Best EPCOT Breakfast at Walt Disney World

EPCOT is one of Walt Disney World’s four parks where there is a variety of dining options to choose from. With so many options, what is the best breakfast in EPCOT?

Best EPCOT Breakfast Coffee

Some people only want coffee or tea first thing in the morning. If you don’t want to go to a quick service location and have to wait for people to get their coffee and food, look no further than the Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosks. Joffrey’s is a coffee brand that is located both in the resorts and in the parks. Disney has worked hard to partner with Joffrey to create a unique experience for guests. 

There are five different locations throughout EPCOT.

  • Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk near Test Track® Attraction
  • Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk near The American Adventure
  • Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk along the World Showcase between the United Kingdom and Canada
  • Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk near World Showcase entrance near Disney Traders
  • Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk at Epcot® Monorail Station

At the kiosks, you will find fresh-brewed coffee, specialty espresso beverages (hot or iced) specialty drinks, seasonal beverages, tea, hot chocolate, water, and typically a pastry or donut is available as well all for under $14.99 per adult. 

Joffrey’s is a great alternative to the Starbucks locations and has all of the normal coffee choices that you would expect plus some special brews specific to Walt Disney World. Quick tip: if you find a coffee brew that you love in the parks or resorts, you can order online and have it brewed right at your house. 

Best EPCOT Breakfast Quick Service best EPCOT breakfast

If you are looking for something quick to grab before heading off to hop in line for rides or hit the shops, check out one of these quick-service best EPCOT breakfast options. 

Sunshine Seasons

Located in The Land Pavilion, Sunshine Seasons is open as soon as the park is open. Here you will find breakfast options for $14.99 and under making it a top best EPCOT breakfast option.

What is on the menu? Dive into yummy bakery items such as cinnamon rolls, muffins, or croissants. If you want something fresh, yogurt, fruit, and overnight oats are on the menu. They even have something hearty on the menu: a ham, egg, and cheddar breakfast sandwich. If you are looking for good coffee, enjoy Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s here or other selections of water, tea, juice, and hot cocoa. 

Sunshine Season is a great option for breakfast if you want to grab something quick before heading to Soarin’ or if you want to pop over and ride the Finding Nemo ride in the World Nature section of EPCOT.

The Land Cart

Staying near The Land Pavilion is The Land Cart. This cart opens right when the park opens and you can find quick snacks to help recharge after a morning of riding rides. 

Snacks are all under $8 at the cart. You can order a fruit and cheese plate, hummus with pretzels, vegetable plate, or the famous mickey pretzel with cheese. 

If you want something to drink, bottled water, fountain beverages, and simply orange juice are all available. Or for a special treat, try the Frozen Coca Cola Slushy or the Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry Slushy. 

This cart does not accept the Dining Plan, so you will have to pay with cash, card, or gift card to enjoy one of these treats. 

We recommend stopping here after you have ridden your must do rides for the mid-morning snack everyone needs to refuel with before eating an amazing lunch around the World Showcase.

Connections CafeConnections Eatery

Starbucks coffee and bakery items are a great way to start any day at a Disney park. Located in World Celebration, the Connections Cafe features all of your favorite Starbucks treats right as the park opens. 

Your ordering options at the Connections Cafe include: Frappuccino, Refreshers, Specialty Coffee, Nitro and Cold Brew, Tea and Refreshments as well as seasonal offerings, all for under $10 before customizations. 

You can also order warm breakfast sandwiches. My favorite is the Double-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar & Egg Sandwich. Pastry options are also available if you have more of a sweet tooth. 

All items on the menu are under $10 and you can have a little taste of your morning routine at home with the starbucks menu. Just be aware that sometimes this line can get a little long when the park opens, so make sure you have your favorite rides booked with Genie + or Lightening Lane if you head here as soon as the park opens or you may miss out on the shorter wait times.

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Refreshment Station

Located in World Discover at EPCOT is the Refreshment Station. While dining plans are not accepted here, you will find some special beverages. 

Opening at 11 am, the Refreshment Station provides a quick treat in the morning to get your sugar rush on before racing to Test Track to drive your car over 60 MPH.

