Best Shoes for Disney: Our Favorite Brands

One thing that you’ll find yourself doing more than anything while in Disney World and Disneyland is…walking! From rope-dropping in Magic Kingdom to traveling through different countries in EPCOT, you’re sure to be on your feet almost the entire day. That being said, having the best possible shoes is important in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Shoes make (or break) your experience in the parks, especially because you need your legs and feet feeling brand new by the start of the next day! And remember, in a place like Walt Disney World, comfortability is way more important than how fashionable you look.

We’ve compiled a list of the best shoes for your next Disney World vacation, as well as some you should probably avoid. Let’s discuss the best Disney World shoes. 

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What Makes for the Best Shoes for Disney?best disney world shoes- pandora at night

Shoes determine everything on a Disneyland and Disney World trip. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve accidentally brought just a pair of Old Navy flip-flops or cheap fashionable Target sandals on my trips. And how do I end up by the second day? Absolutely miserable and in so much pain. If you wear the wrong shoes on the first day or two of your trip, your feet will not recover by the third day, leaving you less motivated to walk around, and less happy.

The best shoes for Disney World definitely have specific qualifications. They need to hold up for the duration of your trip, that way you’re not having to switch them or remove them. They also need to be somewhat water-durable. Rain in Florida is absolutely unpredictable, and you need a shoe that’ll dry quick. They should be providing some sort of arch support, as most flat-footed shoes will make for pains in the center and sides of your feet. This, and so much more, make for the best Disney World shoes.

Of all of the trips I’ve taken to the parks, the shoes we are going to discuss are ones I would absolutely recommend to everyone as the best Disney World shoes. I also want to throw some definite ‘don’ts’ onto this list, just to help you avoid foot pain in the future! In no particular order and with little favoritism, here are my best shoes for Disney World!

Best Shoes for Disney- Crocs Crocs- best shoes disney world

I know, it sounds crazy that I’m recommending these as the best Disney World shoes. However, they are so useful and quite comfortable! Even though these are flatter shoes, they do offer some arch support and are very breathable. The back strap keeps them from sliding off, which is great. Also, they’re waterproof! This means that you’ll only have to swap socks if you find yourself in a downpour. Plus, they’re able to be decorated, which is super fun for little ones.

Crocs make all different styles of shoes to wear. The traditional ones are my favorite for a park day, but they also make really reliable sandals! I have been on a trip with a family member wearing Crocs wedge sandals, and she was so comfortable the entire trip. I have a lot of issues with my right foot from an injury, and I love to have a pair of Crocs hand for when it really starts to bother me. It’s nice to have more room for when my foot swells up, which is usually bound to happen. I don’t feel restricted in Crocs, and that makes for a world of comfortability compared to some other shoe options.

You can find Crocs at various shoe stores, on Amazon, or in an official Crocs store. I like going to the actual brand’s store if I can, just because I’m able to find my size in each shoe model and ask the employees any questions I might have. Depending on which type of Crocs you get, they can range in price. On average, they run around $40-$50. They run in sizes 6-12, but do not come in half-sizes. My pro-tip would be to always go try them on, but most times I have had to size up one size. Order Crocs here on Amazon.

Nike Revolution 5 Sneakers

Nike revolution- best shoes disney world

These shoes are both comfortable and cute! They cost $60, which is a great price for sneakers, especially from the Nike brand. These shoes offer soft, memory-like foam inside. They also have great arch support, which is so important. These sneakers are breathable and comfortable, and the material of the shoes is easy to air dry if you find yourself caught in a storm.

Nike Rev 5 shoes run in full and half-sizes from 5-12, which is great for finding the exact size that’ll make you comfortable. Like Crocs, I tend to size up with Nike, but only a half-size. This accounts for any thicker socks I might wear, as well as if my feet get a bit swollen. This is not necessary, and the shoes are comfortable either way! I just like maximizing my comfort with my footwear.

These shoes are available at various shoe stores, Amazon, and Nike shops. I will say, that with Nike shoes, I find that buying them further in advance is a better idea since breaking them in takes a bit more time than other shoes.

S Sport by Skechers Charlize Sneakersbest shoes disney world- Sketchers

Once upon a time, I was in a rush and waited last minute to buy sneakers before one of my trips. I went to my local Target and found that they had Skechers brand sneakers. While not the most fashionable, I was desperate for something comfortable. I snagged these shoes for $40, and honestly, it was the best choice I could have made.

They were cheap in cost, but never felt cheap in quality. The memory foam inside these shoes is incredibly comfortable, and the break-in time was minimal. Not once my entire trip did these shoes hurt my feet, even though I had just purchased them days before. They are breathable, I can stretch my entire foot in them without feeling restricted, and they look just fine with all of my park outfits!

These also run in half and full sizes from 6-11, and I did not need to size up or down in these. They don’t need to be tied, which is so easy when all you have to do is slip on your shoes and go. Shoes get dirty quickly, so I recommend going with the black pair. However, the white ones are just as cute! I got mine at Target, and they are still available there now.

Teva’s Original Universal Sandals:Tevas- best shoes disney world

I have never personally worn these myself, but the reviews I have read make me want to buy a pair for my upcoming trip! These are for all of my sandal people, who want to be comfortable while still sporting their favorite vacation shoes.

