D23 Expo Silent Auction: Ultimate Guide With Photos and Prices

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Throughout the weekend at the D23 Expo, a silent auction was held. Valuable pieces from the Disney Parks were sold.  Items included ride cars from the Matterhorn and pieces of the construction walls from Disney California Adventure. The auction also sold experiences like riding Big Thunder Mountain with an imagineer when it reopens.


When I went to see the items up for auction, the prices were quite low. I even considered putting my name in for a few items. Later in the weekend when I circled back through the Silent Auction room, I was shocked at how the prices had jumped to infinity and beyond.

Check out the final prices of some the one-of-a-kind items. Also, be sure to sign up for our email list to get more D23 Expo updates.

D23 Expo Silent Auction Items

D23 Expo Silent Auction 2013 In the back corner of the image you see the Hollywood Studios Vinyl which went for $3,550. The Hercules Standee cutout went for $300. The Boyer Coming and Going from Disneyland that imitates a famous Norman Rockwell picture went for $500.

D23 Expo Silent Auction 2013 The Disneyland Park sign that actually hung at the entrance to Disneyland Drive went for $9,000.

DSC_0282The Tarzan sign from a movie theater lobby went for $350.

DSC_0281This Flick prop was used in a Disney Store and sold for $1,000.

D23 Expo Silent Auction 2013 Snow White by the wishing well sold for $1,550. Lady Tremaine sold for $1,600. The middle figure is a bronze version of Captain Hook which sold for $675.

D23 Expo Silent Auction 2013 The 1st Disneyana Convention sign from Walt Disney World sold for $160.

D23 Expo Silent Auction 2013 The collection of framed versions of the Haunted Mansion portraits went for $1,300. The Minnie Mouse Pirate big figurine went for $500 after previously being sold for around $300 in the parks.

John Lasseter signed vinylmation from carsland opening day sold at the D23 Expo Silent Auction 2013 dated to open day of cars landThis Cars Land Vinylmation is signed by John Lasseter and is dated to the Cars Land's opening day. John Lasseter did the drawing on Mickey's head of Lightning McQueen. This Vinylmation sold for $1,200.

Carsland signed pin set sold at John Lasseter signed vinylmation sold at the D23 Expo Silent Auction 2013 This is another Cars Land item signed by John Lasseter, also with Lightening McQueen drawing. In this case, it is a very nice Cars Land exclusive pin set that sold for $1,800.

Cruella De Vil Big Figure From Disney Store Set The Cruella De Vil figure that was used in the Disney Store sold for $1,000.

DSC_0274The Mad Tea Party tea set seen at right sold for $550. The Mad Hatter Hat sold for $1,500.


This Disneyland map signed and designed by SHAG sold for $750.
Haunted Mansion portraits by SHAG

SHAG designed a set of images from the Haunted Mansion pictured above and below. The Haunted Mansion portraits sold for $1,200 while the Haunted Mansion Hitch Hiking Ghosts set sold for $1,400.SHAG Haunted Mansion items from D23 expo  2013 silent auction

Big Bad Wolf for sale at the d23 expo silent auction.

The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs display from the Disney Store sold for the large sum of $2,200. d23 expo  silent auction mufasa and sabari

The Mufasa and Sabari figures above sold for $2,200.mickey mouse 100 pin set for sale

The lot above are a group of 100 Disney pins made to celebrate Mickey Mouse's Birthday! The entire set sold for $2,350.cinderella figure for sale at the d23 expo silent auction

The Cinderella figure above sold for $1,350. The figure was a Disney Store prop and is about 5 feet tall. v8 sign from cars land for sale at the d23 expo silent auction

The V8 Sign above is a replica of the one from Cars Land's Flo's V8 Cafe. The sign above sold for $4,500. DSC_0264

The cats Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp were a fan favorite. There was a large bidding war between what must have been two big cat lovers. The final price was $10,000. Granted these cats are bigger than your average tabby.  Peter pan lithograph set sold at the d23 expo silent auction

The Peter Pan lithographs and pin sets pictured above sold for $1,450.

buena vista street construction walls from Disney california adventure

toy story midway mania construction walls for sale at the d23 expo silent auction

The Disney construction walls pictured above are from Paradise Pier in the newly renovated Disney California Adventure. The Toy Story Construction walls are from the building of Toy Story Midway Mania. The wall panels were all sold individually.

Mickey Mouse wall-$710

Minnie Mouse wall-$710

Pluto wall- $750

Goofy wall- $750

Donald wall- $500

Woody wall- $1,500

Jessie wall- $1,300

Mr. Potato Head wall- $375

tiki room 50th anniversary pins for sale at the d23 expo silent auction

The Tiki Room 50th Anniversary Pin Set seen above sold for $1,00! minnies hand holding a torch and daisy duck as a cheerleader  at the d23 expo silent auction

The Minnie statue of the liberty torch seen above sold for $525. The Dasie cheerleader figurine sold for $620.
star command figure from buzz lightyear tv show

Booster, from the popular Buzz Lightyear show that was on Disney channel for about 5 years, sold for $620. disneyana banner at the at the d23 expo silent auction

The Disneyana banner is from the first Disneyana convention in Walt Disney World and sold for $250. mickey mouse club items drum, hat, and sign

There were a variety of Mickey Mouse club pieces for sale including a drum from the show and a large pair of Mouse ears. The Mouse ears that would fit Paul Bunyan sold for $340. That is just a wee bit more than you could buy a pair in the park for. The drum from the show sold for $1,400.mickey and teddy bear and dog from hundred and 1 dalmations

The Mickey and his teddy bear image sold for $260 while the large 101 Dalmatian pup sold for $2,200.robert olsweski figures at the d23 expo silent auction

 The Robert Olszewski Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion models sold for more than a hundred dollars above the price that they are sold for on eBay. The Jungle Cruise sold for $400 while the Haunted Mansion sold for $525.

The Cinderella coach which was originally released in a very limited edition sold for $1,500.

Experiences Sold at the D23 Silent Auction

When the attraction re-opens, ride on Big Thunder Mountain with an Imagineer who is the head of the project – $1,500.

Make candy behind the counter with Disney cast members at Marceline's Candy Shop in Downtown Disney- $400.

That just about wraps up our coverage of the the D23 Expo Silent Auction. Be sure to signup for our newsletter to get access to coverage.

(Sadly we didn't get to see the price that the Matterhorn bobsled cars or few other items on the show floor. Here are pictures of all of the other items. If you know the price that the items went for, please Tweet us!)


I was just sent the numbers on the Matterhorn vehicles. They sold for $16,500. Wow!

matterhorn bobsleds for sale at the d23 expo silent auction monsters inc ride car for sale at the d23 expo silent auction shag walt disney artwork from 2011 d23 expo zebra stand from the adventurers club for sale

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  1. The Si and Am price is not accurate. I know because I’m the one who won them. My final bid was $10,000. And yes, I’m a cat lover 🙂 But especially Disney cats.

    • Thank you very much for the comment. The pictures we took of the price sheets turned out to be a little blurry. Corrections on our articles are always welcome.

  2. Also, the item pictured below the Matterhorn bobsleds was not an auction item. It was a prop used in the Optimist game. It was promptly removed at the close of the expo.

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