Relive Disneyland Parades With Live Audio In This Disneyland Timeline Part 3–DD013

History of the Disneyland ParadesHere's the final piece of our Disneyland parades history timeline. It will take you back to watching parades on the curb of Main Street. Take a listen for rare audio and the history of the ups and downs of the Disneyland parades.

During this final piece of the Disneyland parades audio history, you'll hear the history of the parades from 90's until today.

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The Disneyland secret this week features the light above the Main Street Firehouse.

The information below is all based off of the podcast audio. Be sure to listen for the full experience.

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This Week's Disneyland Secret:

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walt disney apartment lamp disneyland

Disneyland Lamp Above the Firehouse in Walt's Apartment

The lamp in the window of Walt Disney's private apartment located above the firehouse in Disneyland is never turned off. Or is it?

There are two occasions when the light is switched off. Whenever one of Walt Disney's daughters visited the parks, the light would be turned off to honor the memory they have of their dad. Also, during the holiday season, a miniature Christmas tree is seen in the window instead of lamp.

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