10 Things Boomers Think Used to be Better at Disney

Disneyland has evolved and transformed over the years, introducing new technologies, attractions, and experiences that continue to captivate visitors of all ages. While each generation may have their own cherished memories of the park, some boomers hold nostalgic memories of how Disneyland used to be. In this article, we explore 10 things that boomers may think were better at Disneyland in the past, reflecting their unique perspective on the park’s history.

Disneyland Nostalgia

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Nostalgia can color our perceptions, and baby boomers hold fond memories of Disneyland’s earlier years. While the park has undergone changes and adaptations to meet the needs of evolving generations, the sentiment that some aspects were “better in the old days” remains. Recognizing these perspectives provides insight into the ways Disneyland has transformed over time and highlights the enduring magic that keeps visitors of all generations returning to experience the beloved theme park.

Lower Ticket Prices

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Compared to today’s prices, boomers remember a time when Disneyland tickets were significantly more affordable. Over the years, prices have climbed dramatically since Disneyland first opened. Boomers fondly reminisce about being able to visit the park without breaking the bank and the accessibility it provided for families!

Classic Attractions

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Boomers often reminisce about classic attractions like the Skyway, PeopleMover, and Carousel of Progress that have since been retired. These rides held a sense of nostalgia and simplicity that added to the park’s charm. Though there are still some older attractions that you can still ride today, many have been reimagined or refurbished, so they are not quite the same classic attractions that Boomers grew to know and love.

Personal Interactions

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Boomers may recall a time when interactions with Disney characters and cast members felt more personal and spontaneous. They remember character meet-and-greets without long queues and the sense of magic in the air when Mickey Mouse or other beloved characters roamed freely throughout the park.

E Ticket Attractions

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Boomers may remember E Tickets, which allowed admission to the premium attractions at the park. The original E Ticket rides in 1959 were introduced with Disneyland’s first major expansion and included Matterhorn Bobsleds, Submarine Voyage, Jungle Cruise, Rocket to the Moon, and other highly popular attractions.

Less Commercialization

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Some boomers perceive Disneyland’s earlier years as having a more modest approach to commercialization. They remember a time when merchandise and branding were less pervasive, allowing the focus to be primarily on the park’s attractions and experiences. As time goes on, many older Disney fans have critiqued the parks for focusing too heavily on movies and franchises.


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Boomers sometimes long for the simpler days when Disneyland had fewer bells and whistles. They reminisce about attractions that didn’t rely heavily on technology and instead focused on storytelling and imaginative environments. They appreciate the nostalgic feel of attractions that relied more on practical effects and animatronics rather than the advanced digital experiences of today.

Unique Souvenirs

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Boomers remember a time when Disneyland offered unique and exclusive souvenirs that couldn’t be found elsewhere. They recall purchasing one-of-a-kind items that held special significance, adding to the uniqueness of their park visit. With the recent reliance on Shop Disney, many souvenirs can be bought online now, not even requiring guests to step foot on Disneyland property.

Sense of Discovery

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Boomers often express a desire for a return to the sense of discovery they felt in earlier visits. They recall the joy of stumbling upon hidden details, discovering secret pathways, and experiencing the park with a sense of exploration that they feel may have been more prevalent in the past. Social media creates easier access to facts and information about the Disney Parks, which may eliminate some of the natural discovery of your Disney trip.

Intimate Parades and Shows

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Boomers recall parades and shows that were more intimate and up-close. With larger crowds in recent times have come longer waits for these offerings. Boomers enjoyed being able to secure prime viewing spots without having to stake out a spot hours in advance, allowing for a more spontaneous and enjoyable viewing experience.

Relaxed Pace

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Boomers often recall a more leisurely pace at Disneyland, with less emphasis on rushing from one attraction to another. They reminisce about strolling through the park, taking in the sights and sounds, and savoring the overall ambiance without feeling rushed to make their next Lightning Lane or dining reservation.

We can all benefit by taking a moment to slow down and simply enjoy the magic around us at Disneyland!

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