Free Disney Birthday Button at Disneyland and Disney Stores Nationwide

Often when we are visiting Disneyland park we will be celebrating a birthday. The best part of that celebration is the little button that is given to you that proclaims to the entire park that you are celebrating.

These Disneyland birthday pins can be obtained at City Hall, the front desks of the resort hotels, registers at the shops on both Main Street and Buena Vista, and at some of the ticket counters in the Good Neighbor hotels.

Here are some photos of the Disneyland birthday buttons as they evolved over the years:

Above I have the oldest birthday pin from my bulletin board, it is from about 2005.

But then Disneyland management decided that it was bad to be unique so they redid their birthday button to match Disney World's button that you can see below.

Some variations have been mad to the pins over the past ten years, one was during the year of a million dreams pictured below. But besides slight variations this is what the birthday pin has looked like since 2000.


The button has become so essential to our birthday celebration, that we wear one whether in the parks or at home. One year when we weren't in the parks for my birthday, we happened to be shopping our local Disney store around the same time.

I was chatting with a Cast Member and it came up that it was my birthday that day. To my surprise she pulled out a birthday button much like the ones that they have in the parks and wrote my name on it.

The magic of the Disney birthday button can be found anywhere….

Next time that it is your birthday, but you can't make it to Disneyland, stop by the Disney Store and ask for a birthday button. It will make your day better and you will have a fun Disney button.

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(If it happens to be your birthday, here's a Happy Birthday from me and everyone at Disney Dose.)

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