Teva shoes are long-known for being great walking shoes with high amounts of both durability and comfortability. They are $55 for the original model, and they come in 17 different designs and colors. The sizes range from 5-12. You’ll find them to be quick-drying, with straps that will not tarnish easily. They’re non-slip, and amazingly, they offer arch support!

These are so universal and long-lasting, that you’ll definitely be wearing these before, during, and after your trip.

You can find them on the Teva website, but shoe stores (and Amazon) tend to sell limited selections of them as well. You’ll often find good deals on Tevas on Amazon when sales apply.

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Shoes

Ever-popular at Disney parks, these shoes are great! They’re slip-ons, so no worries about stopping to tie rogue shoelaces during your day. Costing around $75, these shoes come in 12 different colors. They have sizes 5-11, with half sizes available. I’ve found that these do run pretty true-to-size, so I’ve never had to size up or down.

The best part about these shoes is (of course) the foamy soles that offer arch support and immense cushioning. They’re easy to move in, flexible to your foot, and are not restricting on your feet. The only downside to these shoes is that they might not be the quickest to dry in a rainstorm. Odds are, you’ll find yourself needing to dry these with a hairdryer or outside overnight.

A good thing about these is the fashionable look of them! Wear them with shorts, a dress, or really anything and they’re still bound to match!

You can find them in any store that carries Adidas shoes, an Adidas store/outlet, the Adidas website, or on Amazon.

Hoka Mach 5 Sneakers:

Any Hoka shoes are going to be great, but these have a slim yet comfortable design that won’t feel too clunky on your feet. Be warned, Hokas can be pretty pricey, costing $120 or more. The Mach 5’s are around $140, depending on if you get them on their website or a different retailer.

These shoes come in 12 colors, and sizes run from 5-11, with half sizes available. They offer mid-length arch support, so your foot isn’t on the ground, but also not as high as other sneakers may have it. The lightweight structure of the shoe makes walking for long amounts of time easier. The middle of the shoe isn’t quite a memory foam but is still sure to keep you feeling bouncy in them.

While you might have to dry these shoes a bit more intricately if you’re caught in a heavy storm, a normal/light rain won’t cause that. They’re fast drying and definitely hold up to keeping your feet cool and able to breathe.

You can get these shoes on the website, on Amazon, or at certain shoe stores!

Best Disney Shoes

The best part about all of these shoes is that they are available for women, men, and even sometimes children! Granted, some children will not be doing nearly as much walking as adults, but it is still important that they have something breathable, comfortable, and fit for them. Plus, I just love seeing families in matching shoes. It is absolutely adorable!

Also, these shoes are definitely not just for vacation. You’ll find that these shoes are all long-lasting pairs of shoes with endless places to wear them. This makes spending more just a bit easier, as you know you’ll have them for a while.

Always make sure to properly break in your shoes if you’re buying them for your vacation. Not doing this will add to the possibility of pain and discomfort throughout the day, as you haven’t given yourself enough time to get used to them. I recommend wearing them a few times a week leading up to your vacation. You can go for a quick walk, stretch your feet while in the shoes, etc. You’ll be sure to have maximum comfort this way!

Shoes to Avoid for Disney World

best shoes Disney World

Now that we’ve discussed the best Disney World shoes, let’s discuss some shoes to avoid. As a disclaimer, you might see a shoe that you like to wear on this list. If they work for you, that’s great! But I just don’t want to see people in pain.

  • Vans: While some people can tolerate walking in Vans all day, I certainly cannot. They’re so flat-footed, offering absolutely no support. They also tend to be very tight, making for no flexibility for your foot. Avoid these when possible.
  • Doc Martens: Unless you’ve got a really old, really broken-in pair of these shoes, do not wear them. You might be able to avoid water-logged shoes, but your feet will be in immense amounts of pain. They do not move great with your foot, they’re heavy, and they can definitely leave unwanted blisters. On the contrary, I have heard that people like wearing the sandals to the parks after they’ve been broken in.
  • Thin Flip-Flops: Avoid, avoid, avoid. I promise you will have the worst time ever. They are too thin, get caught on everything, and are bound to hurt your feet with no support. If you are keen on wearing flip-flops, I would suggest ones that have memory foam soles like these Birkenstocks.
  • Heels: This seems like an obvious one, and yet I still see people in heels limping around the parks. I promise you can still look just as beautiful wearing comfortable shoes!
  • Flat Open-Back Sandals/Slides: With no arch support and a huge chance of hurting yourself, I would avoid them. If you’re caught in a rainstorm wearing these, you might trip and fall right out of them!


What Shoes Should I Wear in Disney World?

For Disney World trips, there are so many great options for shoes. A lot of these include sneakers or well-broken-in sandals. 

Are Tevas Good for Disney?

Tevas are great for Disney! They offer maximum comfortability, they’re lightweight, and there are so many styles for you to choose from.

Should You Wear Converse to Disney?

You can wear Converse to Disney, but you might want to ensure you’ve got the proper socks on with these ankle-length shoes. These are great because you’ll have a sneaker option that matches every outfit, adding style to your comfort.

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Need for Disney?

For your next Disney World trip, I would recommend two pairs of shoes. A comfortable sneaker and a backup shoe. This could be sandals, Crocs, or your favorite slides! You always want to have one extra pair handy in case something happens to the first one.

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