Disneyland Packages: Vacation Packages and Discounts

Disneyland packages are a way to combine your hotel and tickets into one bundle in order to make planning your vacation easier and try to save you money! Disneyland packages can make things much easier for you to plan your trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

There are so many different choices for companies to go through when booking a Disneyland package that it can get confusing when trying to figure out which is the best deal for your trip. Our guide will help you figure out the pros and cons of each and show you how to save money on your Disneyland vacation.

Should You Book Directly with Disney?World of Color

Many guests end up going straight through the Disneyland website or over the phone with the Walt Disney Travel Company which can be a simple approach to booking a Disneyland package but isn't the way to get the best deals! You will usually pay rack rates by going directly through Disney and won't benefit by exclusive discounts or perks that many vacation packages offer through other companies.

The best way to book a Disneyland package is to go directly through a Disney travel agent as they will know the ins and outs of planning a Disney vacation while also seamlessly helping you find the best discounts for your vacation. They will have the same access to the deals offered on the Disneyland website but will also offer their own special discounts often due to partnerships they have through local hotels and businesses.

Finding A Disneyland Travel AgentCars Land at Disneyland

When booking a Disneyland package through a Disneyland travel agent you want to ensure you pick a company that not only has wonderful customer service but the years of experience that gives them the ability to grant you exclusive discounts through their partnerships with local hotels!

disneyland vacation packagesThere is just one travel agency that fits this bill and that is Get Away Today who makes customer service and highest discounts for their customers top priority. They have over 30 years of experience and their agents truly know the Disneyland Resort. Unlike other agencies, Get Away Today agents visit the parks frequently and experience the vacation before ever selling it to you.

They purchase Disneyland tickets and hotel rooms in blocks so that they can repackage them at much lower prices than anything that Disneyland offers. In fact, they were the first outside wholesaler to work with Disneyland, and they have been a top partner ever since. Their discounts are substantial and are truly the best way to book any Disneyland package vacation.

While other Disney travel agents can also book Disneyland packages, few other agencies have the ability to purchase the tickets in such large blocks to give these incredible Disneyland discounts. Most other agents sell directly through Disney and are paid with a small commission. Get Away Today functions in a unique place as they are classified by Disney as a “Select Tour Operator,” a distinction only held by the top eleven companies working with Disney creating vacations. They also take the time to create an enjoyable experience for their customers by offering agents who are knowledgeable and ready to help plan any Disneyland vacation. Get Away Today agents stay in the hotels that they book for you, so that they always understand the property and aren't just selling you something on a piece of glossy marketing material they received.

Get Away Today also has great relationships with the local Anahiem area hotels which can secure their customers great additional discounts at select hotels such as free parking or breakfast, additional nights free, discounted rates, and more.

All Disneyland tickets are now being sent electronically which means guests will take either their phone or printed confirmation straight to the gate. There will be no need to go to a ticket booth to pick-up will call tickets and no way to leave physical tickets at home. Book your tickets at least two days before your arrival to ensure that they are processed in time for the first day of your Disneyland vacation.

Get Away Today also offers layaway plans with an additional fee of $99 that allows guests to make as many payments as you would like on your vacation up to five days before the departure date. The first payment requires a minimum payment of $175 so guests can then decide how many payments they’d like to make. The vacation is held until the final payment is made which makes this a great option for families to be able to plan and save for their vacation.

To access the exclusive DisneyDose.com discount prices, CLICK HERE to visit Get Away Today. Prefer to call? Dial (855) GET-AWAY and request the exclusive Disney Dose pricing. Or work with a travel agent directly online by submitting a travel request form.

Disneyland Packages: Choose Your Hotel TypeDisneyland Hotel from sky view

There are two pieces that come together for a Disneyland package: Disneyland tickets and your hotel. There are two types of Disneyland packages: one that is built around a Disneyland owned resort hotels tay and one that is built around a Disney Good Neighbor hotel stay which are the local Anaheim hotels right across the street and surrounding area.

Disneyland Resort Hotel Vacation Package

The Disneyland Resort Hotel package includes:

  • Choice between the three Disney hotels: Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, the Disneyland Hotel, or Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel
  • Exclusive low prices on Disneyland Resort Tickets for DisneyDose.com readers
  • Use of the private entrance to Disney California Adventure through Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
  • Exclusive extras provided by Get Away Today for DisneyDose.com readers
  • Staying within the Disneyland ‘bubble' of accessing Disneyland through Downtown Disney

Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel Package

The Disney Good Neighbor Hotel package includes:

  • Choice of Disney's recommended Good Neighbor hotels which most are within walking distance to Disneyland
  • Opportunity for perks such as free breakfast, parking or free nights
  • Access to the exclusive low prices on Disneyland Tickets for DisneyDose.com readers
  • Exclusive bonuses from Get Away Today for DisneyDose.com readers

