New Disney’s “Bears” Trailer is Released

Today a new trailer was released for the upcoming movie Disney's Bears. The movie follows the story of a mother bear and her two new young bear cubs as they are taught life lessons. Their journey begins after hibernation in the beautiful setting of Alaska.


When movie goers see Disney's Bears during it's first week in the theaters, the Walt Disney Company will donate a large portion of your ticket money to the National Parks Foundation.


Disney's Bears is the 5th movie in the Disney Nature series. For the past five years, a new Disney Nature movie has been released on Earth Day, which is also the release date of Bears.

Trailer for Disney's Bears:

The inspiration for the Disney Nature films were the True Life Adventure movies that were pioneered by the Disney Studios starting in 1948 and ending in 1960. In total the films in the series earned more than eight Academy Awards!

Be sure to see the Bears when it is released April 18, 2014, Earth Day!

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