During a recent interview with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped the news that a new docuseries featuring Walt Disney Imagineering will be coming to the Disney+ streaming service along with other programming geared specifically towards “core Disney fans.”

Bob Iger said that the new service will include “a lot of programming that our core Disney fan, we believe, will really love.”

He went on to explain that they “have the oppurtunity to pull back the curtain a bit and show…things they have never seen before including a great docuseries on Walt Disney Imagineering.” On the earnings call he added that the series would include images and stories they had never shared before. No other information has been given regarding the series, but I sure can't wait to find out more.

Walt Disney Imagineering is the group within the Disney organization responsible for development of all theme park attractions at the Disney resorts around the world. The group was formed in the 1950s as Walt Disney first dreamt of creating Disneyland.

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We haven't heard from the team working on the Imagineering Documentary that was announced nearly four years ago at the D23 Expo for quite some time. Perhaps this team has shifted from creating a single documentary film to creating an entire series for the new service. You can watch the awesome trailer for that film here. I hope that this is the same project, because the resulting docuseries would be incredible based on the clips included in that trailer.

With the streaming service expected to launch in late calendar 2019, we will likely see tons more announcements of fan-focused content.

The new streaming service will include vast libraries of content from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, and National Geographic (acquired as part of the FOX acquisition).

The service will also be home to original content. Some of these unique items are a series focused on Marvel character Loki, a prequel series for Cassian Andor from “Rogue One,” an animated series based on “Monsters Inc,” an exclusive Christmas movie starring Anna Kendrick, a series based on “High School Musical,” and a movie on 1925 Nome Serum Run starring Willem DaFoe.

Disney is “looking to build a very elegant experience” around the connection that fans have to these existing brands. There is currently a preview site live with the ability to sign up to receive more information when it comes. Of course we will also be keeping you up to date here on Disney Dose.

COMMENT below is you are excited about this upcoming Disney+ streaming service. Hearing about the new Imagineering Docuseries sure has me fired up!

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