Best Pizza at Disney World: Where Do I Find It?

Though pizza may be typical theme park food, finding good pizza at Walt Disney World presents some challenges. This resource will guide you toward the places with the best pizza at Disney World.

Pizza reigns as one of the most popular foods in the world. In the United States, around 350 slices are eaten every second. Forty percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a week.

What is it about pizza that makes us love it so much? Is it the variety of ways it can be made and the vast number of possible toppings? Even a plain simple slice of crust, tomato sauce, and cheese makes us feel better as comfort food. The power of pizza almost seems magical.

As a result, Walt Disney World sells pizza at many locations across the resort. Sadly, many of the pizza options could be more impressive. Generally, the counter service places that serve pizza inside Walt Disney World’s four theme parks should be avoided if you want good pizza.


Before discussing where the best pizza exists on Walt Disney World property exists, we need to clarify the terms. Though this becomes a grey area very quickly, flatbreads will be considered pizza for this discussion of the best pizza at Disney World.

The usual distinction between pizza and flatbread comes down to the crust. Pizza dough consists of yeast. This empowers the dough to rise and accounts for some of the chewiness. Flatbreads are typically made with unleavened dough, a dough without yeast. However, at Walt Disney World, this distinction enters another grey area. Some of the flatbread appetizers at Walt Disney World restaurants look more like dough that has risen than some pizzas at Disney.

So, in the quest for the best pizza at Disney World, flatbreads will be included in the list of best pizzas at Disney World.  The flatbreads often taste better than the traditional pizza at Walt Disney World.

Also, we will not list every place on the Walt Disney World property selling pizza. Our goal will be to describe the best pizza at Disney World. If the location you have visited or heard about is not mentioned, we would not classify it as the best. Not being on this list does not automatically equal the pizza being bad.

Still, if you like it, remember that pizza preference can be very personal. This best pizza at Disney World list reflects the opinion of a majority of guests, however. Still, if you have yet to try a spot on our list of best pizzas at Disney World, you might like these even more than other pizzas you have tried at Walt Disney World.

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Best Pizza at Disney World: Counter Service Pizza Options

Listing all the counter-service places on Walt Disney World property that serve some form of pizza would take a long time. This becomes obvious when factoring in food courts and counter service at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Nevertheless, most pizzas served at Walt Disney World match a consistent pattern. Some call this style of pizza “puffy pizza.”  If you have not seen it before, visualize a circular pizza with a large amount of crust that seems to puff up. The pizza tastes okay. Yet for around $13 with a side, guests should desire more than below-average theme park pizza. This point looks obvious when guests discover an entire pizza may be purchased at many locations for only a few dollars more.

However, most guests find the pizza better for counter service at the following locations.

Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs

Pizza Ponte’s signature slice is called the Big Roman. That name looks apparent once you see the size of that pizza slice. These large slices will satisfy your hunger. The Patina Restaurant Group runs this counter-service pizza location. Patina runs several Italian table service dining locations on Walt Disney World property as well as Morimoto Asia, also in Disney Springs.

Best Pizza at Disney World

You can buy pizza by the slice, sandwiches, and salads at Pizza Ponte. For Walt Disney World property, the price point of around $7 to $8 per slice offers some value.

The cheese holds up nicely. The crust offers the right amount of crunch when you bite into it. This type of pizza makes a good choice for walking around Disney Springs as a snack.

Also, if you enjoy some spicy heat on your pizza, the San Gennaro pizza makes a good choice. This pizza comes with sweet sausage, onions, and hot cherry peppers. The combination of flavors with this pizza slice deserves some attention. Other pizza options by the slice served here include pepperoni, a forest mushroom, and four cheese.

Pizza Al Taglio at Epcot

Pizza Al Taglio functions as the pizza window for Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria at Epcot. Though this differs from the pizza served at that table service location, this counter service option provides good pizza. Though we suggest Pizza Ponte over this option, the pizza here will be far superior to most counter-service pizza at Walt Disney World.

On the negative side, this pizza window only opens seasonally. According to cast members, Pizza Al Taglio opens about 180 days yearly. Still, this pizza window possesses die-hard fans that obsess about it. We suspect those fans wanted Via Napoli pizza but forgot to make a reservation there.

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza at Disney Springs

This chain pizza restaurant shines in terms of quality on Walt Disney World property. People ask why anyone would go to a chain pizza place at Disney Springs. The simple answer involves the quality and speed of production. If you are unfamiliar with Blaze Pizza, this chain offers the pizza equivalent of a Subway or Chipotle restaurant. You walk down the pizza assembly line selecting what you want on your pizza. After that, the pizza goes into a quick-fire oven. Soon after that, you will have a high-quality pizza to enjoy.

The pizza starts below $9 for one topping on their 11-inch pizzas. Blaze also offers several gluten-free, vegan, and other dietary concern options. All those versions taste good, also. With over 40 different toppings and sauces to choose from, your entire group will be satisfied.

Terra Treats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This easily overlooked food and beverage kiosk in the Discovery Island area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers surprisingly good pizza. Terra Treats provides pizza that falls below the level of the previously mentioned options. However, the pizza here ranks higher than at Pizzafari, another Animal Kingdom pizza option. In addition, the wait will be shorter than for Pizzafari.

The pizza at Terra Treats qualifies as having a thicker crust. The standard menu offers three pizza-by-the-slice options: Tomato and Cheese, Pepperoni and Cheese, and Roasted Mushroom and Leeks Pizza. All cost under $8, with the first two costing under $7. This location also often sells seasonal pizzas to match the theme currently running at Animal Kingdom.

