Disney Is Offering a $115k Private Jet Trip to Every Disney Park Around the World, Here’s Where it Goes

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling across the globe to all six of the Disney Parks, you’re in luck, because you can check that item off your bucket list with minimal planning on your part!

Exclusive Private Tour of Disney Parks Around the World

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Adventures By Disney, the segment of The Walt Disney Company that provides guided vacations to the most popular vacation spots around the world, offers an almost month-long trip called “Disney Parks Around the World – A Private Jet Adventure.”

This incredible experience brings you to the six Disney Parks located in California, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, and Orlando, along with several other historic sites and landmarks both in and out of the countries the parks are in. Almost everything is taken care of for you, including your transportation, the hotels you stay at, and several meals throughout your vacation. This amazing trip doesn’t come at a low price, but shockingly it sold out completely for this year and two additional itineraries of this trip are being offered next summer.

Below we’ll break down everything included in this ultra-lux Disney vacation to see the world that will be offered next summer.

What’s Included In This $115k Adventure?

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When seeing the price tag for this Adventures By Disney vacation, you may be shocked. Is this trip really worth the extremely high price? Here are some of the facts and figures detailing what guests receive for their $115k. The cost of the trip is $114,995 per guest assuming that you will have two to a room. There is an additional fee of $11,495 to go on the trip alone.

You’ll travel for 24 days through 6 different countries in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe and visit all 12 of Disney’s Parks. Additionally, you’ll spend a few days relaxing at a beautiful ranch in San Francisco and seeing some of the most famous historical landmarks in India and Egypt. You’ll fly from place to place on a luxury VIP jet and stay in some of the top-rated resorts in each country. You’ll also be provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner at some of the finest restaurants in the Disney Parks and Resorts.

What Makes This Adventure Extra Special?

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“Disney Parks Around the World – A Private Jet Adventure” offers exclusive experiences you’ll have access to within the Disney Parks. The itinerary includes VIP and behind-the-scenes tours of the parks and attractions, private dining events in areas that are not publicly accessible, and conversations and interactions with Disney Imagineers, chefs, and experts.

You’ll also be given expedited access to many rides at the theme parks, and you’ll be able to see fireworks shows, parades, and other entertainment offerings from reserved viewing areas. All in all, this adventure will give you many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else. Read on for a day-by-day look into all the magical memories guests can make on this trip!

Days 1-3: Los Angeles and Anaheim

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On Day 1, you’ll head to the first stop on this world tour, the place where The Walt Disney Company’s theme park journey began: California. You’ll take a flight into one of the Southern California airports and be whisked away to the Grand Californian Hotel. Once your Adventure Guides have checked you in and you’ve freshened up in your room, you’ll get to enjoy a welcome dinner for the entire group at the Lincoln Theatre at Disneyland Park. To end the evening, you’ll have a reserved viewing spot for the Disneyland fireworks.

Day 2 begins with breakfast at the hotel before heading over to the Walt Disney Studios lot for a privately guided tour of the Walt Disney Archives, the Animation and Ink & Paint Buildings, Walt Disney’s Office Suite, and more. After eating lunch on the studio lot, you’ll continue exploring the rest of what the Walt Disney Studios has to offer for the remainder of the afternoon. You can even take the opportunity to purchase exclusive studio and Cast Member gear at the Studio Store. Lastly, you’ll indulge in dinner at Disneyland Resort before going to Disney California Adventure Park for desserts, champagne, and the World of Color spectacular.

You’ll start Day 3 bright and early with pre-open access to Disneyland Park and a private breakfast at The Golden Horseshoe. The rest of the day will be spent playing in the theme parks, with a VIP tour of Disneyland in the morning and Disney California Adventure after lunch. After exploring the parks, the day’s festivities will conclude with a private dinner in the former home of Starcade.

