Final Big Thunder Mountain Railroad POV Ride Through Before Renovation

Picture from our Pals at

As we mentioned recently, Disney is taking Big Thunder Mountain Railroad into a refurbishment to add a story and perhaps prepare it to be made into a television show? Well we don't know what is happening yet, but what we do know is that we wanted to share this great Big Thunder Mountain Railroad POV with you that was taken last January.

Original Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Concept Art By Tony Baxter


Have fun on this GoPro filmed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad POV and maybe even make the video full screen and scream along with me(yes that is me screaming in the video).

Enjoy this final trip if you can't make it out to Disneyland to ride the attraction one last time yourself:

Now then, hang on to them hats and gaaalasssess cause this heres the wildessts RIDE in the WILDERNESS!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed one final trip on Big Thunder Mountain with this Big Thunder Mountain Railroad POV.

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