Car Masters: Disney June Memory

Cars Weekend1

One thing I love about Disney is the diversity in the activities that we can experience throughout the year.  This past summer, the Car Masters revved up in Downtown Disney.  All of West Side was packed with beautiful artistic cars.  You don't even have to be a “cars person” to realize how awesome the cars are that visit Disney for Cars Weekend.

monster truck

One of my son's favorites was the monster truck, which was too big to fit into West Side, so it has to sit in the parking lot.

It was not alone in the parking lot though.  This “car” lets adults remininse about their childhood.

Red Rocket

People drove from all over to show their vehicles and to see the famous cars, like ones that remind us of Donald, Jessica Rabbit, and the Dukes of Hazard.



Dukes of Hazzard

One car was parked away from the others.  When people walked by it, they were surprised when it talked and winked at them.  The owner stood closer to the building and controlled the car via remote control.

Herbie the Love Bug

Last year was the second of Car Masters Weekend.  It is highly likely that it will be back again this year with more Meet and Greets with the characters from Radiator Springs and activities for the whole family.  I can't wait to see them roll in again this summer.

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