feasting on a comically large turkey leg, then you may feel the lure of this Disneyland staple. However, we'd caution you to think twice before gnawing on this one.

Although it may initially seem appealing, this oversized treat might leave you with a twinge of regret. It's not just about the size of this snack—this giant turkey leg is a calorie behemoth, packing about 1000 calories, 54 grams of fat, and in the ballpark of 5,000 milligrams of sodium. Remember, you're on vacation to create magical memories, not to nurse a food-induced coma. Consider bypassing this hefty snack for something a bit lighter and equally as satisfying.

Mickey Pretzel

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Disneyland's vibrant landscape of Mickey-shaped treats can ignite a thrilling culinary journey. As easy as it may be to settle for a Mickey pretzel amidst the abundance of options, we challenge you to elevate your snack-time experience. Sure, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with a comforting bread-based snack, particularly for us carb aficionados.

But remember, Disneyland offers a treasure trove of imaginative and tasty alternatives that extend beyond the traditional pretzel. If you do opt for the pretzel, keep in mind that its appeal wanes if it's not enjoyed fresh and warm. So, the next time you find yourself in the heart of Disneyland, dare to venture beyond the familiar and savor the myriad other snacks that await.

Flavored Churros

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Churros at Disney are an emblem of the park's culinary charm, a beloved treat that one should not overlook. Indeed, Disney has played around with numerous flavor variations of this staple snack, a testament to its immense popularity. However, the classic sugar and cinnamon combo remains the unequivocal crowd-pleaser.

Consider, for instance, the Spicy Chile Cheese Churro, a churro dusted with crushed spicy cheese chips and chili-lime sugar, garnished with nacho cheese sauce and additional crushed spicy cheese chips. A far departure from the original, it's a divisive snack that has left some Disney enthusiasts scratching their heads. Sticking with the classic might be your safest bet.

Bagel Twists

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The Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist from Maurice's Treats may sound tantalizing, but the reality can be disappointingly akin to munching on cardboard or a straight-from-the-freezer bagel from your local supermarket. If you need a portable mid-morning snack, then by all means, savor this quick morning treat before setting out on your day of Disney rides and adventures. However, the park is brimming with more exciting and flavorful options that will undoubtedly elevate your Disneyland snack game.

Dole Whip

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To the die-hard Disney fans, spotting the beloved Dole Whip on this list might feel like outright heresy! However, not all Dole Whips hold the same charm, with some arguing that Disneyland's version just doesn't quite reach the heights of its Disney World counterpart—though this could just be a matter of personal preference.

As delightful as the pure pineapple version is, it might strike some as a tad plain, or overly tart. Fear not: the perfect solution is to mix it up and order the Dole Whip as a twist, ensuring a refreshing and balanced flavor profile. Otherwise, despite its reputation, this is one Disney snack that could potentially be skipped in favor of more diverse flavor experiences.


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Even though it's more like a meal than a snack, it's crucial to flag this one up for your definite “skip” list— while the temptation can be hard to resist, we hold Toy Story entirely responsible for making Alien Pizza Planet appear such an enticing, almost irresistible culinary attraction. However, brace yourself for the harsh reality: the food here could arguably qualify as the “worst in the park.” We're talking about a pizza that's more full of regret than flavor, a taste experience so underwhelming that it could make a frozen supermarket pizza seem Michelin-star worthy. If you are drawn to this spot, pivot towards the fusilli pasta instead.

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

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There's no denying that Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars are quintessential to the Disneyland experience. With their simple yet satisfying appeal, they offer a break from the complex world of Disney's culinary creations. However, they do come with a bit of a drawback. The bars tend to melt quickly, which can make your indulgence less enjoyable and a bit messy.

While these ice cream bars beautifully capture the spirit of Disneyland and pay homage to our favorite mouse, their plain vanilla ice cream enveloped in a hard chocolate shell may not deliver the excitement your taste buds seek. Disneyland has a plethora of other Mickey-inspired snacks that are arguably more adventurous and exciting, making the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars seem a bit mundane in comparison.

Green Milk

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Disneyland is a magical ground for unique and unusual culinary offerings, especially in the futuristic realm of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. However, every culinary adventure has its highs and lows, and the Milk Stand in Batuu is no exception. Here, you'll find plant-based, coconut, and rice milk in two vibrant shades: green and blue.