Primo Piatto at Disney’s Riviera Resort

If you find yourself on the Disney Skyliner route looking for decent counter-service pizza, we have one more suggestion for the best pizza at Disney World. Primo Piatto serves a sausage and pepperoni pizza along with a margherita pizza. Each cost around $13. However, like all the dining at Disney’s Riviera Resort, this pizza tastes better than other Disney options.

Not Quite the Best But Worth Mentioning

Connections Eatery at Epcot offers a unique plant-based pizza option. The meatball option at Connection Eatery tastes slightly better than the standard pizza at Walt Disney World.

Best Pizza at Disney World: Table-Service Dining

Best Pizza at Disney World

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in Italy Area of Epcot

Guests will find traditional Neapolitan-style pizza at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria. The flour and tomatoes are imported, and the water is from a spring similar to water from a spring in Italy’s Campania region.

The crust is thin and handcrafted. Your pizza will be baked in wood ovens named after Italy’s active volcanos. The pizza menu ranges from an individual pizza to something gigantic to feed four or five people. Advance dining reservations should be encouraged if wanted to dine here. Whether you choose a simple margherita pizza, a pepperoni, or something more extravagant, Via Napoli provides excellent quality pizza. Many lifelong Disney fans swear this is the best pizza around.

Best Pizza at Dsiney World

Those lifelong Disney fans would be appalled that this list does not start and end with Via Napoli. The décor and aromas when you enter Via Napoli enhance the dining experience here. Some guests voice concerns about the noise level at Via Napoli. In fairness, this place does not qualify as a quiet romantic Italian place. Yet, the pizza quality drives people to this location in Epcot.

However, we must point out that an individual cheese pizza here costs $25. No one can argue that Via Napoli makes a great value. The pizza comes at a pizza premium price. Is this pizza worth the price difference compared to other pizza options? That question remains undecided.


Sure, the half-meter pizzas cost $50-$56 and feed more people. Yes, the pepperonis curl up perfectly on pizza here. Still, the high price point makes some guests question the value here. Despite that, if you want the best pizza inside the four Walt Disney World theme parks, Via Napoli wins that contest easily. However, several other options on this best pizza at Disney World list present better value.

Jiko – The Cooking Place at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers some excellent and unique dining options. Though we would not visit Jiko solely for the flatbread here, it deserves to be on the list. The Duck Confit and Honey-Raisin Flatbread comes with preserved duck, rocket, toasted chickpeas, mozzarella, plump raisins, harissa, and spiced honey for $17. Even experienced food bloggers struggle to explain the toppings on this flatbread. However, the experience for your taste buds will be excellent.

Since mentioning pizza at Disney hotels, the California Grill Disney’s Contemporary Resort serves some excellent pizzas on its appetizer menu. However, that restaurant still uses a prix fixe menu, so it is hard to recommend pizza there currently.

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at Disney Springs

Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck is known for his creative take on classic foods. The pizza served at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill matches that expectation. For example, the BBQ Chicken Pizza features onions, roasted corn, cilantro, bacon, and jalapeño. Some other non-traditional pizzas here include the Wild Mushroom Pizza, Fennel Sausage Pizza, and Smoked Salmon Pizza.

Best Pizza at Disney World

During a recent visit, we enjoyed our pizza here for under $20. This pizza easily fed two. You should not expect pizza that resembles the type you would have while watching a game with a beer. Still, the quality of pizza deserves some consideration. We feel comfortable placing this one on the best pizza at Disney World list.

Il Mulino at Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

Il Mulino is an excellent choice if you want authentic Italian food in a restaurant that most people overlook. The Swan hotel resides near the Boardwalk area of Walt Disney World. Marriott owns and runs these hotels. The Swan makes a reasonable walk from Epcot. We have found that the pizza here tastes excellent. The Quattro Formaggi pizza might be the best cheese pizza on Disney property. This pizza feeds at least two people for around $21.

Trattoria al Forno in Disney’s Boardwalk Area

This often-overlooked Italian table service restaurant provides a wide variety of high-quality pizzas. In fact, Trattoria Al Forno sells a breakfast pizza. Also, you can order ahead and use the pizza pick-up window to take your pizza back to your hotel room if you like. This place utilizes wood-fired ovens to combine all the freshest ingredients into tasty pizzas.

The pizza at Trattoria al Forno will not measure up to some of the other options on this best pizza at Disney World list. However, you will be satisfied with a pizza from Trattoria Al Forno. We suggest this over the nearby Boardwalk Pizza Window option, for example.

Splitsville at Disney Springs

Best Pizza at Disney World

If you are looking for a high-quality fine-dining style of pizza, there are better options than Splitsville. However, this is your place if you want that yummy cheesy pizza usually associated with watching a sporting event in the United States. The pizza varies from a firehouse's robust buffalo sauce flavor to a Hawaiian pizza. These pizzas will cost you around $20.

Terralina Crafted Italian at Disney Springs

Last on our list of best pizzas at Disney World sits Terralina Crafted Italian. The wood-fired pizza served here meets the need of any pizza lover. Dining reservations continue to be easier to get at this Disney restaurant. These thin-crust pizzas make a pleasant meal. The crunch of the crust adds to ht experience. The price point of under $19 for most pizzas here creates value for your Disney vacation. In addition, we recommend the spicy capicola pizza here.

Ready to Eat?   

Many people think there is no such thing as bad pizza. That mentality holds merit. Sometimes, you just want pizza. Walt Disney World has you covered. We hope you find this list helpful in your quest for the best pizza at Disney World.

How hungry are you now? Which one of these have you tried? Which ones would you like to try next? Does all this Disney food talk make you feel like planning that next Disney vacation? If so, we offer an email newsletter to keep you updated on Disney’s news on both coasts of the United States. In addition, our writers continue to produce resources to help plan your Disney vacation. We have listed a few resources below to help.

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