Blizzard Beach: Disney Memory for February 2012

If you live in the Midwest or the North, the idea of going to a water park in winter is a crazy and unrealistic idea.  One of the main reasons we moved to Florida was to enjoy the outdoors and Disney year round.  This would explain why my top Disney Memory for February is visiting a water park.  Disney World keeps one water park open each winter while the other one is worked on.   On January 6, Typhoon Lagoon will open back up and Blizzard Beach will close down for it's annual maintenance.   On a clear and sunny day last February, we hit Blizzard Beach, equipped with sunscreen, lunch, and our Disney mugs.  Visiting Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon during the winter months has its advantages.  The lines are shorter; there are chairs to sit on; the sun is not glaring down; and there are actually tubes in Melt Away Bay, the wave pool, in the center of the park.

We were all able to float around in Melt Away Bay on an inner tube, which is unheard of during the summer months.  Normally, I have a tube and I have both kids hanging from it as I try to paddle around the pool.  Not during the winter.  I could have stayed in Melt Away Bay all day if my family would have allowed it.  The waves made the inner tube bob up and down and since it was not busy, I was able to let the kids go further than two feet from the inner tube. They swam and played for what seemed like hours in the peaceful pool.

One of the things that I really enjoy about the Disney water parks is the fact that there is something for everyone.  I am not one for thrilling rides.  My heart just cannot handle it.  Ski Patrol Training Camp is the perfect place for my family.  The slides, rides, and rope course are just the right height and scare level for all of us.  My son's favorite attraction is the Thin Ice Training Course where he has to walk on “ice” while holding on a cargo net above him.  Fahrenheit Drop is also one of his favorites.  It is a zip line that ends quite quickly.  He has done many flips off of the zip line.  Not sure if that is allowed but he loves it.  The other rides in Ski Patrol Training Camp are Frozen Pipe Springs, Cool Runners, and Snow Flakes.  I must admit that I ride those just as much as the kids.

Now, not all of us are wimps.  My husband and son are ready for the challenge of Slush Gusher and Summit Plummet unlike my daughter and I.  Since it was February, I was able to sit on the bottom of the rides and not die from the heat while they rode the more thrilling rides of Blizzard Beach.  Slush Glusher is a 90-foot-long, high speed water slide and is a great way to pump yourself up for Summit Plummet.  The park's scariest ride is Summit Plummet.  It is one of the tallest and fastest freefall body slides in the WORLD.  Yep, that has my husband written all over it.  My son is not ready for it, yet.  The girls in my family?  You will never catch me on that thing, but I will sit at the bottom and watch everyone zip down while screaming.  By the way, it is 120 foot tall and so steep that you can't see your feet or look up until you skid to a stop at the bottom of the slide.

Like other visits to Blizzard Beach, I packed our lunch, including drinks, for the long day at the park.  Since it was February, I was able to leave our bag, towels, and lunch at the beach chairs while we rode the rides and splashed around in the wave pool.  The food did not melt from the heat or get soggy from the humidity, which has happened during other months.  We didn't have to worry about the massive amounts of people that need chairs and the possibility of our items being moved.  The weather was gorgeous.  The crowds were non-existent.  My family was able to relax, have fun, and head home when more guests decided to join us.  During the month of February, my family visited many Disney parks and resorts, but the top one has to be Blizzard Beach.  There is just something about laying out in the sun in February while the kids play in the sand next to you that is pure magical.

If you are not convinced yet to visit a water park during the winter months, check out the previous article about Blizzard Beach.

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