Disneyland Gives Face Value For Unused Ticket Books and Letter Coupons

From the opening of the park until 1982, Disneyland used tiered tickets or lettered “coupons” for admission into individual attractions. When the coupon system was replaced with Disneyland day passports, there were still thousands of unused lettered coupons in circulation.

Typically guests would exhaust all of their “E Tickets,” but often returned home with unused A and B Coupons they expected to use on their next trip to the park. These are the tickets that are most often found in the back of desk drawers or stuffed into old boxes.

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Redeem Disneyland Ticket Books and Coupons For Face Value

Disneyland Public Relations has confirmed that coupons still in tact and unused can be redeemed at Disneyland ticket booths for their face value at the time of sale. Guests exchanging these tickets can put their value towards the purchase of a new ticket or a Disneyland annual pass. But, this won't amount to very much, as the most expensive ticket ever sold was only 95 cents.

Coupons and Ticket Books are sold constantly on eBay. If you are looking to get the best value for your old tickets, sell them online. But, personally, I recommend saving them as a keepsake from the incredible times you had while visiting Disneyland in its early days.

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  1. I have four Disney books complete and I got three there are missing one ticket and two regular adult tickets So basically for books complete three books missing one ticket or two and two separate adult tickets would I get free tickets if I trade them in

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