Listen to the Critter Houses at Splash Mountain

Have you ever stopped to listen to the little houses in the Splash Mountain queue? We haven't either until this past Friday. Normally we can lean over the railing at the Splash Mountain exit and listen to one of them, but the others are not easily accessible to my family. They are further into the queue. If the line for Splash Mountain is that long, we normally get a fast pass and don't get to pass the critter's houses.

After we rode Splash Mountain and listened to the one that we thought housed Chip and Dale on Friday, we struck up a conversation with the cast member about the critter houses. To our amazement, she let us into the queue and pointed out the other houses. Once we listened closer to the “Chip and Dale” house, we realized that it was not our chipmunk friends after all. Turns out that these houses are other critters that are friend's of Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear. Another house has music playing in it and the last one has a critter practicing a song from The Song of the South.
Like many other Disney audio details, it may be difficult to hear them if the queue is noisy. They are worth listening for as you slowly go through the queue or maybe a cast member will let you in if it is not busy. I am hoping to watch Song of the South this summer so I can listen for voices from the critter's houses. Maybe that will put a face with the voice in this unique Disney detail.

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