Disney World Fuelrod Charger Guide

At Walt Disney World, you use your devices often. Whether you are snapping character pictures, taking ride videos, or making your next Lightning Lane reservation, those things with the heat of Florida are sure to drain your battery quickly. Bringing your charger to the park is annoying and not ideal, especially finding a spot to plug in and sit for a while. Some portable chargers can be bulky and a lot to pack. Luckily, Disney World offers Fuelrod chargers!

Fuelrod chargers are compact, long-lasting portable chargers that are offered in various locations around Walt Disney World Resort. The best part? They’re interchangeable! That means when you’ve used all of your charging juice, you’re able to swap out for another one!

Let’s discuss what Fuelrod chargers are, where to find them, cost, and more in this Disney World Fuelrod Charger Guide!

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What Are Walt Disney World FuelRod Chargers?Disney World FuelRod Chargers- Tomorrowland

Fuelrod chargers are Disney’s offerings for portable device chargers. They are small kits found in various locations around the resort. You can find four parts to each kit. This includes the lithium-ion battery and three cables. There is a lightning cable for iPhones, which is super fast charging. There is also a USB-A to micro cable as well as a USB-C cable. Each one is around three inches long, so you’ll need to keep it close to whatever you are charging.

When your charger runs out of battery life, you can go up to any machine and swap it out for a new one. Not only does this make the purchase worth the money, but it makes it easy to ensure that your devices are always charged! Swapping out your Fuelrod is absolutely free. Universal Orlando also uses Fuelrod chargers. You can swap old ones out at that park as well, but they do charge $3 per swap out.

You can purchase Disney World FuelRods around the resort for $30 a kit. However, you can also find them online before your trip for a bit less! Fuelrod’s official website sells the kits in counts of one, two, or three chargers. You can also find singular charger kits on Amazon, with the option to purchase doubles as well.

How to Use Disney World FuelRod ChargersDisney World FuelRod Chargers

Part of the reason that Fuelrod chargers are so desirable is that they are incredibly easy to use! Since the kits come with everything you need, and each Fuelrod battery comes already fully charged, there is nothing stopping you from using the charger as soon as you get it.

When you approach a Fuelrod machine on Disney World property to buy for the first time, you want to hit ‘Buy’. You’ll be able to choose your kit and pay with a credit or debit card. The kit will dispense and it is ready to go!

Of the three cables, find the correct one for your device. The lightning cable is for Apple devices, and the micro cable is for most Android’s. The USB-C is for older Androids. Even if you might not need all three of the cables, keep them! Fuelrods are usable infinitely, and you never know when someone in your party might need them.

Since the cables are only a few inches long, you will need to keep your device close to the charger. Luckily, Fuelrods are super lightweight and will not take up much room in any bag or pocket! You’ll know that you need to swap your Fuelrod when the light at the bottom glows red.

To swap your Fuelrod, go to any machine on property. Hit ‘Swap’, and it will make you insert the empty Fuelrod (Barcode on the right) into the machine. If you still have a charge left, it will spit the Fuelrod back out into the ‘Rejected Fuelrod’ slot. If it’s completely dead, the machine will dispense a new charger to you. Remember, when you’re swapping out, you will keep all of your cables and only return the battery part. That being said, only another battery will be dispensed when you swap.

Disney World FuelRod Charger Locations

There are around 45 Fuelrod machine locations at the Walt Disney World Resort. With that, you’ll never be in bad shape if you need a charger ASAP! Also, if you need to find the closest Fuelrod location to you, there are maps on the MyDisney Experience app! All you have to do is search for ‘Fuelrod’, and an option for every kiosk will come up. From there, you can find whichever machine you are near. Let’s discuss each location below.

Magic Kingdom

  • Curtain Call Collectibles (Town Square Theater on Main Street) At the front of the park is the small gift shop you enter after meeting Mickey Mouse. You can find two machines against the wall!
  • Casey’s Corner/Emporium (Main Street) This location holds a not-so-known Fuelrod machine! Right between the merge of Casey’s Corner and the big Emporium gift shop, you can find this pinstripe-colored machine.
  • Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies (Tomorrowland) Another location with two machines, you can find these over in the seating area.
  • Tomorrowland Launch Depot (Tomorrowland) When exiting Space Mountain, look on the far corner of the wall for this one.
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (Tomorrowland) This machine rests by the cash registers and next to the water bottle refill station.
  • Big Top Souvenirs Shop (Storybook Circus in Fantasyland) Right by the exit doors from the meet and greets in the back of the shop, there is a Fuelrod machine!
  • Pecos Bills Restaurant (Frontierland) You can find this machine on the back wall of the restaurant by the side window!
  • Bathroom Walkway (Adventureland/Frontierland Merged Walkway) If you are walking by the sunglasses store toward the bathroom in Adventureland, head into that walkway and look in the corner!