Days 4-5: San Francisco

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Your first group flight of the trip will happen in the morning on Day 4. After one last breakfast at the Grand Californian Hotel, you’ll hop onto a private jet and head to San Francisco for some more Disney history and fun. After arriving, your first stop will be at the Walt Disney Family Museum for a private tour. You’ll enjoy lunch at the museum before visiting the Lucasfilm Campus for a VIP tour. Then, you’ll head to your home for the next two days: Summit Skywalker Ranch, which is reserved exclusively for you and the rest of the group. Once you’ve settled in and eaten dinner, you’ll be able to partake in a variety of activities, including games, movies, and even a tasting of wine selections from the ranch’s vineyards.

Day 5 will be spent enjoying all that Summit Skywalker Ranch has to offer. The resort is massive and there are many options available, so you’ll certainly find something fun and interesting to keep you busy! Throughout the day, you can choose to participate in a variety of activities. These may include working out in a yoga class, taking a nature hike, tasting more wines from the Skywalker Vineyards and Disney Family of Wines, exploring the gardens around the property, and even simply relaxing by the pool, with a break for lunch midday. In the evening after dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to show off your Disney and Star Wars knowledge with a trivia event!

Day 6: Oakland/Anchorage/Tokyo

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After breakfast at Summit Skywalker Ranch on Day 6, you’ll pack up and board the jet at Oakland Airport for your first extended flight of the trip to Tokyo, Japan. The great thing about flying with Adventures by Disney is that there are extra measures taken to ensure you’re comfortable during your long journeys.

Because it’s such a long flight, you’ll be served some tasty snacks and a delicious lunch while your Adventure Guides lead everyone through some fun games and challenges to help pass the time.

The plane will make a short stop in Anchorage, Alaska before beginning the long flight over the ocean to Tokyo. You may want to take a nap during the trip, as the plane will cross over the International Date Line, and you’ll be sent back in time several hours before a half of a day of activities left to enjoy.

Days 7-9: Tokyo

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Day 7 is really more like half a day due to the time change from California to Tokyo. When you arrive in Tokyo, Japan, you’ll make your way to Tokyo Disneyland, the second park of your trip. You’ll check into the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, where you’ll be staying for three nights. You and the group will then partake in a private dining experience at Sherwood Garden Restaurant inside the hotel. If you’re tired from the long flight, you may decide to head to your room and relax for the night. However, if you have a bit of energy left, you can head into either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea for a couple hours before the parks close. We rank Tokyo DisneySea as one of our top Disney Parks around the world!

Day 8 is where the fun in Tokyo really begins. Once you’ve eaten breakfast at Sherwood Garden Restaurant, you and the group will experience a pre-park opening tour of Tokyo DisneySea hosted by the Disney Imagineers. Once the parks have opened, you can choose to explore both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland with expedited access to the attractions so you can take in as much as possible. After eating lunch at a restaurant of your choice, you can continue to enjoy the parks along with reserved seating for Tokyo Disneyland’s afternoon parade. Dinner will be served at Magellan’s in Tokyo DisneySea, and to finish out the day, you’ll get reserved seating for Tokyo DisneySea’s nighttime spectacular.

Following breakfast on Day 9, you’ll have three different options to choose from for how you’d like to spend your final day in Tokyo. You can continue to spend time in the theme parks on your own with expedited access to the attractions, or you can choose between several full or half-day tours. The full-day excursion will take you to see beautiful temples and shrines throughout the southern city of Kamakura. If you decide you’d like to experience two half-day tours instead, you can spend time learning about local art, architecture, music, or nature. Both the full-day and half-day tours include lunch to keep your energy up. Then, to finish out your time in Tokyo, you and the rest of the group will have a private dinner in Tokyo Disneyland.

Days 10-11: Shanghai

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On Day 10, you’ll eat breakfast and lunch on-the-go as you travel to your next stop and the third Disney park on this trip: Shanghai Disney Resort. Once you’ve arrived, there are a few activities you can choose to partake in for the afternoon. You can spend time in Shanghai Disneyland and enjoy expedited attraction access to soak in as much of the theme park as you can or you can select an experience that will show you Shanghai’s culture. Take in the city’s history through several different tour options, participate in a cooking class, or learn how to write Chinese calligraphy—the choice is up to you! In the evening, you can decide to get dinner and spend more time in Shanghai Disneyland or you can have dinner in the city before viewing an acrobatic performance at the Shanghai Circus World Circular Theater.

