Costco Legoland Discount Tickets 2023

Costco is known for providing great savings, with over 45 years of service and 550 stores across the United States, and for many, it’s the first thought when investigating where to find the best discount theme park tickets for their trip. LEGOLAND California is only a little over an hour drive away from Disneyland and close by other major theme parks, and if it is on your list of things to experience during your Southern California vacation, a reasonable question might be “does Costco sell discount LEGOLAND tickets?”

While Costco does sell discount LEGOLAND tickets in select Southern California warehouses, these are not available to purchase online or through the Costco Travel website, so you must purchase them in person in-store at the Costco locations that have them. If these Costco LEGOLAND tickets aren’t available in the warehouses or if you would prefer to buy them online, they can alternatively be purchased at a great discount through the authorized ticket reseller, Get Away Today. They provide discounts for our readers to our readers on Legoland tickets. You can save nearly $30 per ticket when you book.

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Keep reading for the types of LEGOLAND tickets offered and for more information about discount Costco LEGOLAND tickets!

Types of LEGOLAND Tickets

Costco Legoland Ticket Prices Water Park

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

LEGOLAND, located in Carlsbad, CA, is a popular destination to visit during a Southern California vacation. It has a theme park, water park, and an interactive aquarium for guests to engage with. Different types of tickets allow access to one or more of these various experiences, which we’ll discuss more below.


The main Legoland Theme Park has more than 60 LEGO-themed rides and shows targeted towards an age 2-12 year old audience. The park includes popular attractions like The Dragon indoor/outdoor rollercoaster where you race aboard a LEGO dragon, Lost Kingdom Adventure where you’ll fight mummies, skeletons, snakes and more for the treasure of the Lost Kingdom, Junior Driving School where you can drive LEGO cars to earn a LEGOLAND drivers license, and more.

The LEGOLAND Water Park contains several slides, beaches, Build-A-Raft River where you design and build a LEGO raft, and more water-related activities. There are several attractions to explore, like Soak-N-Sail which features a pirate themed play area with water cannons and a drench bucket, Imagination Station where kids can build cities, dams, and fill rivers, a splash pad designed for toddlers, and more.

The SEA LIFE Aquarium, a 20,000 square-foot indoor aquarium that is home to over 350 different species and more than 6,000 creatures, provides a hands-on learning experience with educational talks, demonstrations, and encounters with various sea creatures like sharks, octopi, and rays.

Because LEGOLAND Water Park is open seasonally, there are some ticket types that are only available during certain times of year, as it closes during the winter months, and LEGOLAND Theme Park closes on some Tuesdays and Wednesdays during select non-peak travel times.

LEGOLAND Ticket Options 

Through the LEGOLAND website, there are a few different ticket types available for 1-Day and 2-Day options that allow you access to one or multiple parks depending on the type of ticket you select. You can only purchase Resort Hopper tickets that allow you admission to the LEGOLAND Water Park when the water park is open seasonally.

  • 1-Day Tickets (One or Multi-Park)
    • 1-Day tickets for LEGOLAND Theme Park
    • 1-Day Park Hopper tickets for LEGOLAND Theme Park and SEA Life Aquarium that allows you to hop between the parks
    • 1-Day Resort Hopper tickets that allow you one day of admission to LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and the LEGOLAND Water Park
  • 2-Day Tickets (One or Multi-Park)
    •  2-Day tickets for LEGOLAND Theme Park
    • 2-Day Park Hopper tickets for SEA LIFE Aquarium allow admission to both LEGOLAND Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium, with the ability to hop between parks
    • 2-Day Resort Hopper tickets, which include admission to LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and the LEGOLAND Water Park
  • Family Vacation Packages
    • These packages allow you to bundle your hotel and tickets

Front gate pricing for tickets bought directly from LEGOLAND start at $119 per person for a 1-Day ticket and $149 for a 2-day ticket. When you go to book through the LEGOLAND calendar, certain days will be more expensive, with ticket prices fluctuating depending on the date selected.

Is Buying Discount Costco Legoland Tickets Worth It?

