“Space Mountain Will Keep the Lights On Permanently” And Other Ridiculous Disney Rumors That Are Completely Made Up By Satirists

In recent times, the media has become one of the main ways that society receives its news. Whether it be through social media or television shows, many people accept most headlines they read as fact. This becomes a tricky situation with some media sources becoming a place of satire, purposely spreading false information as commentary on how society relies too heavily on headlines.

All Of This News Is 100% Fake

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A prime example of satire is Mousetrap News on TikTok, which deems itself “The Moused Trusted Name in Disney News.” This account mixes fun and satire to create headlines about Disney that are extremely ridiculous! In this article, we will explore 15 of the most ridiculous headlines from Mousetrap news.

Because Mousetrap News is a satirical news account, it is important to note that all the news is fake and has no factual evidence backing it up. All of these headlines are satirical and should not be accepted as fact! It is important to be wary of the news you take in and make sure you are always fact-checking to see if it is verified. Though the account owners may be creating these stories for fun, the stories will often lead readers to turn to us to confirm that stories are actually not true and likely cause headaches for those inside Disney.

Mickey Mouse Is Out As Official Disney Mascot

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The Mousetrap News’ most viewed video on TikTok, with 12 million views, claims that Mickey Mouse will be replaced by Figment as Disney’s new mascot. This is explained by Mickey Mouse’s copyrighting expiring in 2024. In the video, they include a hilarious image of the partner statue in Magic kingdom with Figment holding Walt’s hand instead of Mickey.

While this story is fun and wild, Mickey Mouse will never be replaced as Disney’s mascot, as he has become such an icon over the years.

Disney Removing Seatbelts On Tower of Terror

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This headline claims that Disney is removing seatbelts on the Tower of Terror after being inspired by the TikTok trend of loosening your seatbelt on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! They write how Disney thinks it makes the ride “more authentic and thrilling” and learned how they can remove the seatbelts without breaking any safety regulations.

Though this is completely false, it is important to always wear your seatbelts correctly and follow all safety regulations.

Shark Spotted Inside Magic Kingdom Waters

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One of the more ridiculous headlines is that a shark was found in the waters of Magic Kingdom. It was reported that this shark was seen in the Rivers of America and even has a hysterical edited image of the shark’s fin in the water. The shark supposedly entered the park though the Seven Seas Lagoon, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean. This is more of the unbelievably random and funny headlines from Mousetrap News.

Animal Kingdom May Close Permanently In 2024

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Mousetrap News breaks the story that after the 25th anniversary of Animal Kingdom, April 22, 2023, Animal Kingdom will be closing for good. Like Mousetrap News has covered in the past, the Tree of Life is dying and Cast Members are dressing up as animals due to the supply chain issues. Mousetrap News speculates the park will close within the next two years, most likely to make room for the new theme park Disney has been teasing.

It’s hard to imagine Walt Disney World without Animal Kingdom, but many people have seen this story and accepted it as fact. Animal Kingdom is not closing anytime soon, so make sure to go to this beautiful park and show it some love and appreciation.

Disney Birds Aren’t Real

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If you are a big Disney Fan, you may have heard of the craze around Disney ducks and birds. Mousetrap News finally explains to guests why there are so many birds throughout the parks: Disney is using the birds for surveillance and security purposes, to preserve the “Disney Magic” while also keeping tabs on all the guests.

The birds at Disney World are in fact real, which makes them even more special. Remember, robot or not, do not feed the birds!

Hurricane Ian Destroys EPCOT Ball

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Another one of the most popular headlines from The Mousetrap is that Spaceship Earth was destroyed during the September storm, Hurricane Ian. The funniest thing about this story is the edited photo of warped Spaceship Earth. In the story, it is explained that because it was severely damaged in the storm, Disney must demolish and rebuild the structure, while giving the attraction a long overdue update.

An important part of this story is the disclaimer that Hurricane Ian did truly affect people’s lives and links to donate and support those affected.

Disney Now Selling Build Your Own Roller Coaster Kits

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This news story claims that Disney will be selling build-your-own rollercoaster kits for 500 dollars. Mousetrap News claims that Disney is currently selling the Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain kits, and some basic construction skills are required. These kits will have a max drop size of 30 feet and total track length 200 feet, the perfect size for the backyard. This story is absolutely wild and amusing to read!

Though this would be an amazing souvenir, I am not sure it is completely safe and good for Disney’s business model. There has to be some reason guests keep coming back and with the Matterhorn in your backyard, I can’t see why you’d go to ride the real thing.

Space Mountain Will Keep the Lights On Permanently

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World.

