10 Characters Missing from Disney Parks We Want to See

The ability to meet your favorite Disney characters is part of what makes the Disney Parks such a unique experience. Going from watching the movie at home to hugging the characters in the parks is truly what creates that unparalleled Disney magic!

There are a multitude of different character interactions at Disneyland, but there are still some characters we would love to eventually see at the parks. Some of these dream characters may be discontinued, international, rare, or even non-existent at character meet-and-greets. These are just a few of the beloved characters we would like to see at Disneyland!

The Muppets

Photo Credit: Disney.

Disney acquired the Muppets back in 2004, yet their popularity continues to grow as time goes on. Despite this, muppet experiences in the Disney Parks are being slowly phased out rather than added. MuppetVision 3D remains a staple at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but its counterpart at Disneyland closed in 2014. There has been really no other Muppet content at Disneyland other than the occasional appearances at special events such as the Christmas Party in 2021.

I think the muppets would add so much flair and uniqueness to Disneyland. I believe in any context, the Muppets could fit right into any experience at Disneyland, whether it be their own show like MuppetVision or just roaming around like they used to at EPCOT. I believe we should urge Disney to utilize the Muppets to their fullest potential in the parks!


Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

When Moana released in 2016, it quickly became one of Disney’s most popular movies. Moana has become one of the most popular characters amongst children and adults alike, and the Disney Parks never fail to remind us of that. Moana is featured in almost every Disney nighttime spectacular, show, and parade, and she can be found wandering around Disneyland.

Maui, however, made his debut at the Disney Parks on the Moana-themed float during the Magic Happens Parade. Much like Moana, Maui is extremely popular and loved, so it is almost surprising you can’t meet him at the parks. Maui would be a perfect character to meet alongside Moana as he continues to tell you why he is the greatest! If we ever do get the chance to meet this demigod in all of his glory, we will be sure to thank him for all that he’s done.


Photo Credit: Walt Disney Productions.

The Emperor’s New Groove is one of Disney’s cult classics, though it is a less talked about movie and almost never recognized at the Disney Parks. Though Yzma is the villain of that story, she is a cunning, hilarious, and determined character who has garnered her own fanbase amongst the fans of the film. Yzma has been spotted at Disneyland Paris during a Halloween Party, but has never graced us with her presence in the American parks. Yzma would fit in perfectly amongst the other Disney Villains at the Disney Parks as well as grant us with a fun and hysterical meet-and-greet opportunity.

Red Panda Mei 

Photo Credit: Shanghai Disney Resort.

When Turning Red released on Disney+ in 2022, we were introduced to the lovable Meilin Lee. Throughout the movie, we see Mei struggle with her secret and ultimately come to love herself fully, whether it be as a fluffy red panda or in her own skin. She is a fun and unique character who teaches the world that it is okay to be different as long as you are true to yourself, and I feel that is such an important message to spread throughout the Disney parks.

Mei in her red panda form can currently be found at Shanghai Disney Resort, but we’d love to see her make her American debut. She would be so popular amongst the other characters on Pixar Pier, and we would be sure to help Mei continue to embrace who she is (as well as give her big hugs)!


Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios.

Tarzan is one of the most popular Disney films, with an even more popular and iconic soundtrack written by Phil Collins. Tarzan used to meet at the Disney Parks but is now considered a rare character, only appearing during special events such as RunDisney races at Disney World. He appeared at Disney World briefly during Animal Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration this year in a rare character meet-and-greet experience.

Many people believe Tarzan doesn’t meet commonly because of what he wears, which may make him a target for inappropriate behavior by guests. Despite this, I believe putting Tarzan in his suit or another outfit that may match his character or even match Jane’s dress would be able to stop this issue while also allowing guests to interact with Tarzan. Considering Tarzan’s Treehouse is being rethemed, allowing guests to meet Tarzan is a great way to keep the love for this character going at Disneyland!

Mother Gothel

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

Villains are often extremely funny and mischievous, making them one of the most entertaining character interactions you can get. At Disney parks, you can come face to face with some of your favorite villains such as the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Gaston.

One of my personal favorite villains, Mother Gothel, is not meeting at any Disney Parks and is considered a rare character who has only been seen in one of the 2022 treat trails at the Disneyland Halloween party, Oogie Boogie Bash. We would love to be able to talk to Mother Gothel about Rapunzel and how she continues to remain so youthful. She is such a cunning and witty character who would be sure to provide guests with an amusing and interesting experience.

Huey, Dewey & Louie

Photo Credit: D23.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie were first introduced to the world in a 1937 comic strip about Donald Duck. Now, they have grown to be extremely popular, even starring in the DuckTales reboot that aired from 2017-2021. With the reopening of Toontown at Disneyland and even the introduction of new character interactions, such as Pete, these three troublemakers would be a perfect addition to the reimagined land!

Imagine getting to meet Donald, Daisy, and their nephews all together outside Donald’s Boat House. It would be a perfect way to call back to old Disney classics while also creating new and fresh experiences for the parks. It would also be such a unique and adorable photo-op and interaction with all of our favorite ducks!

Duffy & Friends

Photo Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland.

Duffy is a very popular character who originated as park merchandise in 2002. As the story goes, Mickey was a sea captain who wanted a friend to keep him company at sea, so Minnie made him Duffy the bear to keep him company on his travels. Duffy used to meet in Disney World and Disneyland, but now he is exclusive to the International parks and Aulani. As time went on, Duffy’s friends were introduced to the world, with the first being ShellieMay in 2010 and the most recent being LinaBell in 2021. We would love to welcome Duffy back into the American Parks and introduce ourselves to his new friends. We can’t wait for the day we are able to hug this adorable bear again!


Photo Credit: Disney.

One of our favorite robots, WALL-E has never been a character you can meet at the parks. This adorable character was introduced to us back in 2008 and remains one of the most beloved and unique characters Disney has ever made. Though we may not be able to interact with WALL-E directly, seeing as he is a robot who cannot communicate with us, it would be so heartwarming to be able to see him go on his adventures around our earth and see all of our human artifacts.

Bringing WALL-E to Tomorrowland would be a perfect way to modernize the land as well as emphasize the message of his film: to protect the Earth and protect our future, while also reflecting and learning from the past.

Luca, Alberto, and Guilia

Photo Credit: D23.

Disney and Pixar’s Luca was released on Disney+ in 2021, introducing us to this dynamic trio. Much like Mei, Luca and Alberto both undergo transformations that can be utilized in meet-and-greets. Guests can meet these characters in their sea monster forms or their human forms! Guilia is their human friend who is witty, determined, and loyal.

It would be a joy to meet these three all together or even to just interact with one of them in the parks. They have a perfect place in Pixar Pier amongst all the other loved Pixar characters. I believe this would be such a popular meet-and-greet if it were to ever come to Disney parks!

Ian and Barley From Pixar’s Onward

Photo Credit: Disney.

We recently received an email from a reader that is on the Disney Dose newsletter (join us here) sharing their child’s love of Ian from Onward. That movie came out in the month leading up to the 2020 shut down and never got its full day in the sun.

The Ian and Barley from Onward were previously announced to greet guests at Pixar Nite in 2020, but have not been seen since then. For this fan’s sake, we would love to see Ian back in the parks.

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