Costco Discount Ticket Prices Aquarium

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

This depends on what type of ticket you are wanting to buy. Costco does provide a great discount on LEGOLAND tickets, but the conditions of the tickets are not customizable, and they vary per seasonal offering. For example, if you’re looking for a 1-Day LEGOLAND Theme Park ticket and Costco is only offering a 2-Day Resort Hopper ticket, Costco is not the most flexible option. The same deal is not offered year round, and Costco’s ticket offers vary depending on the season. Costco’s discount LEGOLAND ticket offers do provide a bit of wiggle room because you don’t have to visit on back-t0-back days, but otherwise, the offer you see is what you’ll get. If you are looking for the type of ticket that Costco is currently offering, then this is a great discount deal!

Another thing to consider is that there is no guarantee you’ll be able to find discount LEGOLAND tickets in your local Costco warehouse, as they are offered in select stores. If this happens, you might be out of luck, as the tickets are not available for purchase online through Costco Travel.

If you are only interested in visiting LEGOLAND and don’t want to visit the waterpark or aquarium, you might be better off getting a 1-Day ticket for LEGOLAND Theme park only, which is not currently an option when buying through through Costco but is when you purchase through Get Away Today. 

If Costco tickets are not available, or if you’re looking for a different type of ticket option, Get Away Today offers discount LEGOLAND tickets for 1-Day tickets and 2-Day Park Hopper tickets. Another benefit of Get Away Today is that they offer discount hotel + ticket packages, which Costco does not currently have, for both LEGOLAND-owned hotels and hotels in the surrounding Carlsbad area.

How to Buy Discount Costco Legoland Tickets

Costco Legoland Discount Ticket attractions

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

Discount Costco LEGOLAND tickets are only available in select stores, and not every warehouse is guaranteed to carry them, so make sure to contact Costco and check which stores near you sell them before going.

You can find current LEGOLAND ticket offers in the gift card section of select Costco warehouses. Costco LEGOLAND tickets are displayed as red and yellow cardboard cutouts that represent a ticket, and during checkout, you’ll exchange them for real tickets. Once you pick up the cardboard cutout, take it to the register and exchange it for the amount of tickets you’d like to purchase.

In order to purchase these tickets in store, you need to be a Costco member or have a friend or family member with a Costco membership buy them for you. Costco memberships are $60 per year for an annual membership and $120 for an executive membership (which includes more benefits).

Keep in mind that these Costco discount tickets are not currently available to purchase online or through Costco Travel, so they must be purchased in-store. 

2023 Costco Summer LEGOLAND Ticket Offer

Costco 2023 Legoland Discount Tickets In Store

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

The current discount ticket offer for summer 2023 Costco tickets is a 2-Day Resort Hopper Ticket for $129.99 plus tax, only available for purchase at select warehouses in Southern California. This offer includes: 

  • Admission to LEGOLAND Theme Park, LEGOLAND Waterpark, and SEA LIFE Aquarium
  • Your second visit needs to be used within 45 days of the first visit and completed by October 31, 2023
  • The following Blockout dates apply:
    • September 16, 23, and 30, 2023
    • October 7, 8, 14, 14, 21, 22, 28, and 29, 2023
  • Advance Reservations are required for your visit
  • Each ticket is tied to one person for all visits and can’t be transferred. You are allowed to buy these Costco discount tickets as a gift for other people, but you can’t use them before giving them to someone else, as they are linked to one person once they use them at the park

The total cost per day with this deal is about $65 per ticket, which is a great discount price! Another perk is that there is a flexible window during which your second visit can take place.

LEGOLAND Reservations

Reservations and valid LEGOLAND admission tickets are required for entry to LEGOLAND California, and one reservation is needed per guest. If you have tickets you purchased through Costco, you can make reservations by following these steps:

  1. Go to LEGOLAND’s Operating Calendar and check it for available dates
  2. Enter the barcode for each ticket
  3. Select your first visit from the calendar and complete your reservation checkout 
  4. Go to “Go to Booking Portal,” then click on “Requires Reservation” to select 2nd day LEGOLAND visit
  5. Click “Modify” to select the 2nd day for LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Water Park, and SEA LIFE visit and save changes.

For admission, guests must present their valid Costco ticket for 1st day and 2nd day visits as well as reservation confirmation. You can reschedule your advance reservation up to two times, which we’ll break down below. 

