Disney Enforces These 15 Seemingly Bizarre Theme Park Rules, Plus Why They Exist

Disney Parks are a tapestry of dreams and imagination, where every corner promises enchantment. Despite this, there is a method behind the magic. Specific guidelines are in place to ensure every visitor’s experience is sprinkled with pixie dust. While many of these rules are clear-cut, ensuring safety and enjoyment for all, some might seem a bit out of the ordinary at first glance. Come along as we explore some of Disney Parks’ more bizarre guest rules and learn the thoughtful reasons they’ve been woven into the Disney experience.

No Scattering of Ashes

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Disney is often heralded as the happiest place on earth. For some, it also holds a deep emotional connection, making it an appealing final resting place. There have been instances where guests, moved by sentiment, have scattered their loved one’s ashes in attractions like the Haunted Mansion, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and serene gardens.

However, as touching as the sentiment might be, Disney firmly states that this is against park policies and violates Health and Safety Codes. It’s not just frowned upon—it’s strictly prohibited and even unlawful. Let’s honor our cherished memories in ways that ensure safety and respect for all guests.

No Wrapped Gifts

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Everyone adores gifts! But if you’re considering bringing a meticulously wrapped present into the parks, you might want to reconsider. That beautifully packaged gift must be unwrapped at the entrance so security can take a peek. Safety always comes first at Disney.

A lovely alternative? You can select something special within the park or consider a gift bag with loose tissue paper. That way, the magic remains uninterrupted!

No Plastic Straws

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Like with balloons, Disney has certain guidelines about plastic straws in their parks. Plastic straws are not permitted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, water parks, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (Kidani Village and Jambo House). Disney’s commitment to the well-being of wildlife and environmental conservation is steadfast, leading them to phase out plastic straws and other single-use plastic items across all their properties.

No Selfie Sticks

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We all cherish capturing that flawless moment for Instagram. However, when considering selfie sticks or any hand-held extension devices for cameras and mobiles, it’s best to keep them at home. It might seem evident, but such poles can pose significant risks, particularly in bustling places like Disney theme parks. Let’s prioritize safety while creating beautiful memories!

No Folding Chairs

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Mesmerizing fireworks and magical parades are hallmarks of Disney. Naturally, you’d want to settle in comfortably to claim the perfect viewing spot. However, Disney has a firm policy: folding chairs are prohibited in theme parks. Disney’s rule ensures everyone’s safety, so we can all revel in the magic without worry. An exception to Disney’s rule is for individuals needing a mobility device with a built-in seat for assistance.

No Wagons

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Taking the family wagon to tow your youngsters and belongings might be the norm at local fairs or smaller theme parks, but Disney advises against it. Wagons aren’t permitted in any Disney theme parks. Additionally, strollers exceeding 31 inches in width and 52 inches in length aren’t allowed.

Disney aims to ensure everyone can move smoothly through the park. Given their bulk and the challenge of pulling them from behind, wagons can hinder that flow. So, for everyone’s comfort and safety, it’s best to stick to smaller carriers while enjoying the magic of Disney.

No Clothing Can Be Hanging from Disney Hotel Balconies

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Draping a bathing suit or towels over the hotel balcony might seem harmless, especially after a refreshing swim. However, Disney advises against this practice. It’s not just about aesthetics; there’s a genuine concern for the safety of guests walking below or the chance of a towel being whisked away by a gust of wind.

Consider using the clothesline provided in your shower for drying those damp clothes. Alternatively, pop over to the resort’s laundry for a swift tumble dry.

No Soliciting

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With their bustling crowds, Disney theme parks might appear as the perfect spot to discuss your business with fellow guests or even hand out a business card or two. However, Disney gently reminds visitors to refrain from soliciting. Unfortunately, promoting your business during a leisurely visit could lead to an early exit from the park. It’s wiser and more considerate to find alternative venues for business outreach, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their magical experience undisturbed.

No Balloons At Certain Parks

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While balloons might add to the joy of a visit, their allowance varies across Disney theme parks. Specifically, balloons are not permitted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park or the Animal Kingdom Lodge, encompassing both Kidani Village and Jambo House.

Disney’s no-balloon rule at Animal Kingdom is deeply rooted in love and care: deflated balloons can be extremely harmful, even fatal, if ingested by the animals on the property. Disney ensures that their parks are safe for every creature, big or small. So, while visiting these areas, let’s join this effort and keep our feathered and furry friends in mind.

No Running

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We completely understand the eagerness to reach your favorite ride before the queues build up or the rush to make it in time for a reservation. However, Disney is deeply committed to ensuring everyone’s safety within their magical realms.

While it might be tempting, running is discouraged. If you’re in a hurry, consider a brisk walk instead. Sprinting might not only risk your well-being but could also unintentionally harm another guest. After all, this isn’t a fairy tale race against the clock—there’s no danger of turning into a pumpkin here! Let’s enjoy the magic at a safe and comfortable pace.

No Adult Costumes

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Sorry, Disney adults! While Disney embraces everyone with open arms, they have a firm rule: guests ages 14 and older can’t don costumes. There are exceptions during special occasions like Halloween and Christmas events, but the rule helps avoid mix-ups between guests and official Disney characters outside of these events.

Additionally, masks aren’t allowed for guests 14 and up unless it’s for medical reasons. For the younger crowd, masks can be worn, but they shouldn’t cover the entire face and must ensure clear peripheral vision, with eyes fully visible at all times. It’s all part of the Disney magic, ensuring everyone has a safe and enchanting experience!

No Large Coolers

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Disney welcomes guests to bring snacks and food to the parks (though alcohol is off-limits), with guidelines on container sizes. Coolers should be no larger than 24 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 18 inches high. As you pack your treats, remember that trying to bring in an oversized cooler discreetly won’t go unnoticed; all bags are thoroughly inspected at security. You can see our guide to bringing food into Disneyland for more details!

No Remote-Control Toys

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Disney Parks do not permit remote-operated toys, including drones. It might seem tempting, especially for passionate Disney enthusiasts, to capture a breathtaking aerial view of the Magic Kingdom using a drone. While the desire to encapsulate such a sight from a bird’s-eye perspective is understandable, Disney gently reminds visitors that drones pose significant safety and privacy concerns for other guests, as do other remote-operated items.

No Gum

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While you won’t find gum prohibited in Disney Parks, you’ll also notice it’s absent from their stores. Why? With its knack for ending up on pathways or unsuspectingly under visitors’ shoes, gum can be a little disruptive. Such minor inconveniences can take away from the magical experience. So, while you’re free to bring your own gum, Disney gently suggests opting for a less sticky alternative to keep your breath fresh and the Disney magic intact. See our list of what to bring in your bag for your trip to Disney World!

No Inappropriate Attire

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While freedom of expression allows us to choose our attire, it’s essential to remember that the Disney parks, as private entities, have the right to maintain a certain atmosphere. Disney security can deny entry or ask guests to leave if they deem their clothing or visible tattoos inappropriate (containing objectionable language or designs, etc.)

While some of Disney’s guidelines might strike us as unique or even stringent, many are rooted in common sense and designed to ensure every guest’s safety and enjoyment!

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