  • Gateway Gifts (World Celebration) This machine is on the wall closest to the registers.
  • The Seas Gift Shop (World Nature) After riding through with Nemo and his friends, enter the gift shop and find this machine on the back wall. If you just need a charger, you can enter through the exit doors of the gift shop to go in.
  • The Land Restrooms (World Nature) You can kind this machine by the railing against the wall. These restrooms are on the second floor in the back!
  • Imagination Pavilion (World Nature) After exiting Journey into Imagination with Figment, you’re funneled into a large space with meet and greets and a lot of hands on stuff to do. The machine is right by the exit doors.
  • Mission Space Gift Shop (World Discovery) Another machine found at the exit shop of an attraction, this is on your left as soon as you get out of the ride.
  • Test Track Gift Shop (World Discovery) Find this machine right by the exit doors of the shop, or right as you enter if you go through just for the shop!
  • Disney Traders (World Showcase) There are two stores when you enter into World Showcase. This is the one closer to Mexico. You can find the machine by the double doors of the shop.
  • World Traveler Shop (International Gateway of World Showcase) This is one of my favorite shops, especially for Fuelrods. It is always quiet and not too crowded, and they have really great merchandise. You’ll find the machine against the wall closest to the registers.

Animal Kingdom

  • Discover Company Trading Shop (Discovery Island) This is on the outside of the shop!! You can find it on the corner of the wall.
  • Island Mercantile (Discovery Island) You can find this machine next to the pressed pennies. This machine is also on the outside of the shop.
  • Dino Institute Gift Shop (Dinoland U.S.A.) When exiting the Dinosaur ride, you can spot this machine on the right in the hallway, right before the gift shop starts.
  • Serka Zong Bazaar (Asia) In the Expedition Everest gift shop, you can find the machine on the back right wall, next to the stuffed animals.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch (Africa) This is another lesser-known Fuelrod spot, but there is a machine here!

Hollywood Studios

  • Celebrity 5 and 10 (Hollywood Boulevard) The machine in this store is right by the cash registers.
  • Tower of Terror Exit (Sunset Boulevard) You can find this machine by the Dog-tag creation kiosk in the back of the gift shop.
  • Vacation Fun Theater (Echo Lake) This Fuelrod machine is on the way to Muppetvision 3d, by the Frozen outdoor shop.
  • Pizzerizzo (Grand Avenue) Go toward the seating area outside of this restaurant to find the Fuelrod machine here.
  • Restrooms (Pixar Place) This is another outdoor machine location, located right by the restrooms.

Disney Springs

  • Photopass Studio (Marketplace) Near World of Disney, the Marketplace is a building holding various shops. You can find the machine near the PhotoPass area, which is next to the stores.
  • Welcome Center (Town Center) In the big building toward the middle of Disney Springs, you can find the machine propped against the wall in the back near the exit!
  • Orange Garage (Near stores) This is near the buses, outside the building that you rent strollers or scooters from.

Resort Locations

  • Contemporary ResortFourth floor of the resort in the hallway.
  • Grand FloridianSouth side of the convention center.
  • Polynesian Resort – In the Bou Tiki shop.
  • Wilderness Lodge – Against the wall down in the lobby.
  • Boardwalk Inn – In the Dundies Sundries shop.
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge – In the lobby.
  • Coronado Springs – Near the hall of El Mercado de Coronado.
  • In all three All Star Resorts, you can find Fuelrod machines in the hotel’s arcades.
  • At Port Orleans, the Fuelrod machines are in the lobby of both French Quarter and Riverside.
  • Pop Century Resort – In the hotel’s ‘Fast Forward’ arcade.
  • Art of Animation Resort – In the ‘Pixel Play’ arcade.

Are Disney World FuelRod Chargers Worth It?EPCOT Japan

With all of the new updates and needs to be on your phone consistently, it is so important to keep your devices charged. You’ll find that you’re constantly updating your reservations and plans, taking photos and videos, and even calling friends and family. But with so many options for portable chargers, are Fuelrods even worth it?

For someone who has had the same Fuelrod for over two years and has used it for five different trips, they are absolutely worth it. I am obsessed with my Fuelrod. Some of the things I love about it is how easy it is to use, how small the charger is, and the fact that not only can I replace it for free when visiting Disney World, but I can also pay a small fee to replace it at Universal as well. I think that this makes the $30 price point more than worth it.

Most portable chargers will cost anywhere from $10-$50, which is a wide cost range. That means that not only will you possibly have to shell out a decent amount of money, but you also might not have it last as long as the Fuelrod would. With the Fuelrod chargers, you’re essentially getting an endless charge supply compared to other chargers.

My pro-tip would definitely be to buy one at the beginning of your trip and swap at the very end of the night (plus before then if you need to!) before returning to your hotel. That way, you’re starting each morning with a fresh battery! Before leaving to go home, swap it again! You can then use it for local needs as well. Remember, there is no daily limit to your swaps.


Does Disney charge for fuel rods?

Yes, Disney does charge for Fuelrods. The cost is $30 per kit, which is a one time fee!
This comes with everything you need and can be paid for with any credit or debit card.

Can you buy FuelRod at Disney World?

Yes, you can buy FuelRods at Disney World. There are over 40 locations to purchase the chargers from. You can just walk up to the machine, select what you want, and pay!

Do they sell portable chargers at Disney?

They absolutely sell portable chargers at Disney! You can find the FuelRod, a small portable charger kit, at various locations around the resort. The kit is $30 and can be purchased at any Fuelrod kiosk!

Can you swap fuel rods at Disney?

You can indeed swap Fuelrods at Disney. Approach any Fuelrod kiosk with the one you’d like to swap, and then follow the on-screen prompts to get a new one! This is absolutely free and can be done at any kiosk location once your current FuelRod is out of battery.

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