Best Breakfast in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has a large amount of options for both quick service and table service dining. If you are looking for the best Magic Kingdom breakfast, there are plenty of options to select from.

We are going to break down every option for breakfast at Magic Kingdom including price, best Magic Kingdom breakfast options, and more.

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Best Breakfast in Magic Kingdombest breakfast Magic Kingdom- its a small world

Depending on where you and your party plan on dining, it could be something that you have to reserve. You also have to remember to reserve Magic Kingdom as your park for the day!

When buying your park tickets, be sure to reserve the park you would like to visit. While this requirement is set to end on January 9th, 2024, it is still necessary as of right now. Once your tickets or packages have been purchased, you will go to another screen asking which park you would like to reserve. In this case, you want to choose Magic Kingdom. Make sure everyone in your party is linked and chosen as well!

It is important to get a good idea on what dining options you are considering before your trip. This is because most sit-down dining options require an advanced reservation. Some offerings can be hard to come by, and that is where the 60 day window comes in!

This window occurs 60 days before your trip and enables you to start making any reservations that you want. Offerings usually open up around 5am at the 60 day mark, so be sure to be awake and ready to snag some spots! Again, you want to be sure that anyone wanting to dine is in your party. There isn’t any limit to reservations and the earlier in advance that you book, the more likely you are to get popular spots.

Some reservable dining offerings also have walk-up queues. These are essentially walk-up reservations that you are able to get on the spot. Here, you can put your name and party size down and get a call to come back. These can also fill up throughout the day, so head to them first thing for possible availability.

Pro Tip: Some spots can be reserved for a time that is before the park opens. These are great reservations to get! It makes for low crowds during your meal and awesome empty park pictures.

Best Breakfast in Magic Kingdom: What Do They Offer?

Like earlier mentioned, Magic Kingdom offers a lot of food and beverage options. That being said, let’s discuss each offering by each land!

Main Street U.S.A.

The Main Street Bakery is your standard Starbucks with a bit of pixie dust! Hours are from park open to park close. Prices will be pretty identical to any Starbucks location that you can find locally. For drinks, you will spend around anywhere from $4 to $10. For food, you will find that prices range from around $3 to $7. Offerings will also be the same, including any breakfast sandwiches, pastries, lunch paninis, and drinks. Sometimes, they will have exclusive pastries that you cannot find at home, which is a nice treat! This location is great for a quick breakfast, but lines can get pretty long due to this location being at the front of the park.

Crystal Palace is further down Main Street and is just lovely! This is a sit-down character buffet dining, so reservations are necessary. Walk-up reservations are possible here! Characters you will meet include Winnie the Pooh and all of his 100 Acre friends. The buffet offers breakfast from 8am to 10:45am. It costs $45 for adults and $29 for children ages 3-9. On the buffet, guests can find eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, fruit, pastries, and more. Non-alcoholic beverages are included and alcoholic beverages are available for an extra fee. This is a great option with offerings for everyone!


Cinderella’s Royal Table might be the most popular (and hard to get) location to dine in the park. Open for breakfast from 8am to 10:15am, this is sit-down service dining that features everyone’s favorite princesses. Dining here will require a reservation! However, this restaurant must be paid for in full when booking. If you reserve this spot on your 60-day mark or after, you must pay for your party including gratuity and service fees. The pricing for breakfast here is $65 per adult and $39 for children ages 3-9. It is a prix fixe menu with a pastry plate to start and various entrees to choose from. Guests can have traditional breakfast platters, french toast, shrimp and grits, and more. Non-alcoholic beverages come with the price and specialty cocktails are available at an extra fee. This breakfast is a bit pricey but can be worth it for the characters.

The Friar’s Nook is a walk-up window that offers quick service breakfast from 9am to 11am. There is covered seating right next to the dining spot, which is great! Offerings here include breakfast sandwiches, tater tots with sausage gravy, and cinnamon donut holes. They have various soft drinks and also offer Joffrey’s coffee and hot chocolate. You can find everything here for $10 and under! I really love this location because they even offer flavored syrups to add to your morning coffee. This is a perfect location for families that like to rope-drop and stay on the go.

Gaston’s Tavern isn’t really a breakfast spot per-se, but they do offer a great option! They start serving at 9am and are open until park close. It’s a quaint little stand where you can step into the place Gaston spends his time! I had to put this on the list for the cinnamon rolls. They are massive, delicious, and only $6.79. You can definitely share one of these, but be sure to ask for extra icing on the side. They also offer ‘the Grey Stuff’ and Lefou’s Brew, which is a frozen apple juice with flavors of marshmallow and passionfruit.