Changing Your LEGOLAND Visit Date

Once you make your reservation, you can reschedule it up to two times if something comes up and your plans change as long as you reschedule no later than one day prior to your initial visit. The same conditions for rescheduling apply: your 2nd day visit must be no later than 45 days from 1st visit or later than October 31st, which is when this offer is valid until. To reschedule your reservation:

  1. Click on the link found on your current reservation confirmation or visit the online LEGOLAND site booking portal
  2. Enter your confirmation number and email from your initial reservation confirmation
  3. Choose your new visit date and save changes

Previous Costco Legoland Ticket Offers

Costco Discount Legoland Tickets Hotel

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

Costco has offered several kinds of LEGOLAND deals in the past, both online and in warehouses. In previous years, Costco sold discounted individual tickets, LEGOLAND packages, and the Costco LEGOLAND Play Pass, but it does not currently. According to Costco’s website, “Costco Travel does not offer LEGOLAND California tickets at this time,” so recent ticket offers have only been available for purchase in store at Costco warehouses.

In Spring of 2023, the offer was a 2-day Park Hopper LEGOLAND + Sea Life Aquarium + meal discount ticket that cost $119.99 plus tax. This is the type of deal that has been offered recently, and the summer offer detailed above is similar, but doesn’t include the meal, offers a larger window of time during which you can use the tickets, and includes LEGOLAND Water Park. 

If you are not able to access Costco LEGOLAND tickets in store, prefer to conveniently get your LEGOLAND tickets online, or are more interested in 1-Day tickets, Get Away Today is a great alternative to Costco that offers fantastic LEGOLAND discount tickets, which we’ll discuss more below. 

Get Away Today Legoland Offers

Costco Legoland Discount Ticket attractions

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

Get Away Today is our favorite authorized ticket re-seller, and their mission is to make your vacation more affordable with incredible savings! They offer various ticket specials throughout the year and have helped families to plan their dream Southern California trip for years through their exclusive deals and unbeatable discount prices.

In addition to Get Away Today’s discount tickets, their customer service is top-tier, and they have an entire department dedicated to making sure every order has a great experience before and during their trip and are on-call to help if you need them. Their agents are also experts when it comes to the Southern California theme parks, and are qualified to give great advice about hotels, travel, and other details for your Disney trip. Each year, Get Away Today’s staff goes on familiarization (“FAM”) trips where they visit popular theme parks like SeaWorld San Diego, LEGOLAND, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and more, while also touring their partnered hotels. Their expertise is especially helpful for those who are coming from out of town to visit LEGOLAND and are not familiar with the parks, as you’ll get support during every phase of your planning trip.

Our partnership with Get Away Today enables us to offer the lowest priced tickets that you can access through our exclusive private link.

Get Away Today LEGOLAND Tickets

Get Away Today currently offers 1-Day and 2-Day discount LEGOLAND tickets. When you buy tickets through Get Away Today, you will be sent a ticket voucher via email at the time of booking, then you can present your voucher to Guest Relations at the LEGOLAND to redeem your tickets. Get Away Today’s 1-Day tickets allow you to access a fantastic discount price if you are only planning a day-long trip, and this is not currently an option offered through Costco.

  • 1-Day discount LEGOLAND tickets (between $82-108 per ticket depending on date selected): This ticket gives you admission to one day at LEGOLAND only (LEGOLAND Water Park or SEA LIFE Aquarium not included).
  • LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium + 2nd Day FREE tickets (between $92-119 per ticket depending on date selected): This ticket gives you admission to both LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium for 2 days, and the second day of your visit must be within 5 days of your first visit.

Get Away Today LEGOLAND Packages

Costco Legoland Discount Ticket Prices Packages

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

Get Away Today has partnerships with the best hotels near LEGOLAND, both LEGOLAND-owned and Carlsbad area hotels, for hotel + ticket packages. Booking a hotel + ticket package is an especially good idea for those who want to explore other theme parks in the San Diego area like Sea World or the San Diego Zoo, as these will be a short trip away.

Get Away Today also offers discount tickets for attractions in the San Diego area that are close by like Sea World, Sesame Place, the USS Midway Museum, the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Safari Park, and more, so you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing all of your discount tickets in one place.