Here you can find beverages like a Frozen Coca-Cola, Frozen Fanta Banana or spice things up with these treats topped with caramel, blueberries, or assorted candies. 

Since this option doesn’t open until 11 AM, it is not the ideal spot for your first morning breakfast, but it is a great option if you got a late start to your day and still want a treat before the lunch crowd rush. 

Crêpes À Emporter by La Crêperie de Paris 

One of my favorite breakfast locations in the World Showcase is what I call the crepe place. While dining plans are not accepted at this counter service breakfast place, it is one of the best places to get a yummy breakfast before the World Showcase officially opens. 

For under $14 per person, you can snack on savory or sweet crepes. Some of the mouth watering options that I personally know are delicious are the Bechamel, Cheese and Ham Galette, the Butter and Sugar Crepe, and the Housemade Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread Crepe. 

They also have assorted beverages and water. If you visit later in the day, wine, sparklings, and hard ciders are available as well. 

This counter service location is a can’t miss if you are planning to take a quick ride on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Ride through the kitchen at Remy’s first to really get your appetite, so that you can fully enjoy the wide array of soft, meltable, delectable crepes found in the France World Showcase Pavilion.  

Les Halles Boulangerie-PatisserieFrance pavilion bakery

My other absolute favorite breakfast location in EPCOT is also located in the France Pavilion in the World Showcase. The Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie is open beginning at 9 am. They don’t take the dining plan, but again, this is one of those eateries that you don’t want to miss out on for under $14 per person. Where else can you buy an entire baguette to snack on throughout the day?

While the menu on the Disney World Website shows just lunch and dinner options, you can come in and order their pastries and some of their sandwiches in the morning hours, as my family has done countless times.  

There are so many options from plain croissants to my personal favorite, the Brioche Au Chocolat. You can also enjoy so many other traditional French specialties such as the Macarons, Creme Brulee, and Napoleon. They also have savory items like the Croque Monsieur, Croissant Sale (egg, cheese, and bacon croissant), and a Florentine Quiche (ham and gruyere)

If you are looking for caffeine to begin your day, the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie has espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and cafes. There is also tea, juice, milk, and fountain beverages. 

The lines are also typically shorter first thing in the morning because most people don’t know this location is open, as it is tucked away in the back of the pavilion. However, if you want to make sure you get to Frozen Ever After, don’t stop here first; ride your must do rides and then pop in for a later breakfast. The Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie is a can’t miss if you are looking for savory or sweet options to begin your morning at EPCOT.

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Another yummy bakery located in the World Showcase is the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, located in Norway. The bakery opens when the park opens and features traditional Norwegian specialties. 

What Norwegian treats can you try? The menu features options like School Bread (Sweet Roll filled with Custard and dipped in Coconut), Lefse (Soft Flatbread rolled with Cinnamon, Sugar and Butter), and even a plant-based Norwegian Kringla (Pretzel-shaped Pastry with Assorted Toppings; Almonds or Chocolate).

In addition, they have freshly brewed Joffrey’s coffee and the Kristoff Kaffee (Frozen Coffee with Coffee-Chocolate Sauce and garnished with Coffee-Chocolate Crunch), which I am personally looking forward to trying on my next trip. 

Most options at the bakery will cost less than $8, but if you are looking for specialty Alcoholic Coffee such as Viking Coffee (frozen and hot), it will run you a little more at about $15. 

We recommend waiting to eat after riding Frozen Ever After because once the ride time for that ride gets long, it never really comes down. Prioritize the ride over your stomach first thing in the morning. However, the Anna and Elsa meet and greet is also located in this pavilion, so you can have a meal, character interaction, and ride all at one stop.

Best EPCOT Breakfast Table Servicebest EPCOT breakfast monorail

EPCOT also offers two amazing table service options if you are looking to meet characters. While these two restaurants do require reservations, they are both well worth the experience and price. 

Quick tip: Book the earliest morning reservation that you can, so you can see the park empty! It truly is an awesome experience.

Garden GrillEPCOT garde grill

Garden Grill, located in The Land Pavilion, is now serving breakfast again. 