Liberty Square

Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square is another popular dining spot. From 9am to 11am, guests can find some sweet breakfast offerings! This is a quick-service dining location with outdoor (covered) seating. Delicious and super friendly on your wallet, you can find something for everyone to love here. Sleepy Hollow is known for the fresh fruit and nutella waffle sandwich for $8.49. It is shareable, but so good you might just want your own! They also offer some other waffle dishes that will be sure to fill you up for a while. They also offer hot and iced coffee and various soft drinks. Again, this location is filling, but also majorly cost-effective.


Westward Ho is a small cart-stand in the center of Frontierland. From 9:30am to 11am, they offer cheap breakfast for a fast and easy meal. This stand is great for families on the go or simple breakfast lovers. For $6.99, guests can get a breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese. They also have donut holes for $5.49. This is another location where you can find flavored syrups for your hot coffee!


Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company can be found in various spots around property, and this location is at the back of Tomorrowland. Hours go from park open to park close and offerings are there until they sell out! They have various pastries that cost around $5. Drinks are customizable and will usually cost around $3 to $6. This is a great spot for a quick light offering if you and your party plan on doing sit-down dining throughout the day.

The Lunching Pad is a newer spot for breakfast. Normally lunch and dinner offerings are available here, but recently they added breakfast! And to be honest, the offerings look awesome. They have a sticky cinnamon bubble bread with caramel for $5.49. They also offer a breakfast bowl with egg, queso, tater tots, and sour cream for $10.79. There are various juices and coffees there as well. I have a strong feeling that this location will be a great hit!

Best Breakfast in Magic Kingdom: The Winner(s)Cinderallas Castle- best breakfast Magic Kingdom

Seeing all the breakfast options in this park, it’s clear that there are so many great and viable ones to choose. But what would my recommendation be if I could only narrow it down to one?

Well…I can’t!

Every family is different in the way that they go about their vacation. While I may love doing quick-service meals my entire trip, you may be a party that wants more sit-downs or formal meals. With that being said, I have to recommend one of each dining style!

Best Breakfast in Magic Kingdom: The Crystal Palace

If you are looking to have a sit-down breakfast, look no further. My recommendation would have to go to The Crystal Palace. With the price point being on the cheaper side (for a character dining) and the food being ample and delicious, you cannot go wrong with this choice. Everyone enjoys the characters, and they are quite interactive here! Usually, you can wind up seeing the characters multiple times throughout your entire dining experience. This makes for great pictures, and guests don’t have to worry about missing the characters while eating since they make more than one lap around the restaurant.

Along with the atmosphere, the food is just divine. Here, you can find churro Mickey waffles, which are absolutely to die for. They also offer traditional breakfast items, yogurts, fruits, unique pastries, and more. I really enjoy this buffet because even the most adventurous or picky eaters will be sure to find something that they like here. Coming here, you can be sure that there is something for everyone and you will definitely leave feeling full and happy!

Again, this breakfast is from 8am to 10:45am. The cost is $45 per adult and $29 per child ages 3-9. Compared to other sit-down meals, eating here will not upset your wallet!

Best Breakfast in Magic Kingdom: The Friar’s Nook

For a quick-service breakfast, I have to recommend this one. The offerings are so reasonably priced while being super filling! The location is great too; right in the middle of Fantasyland. I love the early morning vibe of being surrounded by Fantasyland, watching everyone have a great time, and just really enjoying finally being on my vacation. The offerings are really good with simple yet filling options. The breakfast sandwiches here are bacon, egg, and cheese on a multigrain croissant with tater tots for $8.99. It is best for one person and definitely suffices as enough for the morning. The donut holes are a great light bite, and the sausage gravy tots are actually really good!

I know staff changes sometimes, but I have to shout out the staff at this place specifically. Now, I love all cast members and I think they do beyond a wonderful job, I just need to shout these ones out because I seem to have a Magical Moment every time I visit this dining spot. A Magical Moment is when the cast members go above and beyond to make the moment special. These happen at random and are so fun to experience or even see someone else experience. From helping me find the perfect food item to even finding an extra bottle of caramel coffee syrup for me because they had heard my interest in it, they always make sure to go above and beyond. For me, seeing cast members happy, helpful, and enjoying their day makes me want to go and enjoy what they offer.

As a side note, this location is a very popular one to feature special or seasonal items. Right now, you can find food and beverages inspired by the live-action Little Mermaid movie on the menu.

You can find breakfast here from 9am to 11am and spend less than $15 per person dining here!

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