Avoid These 10 Major Boomer Mistakes at Disney

Every generation has its quirks when visiting Disney parks, and Baby Boomers have a certain charm all their own. Boomers' go-getter attitude and determination to be the early birds for rope drop is truly admirable, but we've got some major Boomer mistakes at Disney that we need to address. We'll take you through the biggest Boomer blunders at Disney and give some tips to ensure everyone has a smoother and more enjoyable time on their Disney vacation!

Sticking to the Same Foods

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The Disney Parks are an absolute food paradise for all the foodies out there! With an incredible array of options, Disney fans can satisfy any craving that their hearts and stomachs desire. From comforting classics to fine dining experiences, Disney has it all for your taste buds to embark on a culinary adventure.

But sometimes, Boomers prefer to stick with what they know best. While Disney offers a variety of dishes to please even the pickiest eaters, it's important to remember that your taste buds are also on vacation and deserve a chance to explore new flavors. So, step out of your comfort zone and try something new! It may turn into your new favorite.

Neglecting Character Experiences

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Disney parks are an absolute treasure trove of your favorite childhood characters, guaranteed to put a smile on your face from ear to ear. But snapping a picture with them isn't just for kids—it's for everyone! So grab those Mickey ears, strike a pose, and show your favorite pal some love.

You can even bring them a little gift! Imagine their joy and excitement when you present them with a small token of appreciation, like a card or keychain. It's a surefire way to create a magical moment and make your encounter even more special.

Whether you're reuniting with Mickey, hugging Goofy, or having a heart-to-heart with Cinderella, don't miss the chance to capture those priceless memories. Let your inner child shine, embrace pure joy, and make every moment count at the happiest place on earth!

Avoiding Cast Members

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We understand that asking for help can be a challenge, but the Cast Members at Disney are the real magic-makers! Remember, the Cast Members have the inside scoop and can help you navigate the parks like a pro. They are all throughout the park waiting to make your day even more enchanting.

Don't let frustration or confusion get the best of you. Reach out to these wonderful folks and let them work their Disney magic! They can assist you, answer your questions, and make sure you have an unforgettable time.

Resisting Technology and Mobile Apps

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Underestimating the wonders of technology, Boomers tend to stick to the familiar and the tried-and-true. Their mantra is often, “If it ain't broke, why fix it?” However, by dismissing important tools, like the Disney apps (My Disney Experience Mobile App for Disney World and the Disneyland Mobile App for Disneyland), you can miss out on a lifeline that unlocks the magic within the parks.

The Disney app is a game-changer, saving precious time and offering an array of essential features. From in-park navigation to attraction wait times, show schedules, park hours, Genie+, Photopass, and even contactless Disney Dining at select locations, this app is your ultimate companion.

Say goodbye to getting lost with a map or wandering aimlessly when you have a powerful tool to organize your plans and optimize your vacation to the fullest. Embrace the marvels of technology and let the Disney App be your guide.

Failing To Plan

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The classic Boomer approach to Disney parks is to treat it like a casual day out, with no game plan needed. But when it comes to Disney, you need to have a plan. Take advantage of the Disney app (which will grant you access to insider tips and help you personalize your very own itinerary), make a plan for experiencing more popular rides, and secure dining reservations ahead of time.

Let's leave the “just show up and go,” mindset in the rearview mirror. Embrace the power of planning!

Ignoring the Power of Comfort

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Boomers might roll their eyes at the notion of a Disney park bag or well-researched walking shoes, thinking they don't need all that extra stuff. But after one leisurely stroll around EPCOT's World Showcase under the scorching Florida sun, they'll change their mind in a flash.

When it comes to a day at Disney, don't just wing it. Embrace the power of comfort and a well-packed Disney park bag! Fill it with essentials like sunscreen, hats, water bottles, and maybe even a portable fan. Trust us, you'll be happy when you're well-prepared by reading our Disneyland packing list and Disney World packing list and enjoying the park to the fullest.

Overlooking Disney Shows

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Disney is no ordinary theme park—it's an experience like no other. Not only does it boast some of the best restaurants and state-of-the-art rides you'll find in any theme park, but it also offers a wide array of shows that will entertain and delight visitors of all ages. Don't skip over these experiences!

Disney offers up dazzling parades, mesmerizing fireworks, and incredible live stage shows that will leave you breathless, like “The Festival of the Lion King” or the awe-inspiring nighttime spectacular “Fantasmic!”

As part of its interactive shows, Disney also invites the audience to participate, bringing the fun to a whole new level. Don't miss the popular “Turtle Talk with Crush,” where you can have a chat with the coolest turtle under the sea. And for a taste of the Wild West, the wildly popular Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is a must-see.

Not Utilizing Genie+

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Waiting in lines is a classic theme park experience, no matter where you go. Boomers may think, “How will Disney be any different?” While some waiting is inevitable, Disney has a tool called Genie+ that makes the process much more convenient.

If you're hoping to spend as little time as possible waiting in lines, it just makes sense to embrace the power of Genie+. So, don't write off this invaluable resource! With Genie+, you'll have access to lightning-fast planning and even the ability to skip the line for select attractions.

Leave those long lines in the dust and make the most of your Disney adventure. Embrace Disneyland Genie+ and Disney World Genie Plus and get ready to maximize your fun while minimizing your wait time!

Underestimating Costs

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Remember the good old days when a dollar stretched farther than a rubber band? Unfortunately, times have changed. Before embarking on your magical Disney vacation, it's crucial to be aware of the prices of merchandise and food.

In the land of Disney, a simple bottle of water can cost guests $3.75 per bottle. Be in the know, and keep those costs in check as you embark on your park adventures by planning ahead, as a bottle of water is not a Disney souvenir you want to buy in the parks!

Budgeting isn't a buzzkill—it ensures you have a stress-free and financially savvy Disney vacation. So, get your spreadsheet ready, calculate those expenses, and make every dollar count! Here's how much a vacation to Disney World costs and how much a Disneyland trip costs.

Not Making Advance Dining Reservations

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It may seem tempting to just waltz up to a restaurant and expect to be seated, but if you skip making advanced dining reservations at Disney, you might find yourself without the dining plans you envisioned. 

Rather, take advantage of the ability to make dining reservations up to 60 days in advance. If you want to score a table at a popular location and ensure you have the dining experience of your dreams, plan ahead and secure those reservations ahead of time. 

Avoiding these boomer mistakes will ensure a smoother, more enjoyable Disney vacation. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and experience magic like never before!

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