Club 33 Reopens With Redesigned Court of Angels, Dining Room, and Jazz club

We're back from the grand reopening of Club 33 in Disneyland New Orleans Square. Over the last six months, the club has undergone a huge renovation completely changing the style and theme. When we first broke the story of the renovation a year ago, the scope and effect of the project was completely unknown.

This project has completely changed the look and feel of New Orleans Square, with the closing of the Court of Angels and the recent addition of huge windows into the area. Regardless of your opinion of the newly redesigned area, you must accept that there has been a big change.

Today we have photos from our writer @Disneyland_Secrets of the grand reopening of Club 33. From this point on in the article, all text and images come from her:

Last night I had the privilege of dining in Club 33 for its very first night of service! The club closed down early January for an expansion which would include a new entrance, a new Jazz Club, and a remodeled dining room.  In this expansion, the club moved away from the French theme towards the new southern theme, centering around the city of New Orleans.

Renovated Court of Angels

The new entrance has relocated to the older gift shop that was adjacent to the Court of Angels.

club 33 renovated court of angels stairs

Upon entering you wait in the Court of Angels (this is now closed to the public), which hasn't changed very much.  A few tables and chairs have been added for parties who are waiting for their reservation.  There are also 2 angels at the base of the stair case, lighting the way up the stairs.  

club 33 court of angels windows

club 33 renovated court of angels

club 33 court of angels stairs looking down

Club 33 Upstairs Lobby

club 33 reopens after huge renovation

The new Club 33 logo can be seen throughout the club.

As you ascend the stairs, you find yourself in a second reception area.  You'll find the merchandise cabinet, the harpsichord, and even the famous turkey vulture who interacts with guests again! Its very open and bright, with a beautiful chandelier. 

club 33 old elevator booth

club 33 vulture talks again

club 33 bathrooms

Veer towards the left towards Salon Nouveau.  The first part of the entrance is a wine cellar, holding hundreds of different bottles of wine from all around the world.  Each side is a refrigerator as well.  Moving on through there are 2 booths on either side, each with a different New Orleans theme, including Pirates and Haunted Mansion! Then you come into the main room for the lounge.  

Club 33 Jazz Club Lounge

club 33 wine cellar

jazz club 33 disneyland ceiling

club 33 new jazz club ceiling
jazz club 33 bar

jazz club renovated above new orleans square

They were trying to bring a Princess and the Frog theme to the lounge, which you can see in the color scheme, and from various paintings through out the room.  The ceiling was made too look like wood to match the hand carved wood making up the bar.  The ceiling also features a beautiful pane of stain glass in the center.  There is also a beautiful piano, which can live stream concerts from all over the world.  

club 33 self playing piano

club 33 jazz club sitting area haunted mansion artwork

jazz club artwork club 33

columbia sailing ship booth club 33

mark twain booth club 33 jazz club

haunted mansion booth club 33

Club 33 Main Dining Room

When entering the dining room, the alley is much more open, featuring large windows on either side.  As you enter, you notice a wood floor with a checker board pattern on the floor, which is common to many restaurants in New Orleans.  

club 33 murals reopened

club 33 murals hallway

club 33 stained glass windows hallway

The dining room has a new paint scheme, lightening up the room, and a very large window (which makes it moderately easy to watch Fantasmic! and the Fireworks now!).  

club 33 disneyland new dining room

club 33 new dining room mark twain paintingClub 33 Dinner Menu

club 33 menu redesigned

Dinner is now set as 5-6 courses (lunch is 4-5) and the menu is more southern influenced now. The pictures of my 5 courses are as follows:

club 33 dinner menu

First: Lobster Rockefeller with Oysters and Lemon Hollandaise

club 33 oysters new menu

Second: Summer Corn broth with Tomato Relish, Andouille Sausage and Gulf Shrimp

club 33 summer corn broth new menu

Third: Grilled Diver Scallop, Gulf Shrimp, and Cheese and Grits

club 33 grilled scallop diver new menu

club 33 pallete cleanser new menu

Fourth: Angus Filet Mignon and Hand Scalloped Potatoes

club 33 filet minon new menu

Fifth: Vanilla Creme Brulee 

club 33 flaming creme brule new menu

Overall, I really enjoyed the new Club.  Dinner was delicious and the atmosphere was wonderful.  While it was very sad for the public to lose the Court of Angels, it makes a great addition as the entrance to the Club. 

The new Jazz Club is a nice new feature–especially since the area was previously just storage space for the restaurants below.

It is very true that the Club redesign altered the New Orleans Square area, but perhaps it is for the better? What do you think?

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  1. The plastic stained glass gates are amazingly ugly. So much of the exterior around New Orleans Square is bad. Disney really needs to fix it fast. Was Tony Baxter consulted at all?

    • To my knowledge Tony Baxter wasn’t involved at all. Give Disney a few months and the area will be completely finished. Perhaps we will be stuck with one awkward corner, but that will probably be all.

  2. Love everything Disney I go on the Disney web site every day love to see what is new, what’s is going on and just go old fashion fun. My dream I to get whole family back to Disneyland with in the the next year to year an a half

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