Disneyland Lockers Ultimate Guide

Disneyland lockers are a great resource if you don't want to carry everything you need at the parks. You can store extra jackets, blankets to watch the parade or fireworks, any souvenirs you purchase and anything else you don't want to carry,

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Disneyland lockers including price, location and how to recover items left behind!

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Disneyland Locker Locations

There are four different locations in the Disneyland Resort to rent a locker.

Disneyland- Main Street, U.S.A.

Disneyland Lockers

The lockers here offer two different sizes for $7 and $10 per day. Turn right at the Market House towards the end of the little quaint alley and you'll see the large sign.

California Adventure- Buena Vista Street

The lockers here offer two different sizes for $7 and $10 per day. Both are located near the entrance of the park. One near Guest Services and one near the restrooms and Mortimer's Market.

The Esplanade

These lockers are accessible from Downtown Disney, meaning you don't need park admission to access them, are located in front of Disneyland's entrance in The Esplanade. This location is also near a set of picnic tables if you plan on packing a lunch and offers a larger variety of locker sizes than the ones inside the parks ranging from $7 to $15 per day.

Disneyland Lockers Cost

The price for renting lockers at Disneyland depends on the locker size you pick for the day. The cost of Disneyland lockers in both theme parks is $7 and $10 per day.

In the Disneyland lockers location in the Esplanade you will have bigger selections offered for lockers, this location is also near a set of picnic tables if you plan on packing a lunch, with prices for lockers varying from $7, $10, $12 and $15 per day.

The cost of your Disneyland locker rental is for the entire day and you can access it as often as you want throughout the day.

Disneyland Lockers Hours

Disneyland lockers are only available during the theme parkpark operating hours and you cannot store items in lockers overnight. If you do forget your items in your locker you can contact Disney's Lost and Found.

I always recommend setting an alarm for the end of the night so you remember to grab any of your items you may have left in the Disneyland lockers so you don't have to deal with the hassle of trying to track them down the next day. It can be easy to forget and leave items behind especially when you're exhausted after a magical day in the parks… especially if you follow our Disneyland morning strategy!

How to Use Lockers at Disneyland

Using Disneyland lockers is easy and takes no time at all to rent one for the day. You just need a debit or credit card to use the kiosk. Swipe your card and pick your locker type. You will be prompted to select a 4 digit pin and this is how you will access your locker throughout the day.

After you pay you will be given a four digit locker number.

There are plenty of lockers available and it's extremely rare for lockers to run out at Disneyland. The only times it might come close is during the busy holiday months when everyone is storing their jackets during the day.

I usually take a picture of the locker number so that way I can remember it later. A little paper slip will print out too but I like taking a picture since I know I can't lose that!

The picture above is the $7 locker size inside the resort parks. I've always used the $7 lockers as they're pretty long in depth so you can stuff a lot of things in there! But if you have a bigger family you may want to opt for the larger $10 locker. There are less quantities of those lockers available in comparison to the smaller ones so grab one quick if that's your preference!

Overall, using the Disneyland lockers is easy and convenient. I think it's worth the cost to carry less while you're in the parks which just makes your day feel more easy going and less of a hassle!

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