Best Disney World Vacation Home Rentals Ranked 2023

Vacation rentals near Walt Disney World give guests the option of large villas, townhouses, and houses to rent which are a great option for groups traveling together and large families. These Disney World vacation home rentals offer some fantastic Disney and Universal theming all within a short drive to the theme parks.
Here are our top Disney World vacation home rentals ranking including Top Villas for Disney World, Airbnb, and VRBO. Plus our thoughts on how renting DVC points is similar to pursuing these Orlando luxury vacation home rentals.

1. Top VillasTop Villas WDW

Top Villas makes the #1 spot on our list of Disney World vacation homes due to its large selection of over 3k Orlando villas, condos, townhouses, and cottages. The wide selection of rentals is not just what sets Top Villas apart from the rest. They also offer full concierge services for guests planning their trip including assistance with car rentals, theme park tickets, and anything else you may need.

Top Villas can assist guests in searching Orlando vacation rentals for the best fit for your Walt Disney World vacation or you can even have a selection ready after cruising the Top Villas website for top luxury vacation rentals.

Top Villa Disney World Rentals

Aside from these concierge services, which are not offered by the other vacation rental search sites, we also saw a large number of Disney-themed vacation home rentals on Top Villa’s site! More so than what was available on the competitor websites like Airbnb and VRBO. Some of these Disney-themed Orlando luxury vacation rentals include Disney castle-themed rooms, Star Wars entertainment spaces, and Toy Story bunk beds. In many cases, these themed vacation rentals even surpass the theming at the Walt Disney World hotels.

For payment, if a booking is made within 60 days of the stay full payment is required otherwise guests can put down a deposit of 20-50% of the booking. Top Villas concierge services and their wide range of best house rentals near Walt Disney World are what make them our top contender in ranking Disney World vacation homes.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb falls onto our second on top Disney World vacation homes ranked largely due to its variety of options. Airbnb is one of the major vacation home rental websites and is said to have the highest number of active listings in comparison to other companies.

Airbnb is a well-known vacation home option for Orlando rentals near Disney World so many guests may feel comfortable using this website over others. However, Airbnb does not offer any concierge services for Walt Disney World vacations and the rental process is solely up to the renter and the owner through the website. For this reason, this is why Top Villas is ranked number one on our list.


VRBO  is another option similar to Airbnb that offers Orlando vacation home rentals. The edge it has over Airbnb is the superior search feature so guests can easily search listings by guest review ratings or easier look for pet friendly options.

While not confirmed, it is said that Airbnb has a large amount of listings in comparison to Airbnb which is our main reason for ranking Airbnb over VRBO since finding those Disney luxury vacation rentals near Disney World will be easier to find. VRBO also does not offer concierge services for Walt Disney World rentals which is another category that Top Villas outranks out the others.

Best On-Site Pick For Space – DVC Rentals

Another alternative to renting vacation homes is renting vacation points through the Disney Vacation Club members to book villas or larger rooms at the Walt Disney World resorts. Disney Vacation Club is similar to a timeshare that guests invest in to take cost-effective Disney vacations. DVC has resorts all around the world including a large selection at Walt Disney World including the most premiere Disney deluxe hotels.

Anyone can rent Disney Vacation Club points from a DVC member to book a hotel room, villa, or suite at the Disney Deluxe hotels. This is the best way to get a discount rate at the most expensive hotels at Walt Disney World. You can read more about renting DVC points in our guide. 

This option comes with the benefit of being on-site at Walt Disney World but keep in mind these options still will not offer as much space as a vacation home rental in Orlando. If you are a large family or groups traveling together, a luxury vacation home rental in Orlando may be the best route which is why we rank Top Villas as our best choice.

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