Carsland Closeup: All the Little Details Found in This Land Populated by ‘Cars’

It seems like every Disney website on the web already has pictures of Carsland posted, but none of them seem to have a really thorough look at the details in the land. That is what we will provide today.

Radiator Springs: Gateway to Ornament Valley Sign

The cool sign shown above sits at the entrance to the land, just as one of these signs would sit at the edge of a town. Look closer and see the changing population amount, knights of combustion, and the Loyal Order of the Lugnuts.

Farther down the street you see the famous HERE IT IS sign.

Above the doctor's office in Radiator Springs, you can see this great sign. The wrench is a very cool addition, to “carify” even the smallest detail of Carsland.

Now here are some of the details from Radiator Springs Racers.

Above is the classic ride sign, that tells you all of the needed information. In this case the sign is for Radiator Springs Racers.

Above is the not so famous Radiator Spring. So the story goes Stanley, the towns founder discovered this spring and built Radiator Springs around it. If you want to see this spring for yourself take a ride on Radiator Springs Racers and take a jaunt through the queue.

Above is the menu for Flo's V8 Cafe. It is really cool looking and evokes the feeling of a Juke box and old fashioned car.

What do you think of the details in Carsland? I love the look of Flo's V8 and wish to eat there.

Here is a teaser for our next post about the neon lights in Carsland.

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