Frozen’s Olaf- Stole Our Heart

From the D23 Expo, you have probably heard huge announcements about Disney's new movies Zootopia and Maleficent.  What you probably haven't heard too much about is that the new movie Frozen will be amazing. Our favorite character will be Frozen's Olaf, the snowman voiced by Josh Gad.


The reason that we fell in love with Olaf is because he's a snowman who sings a song about wanting to see summer. You read that correctly.

While I don't have the song for you today, because it was released at the D23 Expo in a no photography and no recording session, I can give you a sense of the style. The song was a combination of slapstick and vaudeville style comedy that has Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, singing about how much sense it makes for extreme hot and cold to mix.

olaf the snowman at the d23 expo

At one point in the song Olaf walks up to a puddle and starts to look a little sad, but then he just yells out something like, “what's that?” and goes back to singing.

Olaf's character will be a fantastic addition to the Disney family. It seems as if Walt Disney Imagineering is planning on his popularity because Olaf is scheduled to be hosting Winter Dreams, this years Christmas version of World of Color.

Be sure to watch out for Olaf the snowman from Disney's new movie Frozen.

He is the most unique Disney character that I have seen since Louis from Princess and the Frog and I haven't even seen the movie yet.

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