Disney Looks For More Talent to Staff Carsland

Disney has posted on their audition site that they are looking for  two actors to fill two posistions in Disney's California Adventure's new Radiator Springs-themed land.

The first role is a male role for a comedian the role will mostly “non-verbal think Charlie Chaplin meets Cirque clown.” In fact Disney is encouraging the deaf to apply for this role.

Disney is also looking for a female to play the role of “Spinner in an all-new, interactive dance party that travels the streets of Cars Land.” One of the requirements for the role is that you must be able to interact with the guests, and the characters from the feature film Cars.

These new acts reveal more about Carsland than any other announcement has, because before this posting we weren't sure if the land would have street entertainment, or have any entertainment at all.

If you are interested in auditioning for these roles, or want to read the role requirements for yourself click here. 

I am very interested to know how the silent miming character will fit with the theme of Carsland, and if it will be anything similar to the vine creature in Disney's Animal Kingdom? What do you think? Do you think that it will be strange to see people in Carsland? Your thoughts?

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