Dashing Disneyland Dapper Day 2014 Photos…Toddler Dressed Like a Dapper Dan is SO Cute

disneyland dapper day 2014

This photo is by Christina Marie.

Disneyland played host to the fifth Dapper Day event on 2014 February 22 and 23. Dapper Day is an unofficial “fashionable gathering” held a couple of times a year at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Dapper Day turns back the clock to a time where people would only be seen out in public in their finest most dapper attire.

The most recent Disneyland event featured two days of informal meet ups. In total more than 20,000 people dressed in their best to attend Disneyland Dapper Day 2014. Unsuspecting people visiting the Disneyland park that day were almost outnumbered by those in Dapper Day attire–this was the most amount of people to ever attend a dapper event.

On our Disneyland_Secrets Instagram account we asked our fans to tag their best Dapper Day photos with #DapperDose. We had an enormous response and have included some of the best photos sent our way below.

Disneyland Dapper Day 2014 Festivities

dapper day disneyland grand californian

The during the event there was a large boutique of vintage clothing for sale at the Grand Californian hotel ballroom. This dashing shot is by lmmillar3 at the boutique.

Fans Met Up on the Mark Twain For the Swankiest Trip Around the River…Ever

A swarm of the fanciest people you ever seen in Disneyland appears out of nowhere. What time is it? It's time for the Mark Twain mixer.

dapper day disneyland mark twain 2014

This photos is by itscheek during the large Mark Twain meet up.

mark twain disneyland dapper day thoughtful

This photo is by disney_landia.

dapper day disneyland mark twain 2014 dapper

Here lindy_munster poses in front of Tom Sawyer island on what must of been a glorious day weather wise.

It was the Perfect Opportunity to Disney Bound

Originally invented by the unofficial Tumblr page, Disney Bound is a way for Disney fans to visit the park representing their favorite characters without wearing a costume. (Costumes are not allowed for adults because people could confuse them with Disney Cast Members.)

At the event there were numerous fun Disney Bounding attempts:

dapper day disneyland 2014 mickey and minnie disneyland castle

A couple of people tried to be Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Here is a fun picture by disneylandfans.

tarzan disney bounding jane

Jane from Tarzan was presented by shannon_the_disney_princess. I believe that is Turk along with her.

blue umbrella short film disney bound

This photo by greciaelisa represents one of my favorite Pixar Short films ‘Blue Umbrella.'

mickey mouse and minnie mouse dapper day 2014

Here's brianchase13 in his best Red and Yellow imitating the big man himself, Mickey Mouse.

Aurora and Prince Phillip Disney Bound

This is perhaps my favorite photo sent to us by beetanz from Instagram. Here Aurora and Prince Phillip pose in the scenic Golden State trail in Disney California Adventure.

mary poppins disney bound disneyland dapper day

This photo of alyyyfornia is beautifully put together and highlights the Sherman Brother's window on Main Street. I'm not sure if she is Disney Bounding, but I see a Mary Poppins inspired outfit if she is.

Snazzy Snack Break

dapper day mickey mouse ice cream

This picture deserves it's own heading…when was the last time that someone looked this good eating a Disneyland Mickey Mouse premium ice cream bar. Yum! This photo is by Katie_brady.

Return to Yesteryear

No one is quite sure what should actually be worn to Dapper Day, therefor you will see people coming in outfits varying from the Disney inspired ones above to a return to the classic clothing of the past years.


The joys of Dapper Day: the classic Army look returns in this photo from ohhirach.

image (5)

This yellow dress that instagracia is sporting is the perfect thing to be wearing for an excursion into Disney California Adventure's newest land Cars Land.

disneyland child dapper day 2014

Even the youngest kids took part in the event. See here in Disneylandfans photo.

disneyland dapper day in front of castle

Suspenders and a bow tie were the norm for most men visiting on this gorgeous Dapper Day. This is my photo from Disneyland_Secrets. (Please follow us there for the most interesting Disneyland Secrets).

I hope that you have enjoyed all of our photos and information about this year's Dapper Day. If you have photos from the event posted on Instagram, tag them #DapperDose and we will be sure to check them out.  Thanks for joining us on this good ole Dapper Day.

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