“Disney Dreams” Premieres at Disneyland Paris to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Disney is great at putting on a show that you will never forget, Fantasmic!, World of Color, Illuminations, and recently World of Color.

Now “Disney Dreams: debuted last night in Disneyland Paris and set the standards for a Disney parks show higher than they could ever be. “Disney Dreams” combines the fountains from World of Color, the fireworks from Wishes and the projection technology from the “The Magic the Memories and You.” This brand new show encompasses all the latest technology that Disney has engineered all around the world.

The brand new show premiered for all media members who where in attendance last night at Disneyland Paris. The video below was broadcast live across the world last night at 10:50pm.

The man behind the new show was Steve Davison who has the title of Creative Director and Vice President, Parades and Spectaculars for Walt Disney Imagineering. Previously he was Show Director and Art Director for Disneyland, and has been bringing new shows and events to Disneyland fans for years.

The show “Disney Dreams” was put on to celebrate Disneyland Paris' 20th anniversary, also part of the celebration is the new parade “Disney Magic on Parade!”

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