LEGOLAND-Owned Hotels 

If you’d like the most immersive LEGOLAND experience, you can book one of the two LEGOLAND-owned hotels:

  • The LEGOLAND Hotel contains a variety of LEGO-themed rooms based on popular LEGO lines: Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, LEGO NINJAGO, or LEGO Friends. It offers LEGO build areas, free breakfast, a pool, and nightly entertainment for kids.
  • The Castle Hotel offers three room themes: Knight, Princess, and Wizard. The hotel features a pool, free breakfast, outdoor castle courtyard play area, a separate kids’ area in each room with LEGO building tables and a scavenger hunt, and nightly entertainment.

In addition to the themed rooms and entertainment, staying at an onsite Legoland hotel has various perks, including complimentary breakfast, early admission, and close proximity to the parks.

Carlsbad Area Hotels 

Get Away Today also offers ticket and hotel packages for a couple of hotels in the surrounding Carlsbad area, with the hotels close in proximity to LEGOLAND:

  • The Cassara Carlsbad, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, featuring a pool with a water park area and overlooking Carlsbad’s flower fields. 
  • Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, featuring a private entrance to LEGOLAND and located conveniently adjacent to The Crossings Golf Course.

Other Costco Discount Ticket Deals

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

If you are planning a visit to all of the major theme parks in Southern California, you might be wondering if Costco offers discount tickets for locations like Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Costco does not offer Universal Studios Hollywood tickets online or through Costco Travel, and in-store tickets are only occasionally available for purchase in Southern California warehouses. However, Get Away Today is a fantastic alternative that offers Universal Studios Hollywood tickets, hotels, and ticket + hotel packages!

Costco does offer Disneyland packages online that include tickets + hotel for both Disneyland-owned hotels and Good Neighbor hotels, but these are not discounted, and tickets are not sold independently of these packages. For discount Disneyland tickets you can purchase outside the context of a package, be sure to check out Get Away Today’s offerings. 

Additional LEGOLAND Discounts

Costco Legoland Discount Ticket Prices Legoland Express

Photo Credit: LEGOLAND California Resort.

There are also a few other areas where you can find LEGOLAND discounts, with discounts available for military service members and their families, AAA members, through the Go Los Angeles and Go San Diego cards, and more. You can see our full guide to Costco LEGOLAND discount tickets for more information about this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost per person to go to Legoland California?

How much it costs per person to go to Legoland California will depend on what type of ticket you choose and length of visit. Guests can select from a 1-Day ticket to LEGOLAND, a Park Hopper ticket for LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium, or a Resort Hopper ticket, which includes admission to LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and the LEGOLAND Water Park. Tickets bought directly from LEGOLAND at the front gate start at $119 per person for a 1-Day ticket and $149 for a 2-day ticket. However, Costco and Get Away Today provide great discount LEGOLAND ticket options that can help you save money. 

Does Costco sell Legoland Play Pass?

Costco used to sell the Legoland Play Pass in previous years, but it no longer does currently. Recently, Costco’s ticket offers have varied per season (with the Spring 2023 offer a 2-Day Park Hopper ticket and the Summer 2023 offer a 2-Day Resort Hopper Ticket) and are sold only in warehouses. In order to purchase these discount Costco tickets, you need to be a Costco member. Costco memberships are $60 per year for an annual membership and $120 for an executive membership (which includes more benefits).

What is a 2 day park hopper ticket Legoland California?

A 2 day park hopper ticket for Legoland California (2 Day LEGOLAND + Sea Life Hopper) gives you 2 day admission to the LEGOLAND Califonia + SEA LIFE Aquarium. You are can hop back and forth between SEA LIFE and LEGOLAND Park, and you will get a hand stamp that will allow you to reenter the park.

Is 12 too old for LEGOLAND? 

12 should not be too old for LEGOLAND, as LEGOLAND is designed for children ages 2-12. If your child is especially interested in LEGO, they will find plenty of activities to engage in between LEGOLAND’s theme park, water park, and aquarium. For kids who are not interested in LEGO or are looking forward to thrill rides, LEGOLAND’s attractions and offerings might not be as engaging. 

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