This story is actually a continuation of another story by Mousetrap News in which they report a man lost his hands riding Space Mountain. This prompted this story in which Disney apparently decided to keep the lights on Space Mountain on permanently to avoid any further injuries.

Though it is on many Disney fan’s bucket lists to ride Space Mountain with the lights on, the lights being on permanently would severely impact the overall experience. We hope nobody ever gets seriously injured on the ride and that Disney never has to change it!

Cinderella Castle Being Demolished

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog.

It is difficult to imagine a trip to the Magic Kingdom without walking towards Cinderella castle from Main Street U.S.A. In this story, Mousetrap News shares the shocking news that the castle will be removed from the Magic Kingdom after the 50th anniversary or even early 2024. Mousetrap News explains how they aren’t sure if Disney has any replacement for this icon, so the land will remain empty. They show their followers what Main Street U.S.A will look like without the castle, and it is definitely a sight to see.

Disney Lowering Drinking Age To 18

Photo Credit: Disneyland.

In the midst of Disney’s legal battle with the state of Florida, Disney has decided to lower the legal drinking age on property to 18. This is a tactic employed by Disney to ensure that revenues at EPCOT increase. Disney states how the majority of guests ages 18-21 are staying on property so they are not getting behind the wheel. This story is not only funny but also extremely timely, it makes Disney fans wonder what Disney does have the legal power to do and how they can use that to their advantage.

Walt Disney’s Frozen Head Theory Is Real

Photo Credit: D23.

Everyone has heard of the rumor that Walt Disney’s head is cryogenically frozen so that one day it can be defrosted and bring him back to life. In their news story, Mousetrap News conducts an interview with the ex-Disney security guard who helped protect Walt’s frozen head. The security guard also shares how Walt’s head is not under Disney World or Disneyland as speculated, but actually in an offsite building near Disney World. (Of course, the security guard’s identity needed to be kept anonymous.)

Disney World Moving to New Orleans

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Once again, Disney’s battle with the Florida government has led to a shocking story: Disney executives have decided to move Disney World to New Orleans by having a phased move between the two states in which they will remain open. Every ride on Disney property has been created so it can be easily dismantled and moved, making the change much easier. Once Magic Kingdom has been moved, Disney will then start moving the rest of the parks and resorts.

This may cause difficulty for guests attempting to park hop…since the parks may be in two different states. In reality, Disney did find a lot of inspiration in New Orleans for the original Disney Audio-Animatronics and the new Princess and the Frog attraction.

Single Rider: Disney Creates Dating App

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World.

Disney fans who have failed at finding love on dating apps now have a place to go with Disney’s “Single Riders” dating app. This app brings Disney fans together using GPS technology, which allows you to swipe on fellow fans only while you are on Disney World property. There are also digital personalized buttons, much like the birthday buttons, that Single Rider users can obtain to send their matches some love.

This clever story had us laughing out loud!

Book a Night in the Tower of Terror Hotel

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World.

In celebration of Disney’s 50th anniversary, guests can now book their stay inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Some perks of this stay include a stunning view of Hollywood Studios and Lightning Lanes for the Tower of Terror all day! The price for this stay is $1,939 a night (which is a call back to the story that occurs in 1939).

While we wish this was true, Tower of Terror remains a classic attraction with no actual hotel rooms.

Walt Disney Will Be On the 100 Dollar Bill

Photo Credit: D23.

As reported by Mousetrap News, the new 100 dollar bill featuring Walt Disney will be rolling out in 2o23 to honor Disney’s 100th anniversary. This exclusive dollar bill will be printed until June 2024 and will be able to be used the same as every other US currency. This bill will be a hot commodity because of its short printing period, which may cause fans to buy and sell these bills for much more than their original worth.

The idea of Walt Disney being on US currency is quite funny, but we can still see Walt being celebrated by the country for being a true American.

Disney Filing Patent For Rollercoaster That Jumps the Track

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog.

This is Mousetrap News’ most popular story, even making its way to mainstream media such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Walt Disney Imagineering has filed a patent for a coaster that jumps the track, meaning it will fly through the air without any track underneath. Because the attraction is so ambitious, it is not expected to open anytime soon and is projected to open in 2030 at the earliest, if ever. Every single Imagineer has been working tirelessly to continue to test this attraction to ensure it can be built safely. Would you ever feel comfortable going on an attraction like this?

All in all, Mousetrap news is an extremely creative account whose main purpose is to poke fun and joke around about the Disney Parks. It is important to always fact-check and stay up to date, but that shouldn’t mean that satire news sources like Mousetrap can’t be enjoyed as well!

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