Garden Grill is certainly an experience that you can’t miss. This rotating restaurant features visuals from the ride Living with the Land as you dine in this family-style meal. As you are enjoying the sites and sounds, characters including Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Chip and Dale will come to visit your family’s table.

The cost to dine at Garden Grill is $42 per adult and $27 per child plus tax and gratuity. This character dining restaurant is one of the cheaper prices on Walt Disney World Property to be able to have an all you care to eat feast. 

Featured in the family-style feast is Cinnamon Breakfast Loaf, Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Bacon, Mickey-shaped Waffles with Syrup, Fresh Fruit, Cheesy Potato Casserole, and Grilled Flank Steak with Ranchero Sauce. And like with all Disney restaurants, they cater to all allergies replacing the breakfast loaf with muffins, the cheesy potato casserole with home fries, and allergy friendly waffles as well. There is something that everyone in your family can enjoy for a best EPCOT breakfast option.

For drinks, you will find an assortment of fountain beverages, hot tea, coffee, and a specialty character drink (Minute Maid® Zero Sugar Lemonade with flavors of Cotton Candy served in a souvenir Character Cup). 

For the adults, two alcoholic beverages are also on the menu, a mimosa made with Disney’s POG (passion-orange-guava juice) or a Bloody Mary. 

Garden Grill is one of the more exciting breakfast options when traveling with kids and gives you the opportunity to sit, relax, eat, and meet characters all at the same time. This is a great EPCOT breakfast meal.

Garden Grill is also situated nicely to allow you the perfect location to visit many of the rides after your breakfast. Within The Land Pavilion are favorites such as Soarin’ Around the World and Living with the Land. When coming out of The Land Pavilion, to your left is Nemo and Friends and Turtle Talk with Crush, and to your right is Figment: Journey into Imagination and a few character meet-and-greets (like Joy from Inside Out).

Overall, we think this dining experience is great for the entire family to enjoy!

Akershus Royal Banquet Hallbest EPCOT breakfast

Calling all Princes and Princesses! Do you want to eat breakfast with the fairest of them all? Then, you must make a reservation for the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall located in the Norway Pavilion. 

Breakfast begins promptly at 8:30 AM, so make sure to grab the earliest reservation you can and see EPCOT empty as can be. While Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is slightly more than Garden Grill, $53 per adult, and $34 per child plus tax and gratuity, you will receive about the same type of food as Garden Grill, but with FIVE Disney princesses visiting your tables instead. Since the meal is family style, you don’t have to worry about missing the princesses that come to your table. 

The Princess Storybook Dining menu includes: Breakfast Pastries and Accompaniments, Mixed Fruit, Potato Casserole, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, and Norwegian Waffles. Like all Disney dining, allergy friendly options are available by request. Your beverage options are going to include assorted fountain drinks, water, and coffee. 

Once you are done meeting Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, and Tiana at breakfast, Anna and Elsa are just a hop, skip, and jump away, totalling 7 Disney princesses meet and greets before your park day has really even begun! While Cinderella does not meet here, this breakfast option complements Cinderella’s Royal Table in the princesses you can meet for much less money, and a slightly easier reservation to get. 

Overall, we think this breakfast option is great if you have kids that really want to have some one-on-one time with the princesses without having to wait in long lines on your Magic Kingdom day.

Best EPCOT BreakfastThe Land

The restaurants have all been laid out, but which option is the best EPCOT breakfast one for your family? Well, that really depends, and only you can answer that question. 

If you are looking for something quick and easy with a lot of options, the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie is going to be a great option for your family. If you have light eaters in the morning and want to make sure you are able to get on Soarin’ Around the World, then Sunshine Seasons is the best option for your family. If you are used to having the jolt of caffeine in the morning, make sure to visit the Connections Cafe to get your Starbucks fix or a Joffery’s Coffee Kiosk.

Depending on who your family’s favorite characters are, will depend on which table service you should book. Our family is very excited to book Garden Grill for our upcoming trip. My five year old and one year old love to watch Chip and Dale videos. However, Akershus was a favorite of mine on my honeymoon where I didn’t have to stand in line with all of the other little girls to meet the princesses I wanted to see. 

No matter which breakfast option you choose, you can’t go wrong for finding a best EPCOT breakfast option.

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