Beware of Disney World, the Disneyland Copycat


Disney World seems to think that they need to copy just about every good thing that Disneyland or any other Disney Park has. In doing so, Disney World has become just a bigger Disneyland. To me the best thing about having Disney Parks around the world is the ability to have them reflect their host state or country's interests and culture.

It all started when Disney first responded to park guest's questions of where Pirates of the Caribbean was when the Magic Kingdom first opened. Rather than building the planned Thunder Mesa(which you can read about thoroughly at Jim Hill Media) Disney decided to use those funds to build a new version of Pirates of the Caribbean. So, we went from an amazingly designed entire set of new attractions to taking us one step closer to a bigger Disneyland.

The Haunted Mansion in Disney World is the exact same attraction as it's sister in Disneyland except for the shell and some recent modifications(Inside the Magic).

Splash Mountain is another attraction that falls under the magnifying glass when you talk about almost identical attractions. While the insides of the two attractions are very different, the overall concept and outside shell are almost exact copies(in case you were wondering, the Disney World version is much better in this case).

While I understand Disney's need to start off with a base of similar attractions, they should keep attractions with their differences even if the versions at other parks seem to have better jokes. I am talking of course about the Jungle Cruise in Disney World. When the Magic Kingdom opened you could ride the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland and then in the Magic Kingdom and feel as if they were two amazingly different attractions. Now Disney is trying to centralize the jokes, changing names of characters in the attraction. Below is the Disneyland attraction as captured by Kevin at Tours Departing Daily.

By Kevin Crone

Along the same lines of the Jungle Cruise is the transformation of the Tropical Serenade into Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, the same attractions as was in Disneyland. In the middle of this transformation is one of the dark moments in Disney history, the change of the Tropical Serenade into..duh…duh…duh…the Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management. This rowdy, loud Disney attraction starred Iago, Jafar's cynical sidekick from Aladdin. The overlay of the attraction was meant make it popular again by infusing some nineties culture into it, but all it did was make it one of the most annoying attractions in the Disney Parks. says that a fan described it with three words,“They ruined it.”


Now Disney is attempting to catch some of Disney California Adventure's success with Cars Land and bring it to Hollywood Studios. MiceAge reports that Disney has moved Kathy Mangum, show producer for Cars Land, to Disney World without an announcement of what she will do there. Many fans seem to like the idea of Cars Land being added to Hollywood Studios, like the crew over at the Be Our Guest Disney World Podcast, who think that this would be a great way to draw a crowd to Hollywood Studios. I happen to agree completely with them, but I would much rather have the Disney World officials choose to draw a crowd with uniqueness. In the process they would build a bigger fan base and require Disneyland fans to fly to Florida to see their amazing new attraction.

While this article was from the perspective of Disney World being a copycat, Disneyland happens to copy almost as much as Disney World does. The only reason that I decided to detail Disney World today is because they always seem to be a bit wishy-washy about investing Mickey's money.

What do you think?

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  1. I completely agree with you that Disney World uses many of the same attractions as Disneyland, but sometimes it is a good thing. My thinking is that Disney World should be unique and agree with you.

    • As mentioned in the article, I really enjoy having Disneyland attractions in Disney World, but I always love to use Imagineer’s imagination.

  2. I agree, and if they add Carsland they have gone too far. I think certain signature attractions or rides can be copied from park to park but most should be new!

  3. I think that the question of whether Disney World copies Disneyland is an irrelevant one. I say this because there is an aspect of the Disney population that will only be able to go to Disneyland, and there is an aspect of the Disney population that will only be able to go to Walt Disney World. This is primarily based on where they live in the country. My family is going to Disneyland next month — in 27 days, to be exact, but it will likely be our only trip to Disneyland for several years — and it is our first trip there. I’m not at all worried about the fact that there is a Haunted Mansion at DL and at WDW, what I’m interested in is seeing how they are different — because they are different, as you alluded to in your article.

    I’m not quite sure what point I’m trying to make here, to please forgive my rambling, but I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to see how they are different from one another despite having the same name and concept.

    Thanks, have a great day!

    • I completely agree, the only part of the idea that I don’t condone is when Disney management alters an attraction in one resort or the other to make it more like it’s counterpart.This often happens in Walt Disney World, for example see the Tiki Room, which was once called the Tropical Serenade.

      I always look for the differences in the attractions, often times Walt Disney World is a little bit more advanced, see Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion.

      I look forward to reading your blog about your Disneyland opinions once you return from your trip.

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