Day 11 is solely focused on visiting Shanghai Disneyland. You’ll enjoy a traditional Chinese breakfast at an in-park restaurant, then take a behind-the-scenes tour of the theme park and its attractions. After lunch, you can play to your heart’s content with expedited access to attractions and performances. In the evening you’ll dine at an exclusive location in the park and finish out your day watching the Shanghai Disneyland nighttime spectacular from reserved seating.

Days 12-13: Hong Kong

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The first half of Day 12 will be spent filling up on breakfast at Lumiere’s Kitchen at Shanghai Disney Resort before boarding your flight to Hong Kong, where the fourth Disney park you’re visiting is located. You’ll be served lunch on the plane, and once you’ve arrived, you’ll get right into enjoying your time in the city. For the afternoon, you can either head over to Hong Kong Disneyland to explore or select from one of a few activities, including a city tour, a restaurant tour, or a private cooking class. At night, you have the choice to eat dinner and spend time in the theme park or you can have a private dinner and watch A Symphony of Lights, a massive visual and audio effects show.

Day 13 will give you the full Hong Kong Disneyland experience, starting with a breakfast on Main Street. Throughout the morning, you can ride attractions, watch the entertainment and parades, and participate in the activities offered around the park. Once you’ve eaten lunch, you’ll be given a guided tour of the park, along with expedited access to some of the most popular rides. You’ll have a tasty dinner in the privacy of the Explorer’s Club Restaurant and then watch Hong Kong Disneyland’s nighttime spectacular from a reserved viewing spot.

Days 14-15: Agra

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Day 14 marks the first of two non-Disney-related travel stops on your adventure, the first being Agra, India! The day will start early with a sunrise tai chi class and breakfast at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel before you head to the airport to hop on the private jet again. You’ll be provided with lunch while you’re in the air, but don’t eat too much, because when you arrive at the 5-star hotel The Oberoi Amarvilas, you’ll get to enjoy high tea service before you head out for your afternoon adventures. You can choose between a tour of the Agra Fort, a nature walk through the park, or shopping downtown. The long day will wind down with cocktails and a private dinner buffet at your hotel.

On Day 15, you have the opportunity to wake up before the sun to head to the Taj Mahal for some sunrise photos. If you’d rather sleep in a bit, you can have breakfast at the Bellevue Restaurant in the hotel before deciding what you’d like to do for the day. In the morning, you have the choice between taking tours of historic architecture, including the Taj Mahal, or relaxing at the hotel with yoga or lounging by the pool. Once you’ve had lunch, you can explore more historic sites around Agra, including forts, tombs, and other monuments, or visit town to browse the local shops.

In the early evening, you can watch traditional Agra entertainment while indulging in cocktails at the pool and then choose any restaurant in the hotel for dinner.

Day 16: Cairo

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Once you’ve eaten one final delicious 5-star breakfast at The Oberoi Amarvilas on Day 16, you’ll transfer to the airport, where you’ll begin the next short leg of your trip to the second non-Disney-related stop, Cairo, Egypt. You’ll be served lunch mid-flight so you can hit the ground running as soon as you touch down.

During your one-day stop, you’ll visit the Pyramids of Giza, which house several tombs of important pharaohs and the Great Sphinx, which stands guard over those tombs. You’ll stay in the Marriott Mena House, Cairo, which is situated at the base of the Pyramids. You’ll also eat dinner in a private location that offers stunning views of the Pyramids.

Days 17-19: Paris

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On Day 17, you’ll eat breakfast at your hotel before hopping on the plane and heading to France, home of the fifth Disney park on your trip: Disneyland Paris Resort. Once you’ve arrived in Paris, you’ll check into Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, where you’ll be staying for the next three nights. You’ll have just enough time to enjoy an exclusive dinner in Disneyland Paris before making your way to your VIP viewing spot to watch the Disney Illuminations nighttime spectacular.