Get Away Today Coupons for Disneyland Packages

Get Away Today has exclusive partnerships with local retailers to offer you hundreds in dollars in savings. These special benefits that come exclusively from Get Away Today include:

  • Exclusive Area Coupons: When you book, you will receive a PDF of coupons that can be printed as many times as you wish. Included are coupons for 10% off at some of my favorite Disneyland Restaurants: La Brea Bakery, Naples, Wetzel's Pretzels and Tortilla's Joes in Downtown Disney. Also included are coupons for the chain restaurants located just outside of the resort area that include: Bubba Gump, Pizza Press, etc. The coupons are sold as having a $300 value, but when used with a big group (or a family that eats a lot like mine) you could save a lot more.
  • Pin lanyard for each adult member of the group.
  • Fun Free Printable Downloads – to get your family ready for the trip, they'll email you special printable sheets that include a number of games, vacation countdown chains, vacation reveal ideas, and more.

Ready to book your package with Get Away Today? CLICK HERE to access our exclusive discounts and special bonuses that come just for DisneyDose.com readers. Or, you can call (855) GET-AWAY and request the DisneyDose.com exclusive prices.

Southern Californian Theme Park Tickets

You can also choose to add on a day trip to other popular Southern Californian theme park destinations to your Disneyland package when you book through Get Away Today.

You can choose from many options like Universal Studios Hollywood, San Diego, Legoland, and Hollywood. Get Away Today offers great discounts on tickets for these other popular theme parks in the Southern California area making them great additions to your Disneyland package.

Disneyland Package Payment Options

One of the best things about purchasing a Disneyland Package through Get Away Today is you have the option of paying in full when you book or you can put down a deposit and make payments until your trip.

Layaway Plan

The layaway plan allows guests to lock in their dates for their hotel so they don't have to worry about missing out on their chosen vacation dates. You can hold your vacation for as little as $175 down then you can make your payments in whatever amounts you desire up until two weeks until your travel date.

There is a one time non-refundable $99 fee to use this option.

Peace of Mind Plan

Get Away Today also offers a way to secure your vacation package called the Peace of Mind plan which works as trip insurance. This plan allows you to cancel up to 72 hours before your check in date with no penalty but also allows the benefit of making any necessary changes you like to your Disneyland package.

It costs $75 to add the Peace of Mind plan to your Disneyland package.

Normal Change Fees With Peace of Mind Plan
Ticket Voucher Change Fee: $50 FREE
Hotel Reschedule Fee: $100 FREE
Hotel Change Fee: $100 FREE
Dropped Night Fee: $100 FREE
Hotel Cancellation Fee: $200 FREE
Package Cancellation Fee: $200 FREE

Disneyland in July- Avengers Campus Web Slingers attraction at night

Costco Disneyland Vacation Packages

Costco offers Disneyland vacation packages that bundles your hotel and tickets which often include a $300 or less Disney gift card depending on the length of your stay. Sometimes these packages can save you money depending on the hotel and time of year but you need to be a Costco member in order to book any of these packages.

While the Disney gift card that is included in this package is tempting, the Costco vacation packages often do not offer as large of savings as Get Away Today especially when you factor in the cost of a Costco membership of $60.

Sam's Club Disneyland Vacation Packages

Sam's Club offers Disneyland vacation packages that bundles your hotel and tickets with a choice of Disneyland property hotels or Good Neighbor hotels. Sometimes these packages can save you money depending on the hotel and time of year but you need to be a Sam's Club member in order to book any of these packages.

The Sam's Club packages do not offer as great as savings as Get Away Today nor do they usually offer additional free gift cards like Costco does. Similar to Costco, they also require you to be a Sam's Club member but this is a lower member ship free ($45) than Costco.

Expedia Disneyland Vacation Packages

If you want to bundle your airfare with your Disneyland hotel and tickets, Expedia offers Disneyland vacation packages. While you can sometimes find a great last minute deal on Expedia for Disneyland packages, it's not our top recommended option because it doesn't offer the best discounts in comparison to other options.

AAA Disney Package Discounts

AAA will sometimes offer discounts on Disneyland tickets but these discounts are minimal compared to other options and rarely are Disneyland packages offered.

Disney Visa Cardmember Packages

Disney Visa Cardmembers will occasionally be sent offers for special rates on Disneyland packages when they book using their Disney Visa debit or credit card. These discounts often range in the 15%-20% for the on-site Disney owned hotels and does not apply to tickets.

Canadian Resident Disneyland Packages

Canadians are often offered special offers on Disneyland packages on the Canadian Disneyland website which usually mirror the same offers that are running in the US.

Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

Hopefully this guide to picking out a Disneyland package has been helpful. The process can be difficult, which is why we at DisneyDose.com are here to help. You should subscribe to our exclusive Disney Deals email to access special discounts on travel and food in and around the Disneyland Resort.

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