But, in this cosmic clash of flavors, blue emerges as the clear champion. With tantalizing hints of pineapple, lime, dragon fruit, and watermelon, the blue milk offers a refreshing respite that feels perfectly in tune with its intergalactic setting. On the other hand, green milk, with its unique combination of passion fruit, grapefruit, mandarin orange, and orange blossom, comes across as slightly more earthy and less pleasing to many Disney fans. It's safe to say when faced with a colorful dilemma at the Milk Stand, the green milk is one Disneyland snack you can confidently bypass!

Next time you journey through the magical realm of Disneyland, consider skipping the snacks that don't quite meet the mark, making room for more memorable treats.

Must-Try Disneyland Snacks

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While there are certainly a few snacks at Disneyland that may not quite hit the mark, these are easily overshadowed by an extensive assortment of enticing and unique treats. To aid you in your culinary journey through the park, we've curated a list of our top five snacks that you simply must experience. These selected offerings are not to be overlooked during your next Disney adventure. So, let's delve into our top picks and embark on an exciting exploration of Disneyland's diverse snack offerings.

Cream Cheese-Filled Pretzel

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Don't let the simplicity of a regular pretzel deter you, as Disneyland offers a truly delightful upgrade: a warm cream cheese-filled pretzel, now even more popular thanks to TikTok. This indulgent snack can be found in the heart of Main Street U.S.A. at the Refreshment Corner. But a word of caution—these delectable treats are in high demand, so make sure to snag one early to avoid disappointment!

Bengal Barbecue Skewers

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While the skewers at Bengal Barbecue might not initially wow you with their appearance, we assure you they make up for it with a powerful punch of flavor. These sensational skewers, available in a medley of flavors, are waiting for you at a convenient grab-and-go snack stand in Adventureland.

Choose from options like the Chieftain Chicken Skewer, smothered in a tangy sweet-and-sour sauce, or the Bengal Beef Skewer, where the delectable Zulu sauce provides a balanced blend of sweet and savory. If you're someone who likes a bit of spice, consider the Banyan Beef Skewers, drenched in a fiery, tangy sauce.

For pork lovers, the Pork Belly Skewer coated in a sweet and sticky hoisin sauce is a must-try. But if bacon has a special place in your heart, prepare yourself for the bacon-wrapped asparagus skewer. It's an unexpected yet delightful pairing you won't want to miss.


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Our top Disneyland snack list wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of beignets—it's simply unthinkable to visit Disneyland without ordering some. These delightful dough treats possess a lightly crisp exterior, while the inside remains soft and pillowy. As they arrive generously dusted with powdered sugar, their appearance is as irresistible as their taste. What makes these beignets even more special is their charming shape: the silhouette of our beloved Mickey Mouse. It's a sweet snack that adds a dash of magic to your Disneyland experience. Just one small tip—maybe opt for a light-colored shirt if enjoying these sugar-dusted treats!

Mint Julep

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While the iconic Mint Julep Bar, nestled in the heart of New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park, is currently closed while the much-anticipated Tiana's Palace Restaurant is under construction, its legacy of serving some of Disneyland's most cherished snacks is still very much alive.

The invigorating non-alcoholic Mint Julep offers a refreshing blend of mint and a touch of lime. But don't worry—even though the Mint Julep Bar is temporarily closed, you can still enjoy the classic Mint Julep and some beignets at the Royal Street Veranda!

Mac & Cheese Cone

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The Mac ‘n' Cheese cone from Cozy Cone Motel is an absolute hit, a treat you simply can't resist. Imagine this: a warm, easy-to-hold bread cone generously filled with gooey, cheesy pasta. You can choose between the tangy Chili Cone Queso or the irresistibly savory Bacon Mac ‘n' Cheese. Believe us, it's as delicious as it sounds and looks. This savory snack really raises the bar when it comes to indulgent treats!

On your next Disneyland journey, remember to bypass the ordinary in favor of the extraordinary. Make every bite count with these unforgettable Disneyland snacks and elevate your magical adventure to delicious new heights! One of our favorite Disneyland restaurants.

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