Day 18 will start with breakfast at your hotel before a full day of fun at Disneyland Paris. Before the park opens, you’ll be given a guided behind-the-scenes experience to learn about the creation of the park and its most beloved attractions. When the park is open, you’ll receive privileged access to attractions and reserved seating for one of Disneyland Paris’ daytime shows. You can choose where you’d like to eat lunch, and dinner will be served at Manhattan Restaurant in your hotel. When spending the entire day at the parks, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared with any essentials you might need. Be sure to read our tips on what to bring in your Disney bag while vacationing in the parks.

Your final day in France is Day 19, and you can decide whether you’d like to spend more time in the theme parks or explore the City of Light. After breakfast, you can either head into Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park for the day or travel to some of Paris’ historic monuments. You can visit Versailles, where you’ll enjoy a privately guided tour, lunch at a classic French restaurant, and a walk or bike ride through the residences’ massive gardens, or you can ride into the city to eat lunch, see some of the biggest landmarks, and tour the Musee d’Orsay and L’Orangerie Museum. After your long day of adventure, you’ll enjoy entertainment and a private dinner at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Days 20-21: Orlando (Magic Kingdom)

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Day 20 marks your last major travel day as you head from Paris France, to Orlando, Florida. Once you’ve eaten breakfast at the Empire State Club in your hotel, you’ll board the private jet one last time to fly across the Atlantic to Walt Disney World, the sixth and final Disney park of your vacation. You’ll be served lunch and snacks during your flight, and your Adventure Guides will entertain you with some fun activities to pass the time. The plane will also make a short stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia before taking you the rest of the way to Florida. When you arrive in Orlando, you’ll travel to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to check in, get settled, and have dinner with the rest of the group at one of the signature restaurants at the hotel. The night will conclude with a private viewing of Magic Kingdom’s nighttime fireworks from Seven Seas Lagoon.

You’ll spend the entirety of Day 21 at Magic Kingdom Park, beginning with breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant. The morning will be filled with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Walt Disney World monorails, including a private ride to the backstage maintenance shop. After lunch at a restaurant of your choosing, you’ll be able to explore Magic Kingdom on your own, riding the attractions and watching the Festival of Fantasy afternoon parade. You’ll eat dinner with the group and watch the nighttime spectacular up-close-and-personal from the park.

Days 22-24: Orlando (Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT)

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Day 22 will start early at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, where you’ll meet up with an animal program expert and ride in an open-air vehicle through Kilimanjaro Safaris. After viewing the animals out on the savannahs, you’ll head to Rafiki’s Planet Watch for a private breakfast with a special guest. The rest of the morning will be spent at attractions of your choosing and eating lunch at Disney’s Animal Kingdom before making your way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You’ll have all afternoon to enjoy the rides and entertainment throughout the park before meeting up with the rest of the group for a private dinner and a VIP viewing of Fantasmic!

On Day 23, your final full day of activities, you’ll eat breakfast and visit Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort to learn about the horses at the Tri-Circle D Ranch. Next, you’ll have a rare backstage experience at the Disney Flavor Lab, where Disney’s best chefs create new treats for Walt Disney World and the rest of the parks you’ve visited around the world. Then, you’ll head to EPCOT for the rest of the day. In between riding the attractions and exploring the World Showcase pavilions and entertainment, you’ll enjoy a private lunch at the Living SEAS Pavilion. In the evening, you’ll join the rest of the Adventurers for a special farewell dinner at The American Adventure Pavilion before watching Epcot’s nighttime fireworks spectacular from a reserved viewing area.

You’ll partake in one last tasty breakfast at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa on Day 24 before saying goodbye to your Guides and the other Adventurers you’ve spent the last three and a half weeks traveling the world with.

If you could go on this adventure, what part of the trip would you be most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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