There is much to look forward to this year at Disneyland from the new Potion Purple craze to the anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening! But forget about all of that noise for just a moment, let’s talk about the food! We found the top 10 new treats you have to eat at Disneyland this year!

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There are so many NEW treats to enjoy at Disneyland right now that we thought we’d shine the spotlight on these savory additions. Enjoy!

1. Raspberry and Orange Dole Whip

The new Tropical Hideaway just opened and with came the introduction of two new Dole Whip flavors- raspberry and orange! I’m drooling just thinking about it. You can also add bacon topping to your Dole Whip if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

2. Delicious BaosBao on a wooden tray

Also new at the Tropical Hideaway: Spiced Vegetable Bao filled with chickpeas and braised vegetables and Bulgogi Beef Bao filled with sweet chilies and potatoes. You can enjoy all these new treats (don’t miss the new Chilled Ramen Shakers here too!) while you look out over the Jungle Cruise attraction.

3. Mickey and Minnie Kitchen Sink SundaeMinnie Kitchen Sink Sundae on a table outside

The Get Your Ears On celebration of all things Mickey Mouse has brought with it an overabundance of new treats to enjoy so expect to see many of these offerings on our top ten list! Our familiar kitchen sink sundae over at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor features a birthday sundae celebrating our favorite mouse in either a Mickey or Minnie themed sink. I love that you get to keep the kitchen sink!

4. “Share Your Ears” CheeseburgerMickey Mouse Cheeseburger

Half the appeal of ordering this is for the Instagram post, I’m not gonna lie. But holy cheeseburger! You could easily split this one with a friend or just devour it all yourself. We don’t judge.

5. Mickey Specialty ChurrosSpeciality churros for Mickeys celebration

One of the best parts of any new celebration at Disneyland? The speciality churros that come with! The three pictured above are caramel corn, maple-bacon, and chocolate with sprinkles. And those are just in California Adventure Park! Over at Disneyland you can find churros with cookie butter and marshmellow creme dip, a Fantasia themed churro, and a banana pudding churro! Yum!

6. Birthday Hat MacaronBirthday Hat macaroon in blue

This isn’t your ordinary macaron! This birthday hat themed macaron is filled with cotton candy, sprinkles, Pop Rocks, and buttercream filling! I can hear my dentist crying now. Find this explosively delicious treat at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land.

7. Lavender Milk TeaLavender Milk Tea at Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland Park

This treat in honor of the parks featured color of Potion Purple is almost too pretty to drink! Almost. You can find this drink with lemon popping pearls, purple whipped cream, and lavender sugar at Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland.

8. Purple Fish TacosPurple Fish Tacos at Rancho del Zocalo at Disneyland Park

And it’s not just the sweets that are turning purple! You can find these Purple Fish Tacos over at Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland. These Baja-style fish tacos with purple cabbage slaw and spicy lime aïoli come served with a side of blue corn chips.

9. Berry Berry Purple Cobbler

Okay back to the sweets (who can blame us?)- check out this delicious dessert from the Lamplight Lounge. This deliciously purple dessert features blueberry cream cheese ice cream and topped with purple berry drizzle. Anything from the Lamplight Lounge is usually a win in my book and this is no exception.

10. Dole Whip Float with RumImage result for Dole Whip Float with Rum tangaroa terrace

Okay, okay. This isn’t really new. But since the Tangaroa Terrace just reopened I’m going to count it. And also because so many guests don’t know about these! Dole Whip with rum? Now you’re really on a vacation. Find these at the restaurant, Tangaroa Terrace, inside the Disneyland Hotel. You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy this adult treat!

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  1. I love the new raspberry dole whip flavor! It’s hard to say what my favorite is, but the raspberry is just so good! I also had a dole whip with rum at Tangaroa Terrace the other day when I was updating my Instagram/blog/youtube with the new vegan options there. I had gotten the dole whip with rum at the Coffee Shop a few times before, but it feels a little more magical at Tangaroa Terrace with the better theming 🙂

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