Top 10 Bars and Lounges at Disneyland Resort

Throughout the Disneyland Resort sit a variety of places to grab alcoholic beverages. They range from quick-stop shops to fine dining restaurants. In this list, we provide some of the bets Disneyland bars and lounges for your enjoyment. You will find everything from a themed Star Wars bar and Tiki bar to upscale Disneyland lounges.

Lamplight Lounge (California Adventure)Bars at Disneyland- Lamplight Lounge

Situated on Pixar Pier, the Lamplight Lounge provides amazing views to pair with drinks and food. The waterfront view only enhances the experience at this gastropub sporting a Pixar-theme. Options here include beer from the tap, bottle, or can as well as wine by the glass or bottle. Guests can also opt for mimosas and unique cocktails if they prefer. Also, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Disney, they currently offer a special Disney100 Cocktail. This cocktail is made with gin, pea flower, honey, lavender, and lemon juice.

The Pixar-themed attraction is a popular spot within the parks, especially during the World of Color shows, which is an unforgettable experience if you can get in. There is no better place in the park to view this show and there's the added bonus of a nice drink to cap off the night!

The Lamplight Lounge can get crowded at different points in the day. To be safe, consider securing yourself a spot with Disneyland dining reservations. It can save you the hassle of getting in during a rush and make your experience much more enjoyable.

Napa Rose (Grand Californian Hotel)Napa Rose view

The Napa Rose is one of the most upscale restaurants in all of Disneyland Resort. Offering award-winning wine and delectable entrees, it is sure to complete any special occasion. It can also be very difficult to get into.

If one is looking to get a similar experience a bit more easily, consider the Napa Rose Lounge. Here, there are still many upscale options available, both in food and alcohol. Food offerings include Filet Mignon, duck breast, frog legs, and wagyu beef. There are also nearly a dozen desserts to choose from to satisfy a sweet tooth. As for alcohol, there are over 20 cocktails ranging from timeless classics to unique options. They also boast a similarly large list of beers for guests to choose from.

If one wants to feel the full experience, including their wine and full meal choices, you do need to go to the Napa Rose restaurant. Whether choosing to enjoy the Napa Rose’s full restaurant or the lounge, I would say it is best as the center of a purpose trip. Due to its upscale nature, it is not somewhere I tend to couple with a normal day at Disneyland or California Adventure. It can be a great experience on its own though. We recommend planning the trip ahead with Disneyland dining reservations. Also note that the restaurant has a dress code, with no hats, swimwear, or distressed jeans accepted.

Oga’s Cantina (Disneyland)Ogas Cantina review

This cantina lies in the middle of Galaxy’s Edge within Disneyland Park. It holds the distinction of being the first location to offer alcoholic beverages to any guest within the park since its inception. The Star Wars-themed bar throws you in the middle of a non-stop party within Batuu’s Black Spire outpost.

Drinks on offer here include beer, wine, and alcoholic mixed drinks. There are also snacks and special non-alcoholic beverages to try. While enjoying their drinks within Oga’s Cantina, guests are entertained by the droid DJ R-3X’s tunes. This stop is a must for Star Wars fanatics and those interested in a livelier atmosphere with matching out-of-this-galaxy drinks.

I will add that the snack menu does not serve well as a meal, so try and plan this stop between other meals. It is also a great place to stop as a special treat after dining at Galaxy Edge’s Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo nearby. The coupling of dining and drink help to really drive home a great Star Wars experience in the Outer Rim.

This Star Wars bar is a very popular stopping spot for guests of Disneyland Park and may be hard to get into depending on the time of day. We highly encourage guests to plan ahead with Disneyland dining reservations.

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar (Disneyland Hotel)trader sams bar disneyland

Inspired by the Jungle Cruise, this tiki bar combines the much-loved Polynesian themed bar stylings with Disney charm. This Disneyland bar is filled with exotic trinkets from around the world. They were picked up by Jungle Cruise’s own Trader Sam during his worldwide travels. As for seating, there is an intimate interior tiki bar as well as outdoor seating options.

The bar offers a plethora of specialty mixed drinks found nowhere else in the park. Coupled with these specialty drinks are equally special effects based on your orders. Going in with no prior knowledge can lead to some shocking results and an unforgettable experience. If you want more information on what events are triggered by certain drinks, check out Disneyland Trader Sam’s Review. There are various beer and wine selections as well for guests to choose from.

If traveling with a family, do note that this bar does become 21+ after 8 PM every night. Still, it is a truly unique experience that often sees this location ranked at the very top of Disneyland locals’ favorite stops. In case you only are going to have one bar experience during your visit to the Disneyland resort, I say it should be at Trader Sam’s. The location will offer you the perfect mix of adult indulgence and Disneyland magic.

As an aside, if you are looking for a special souvenir, Trader Sam’s often sells special tiki mugs to take with you. They can be quite pricey, but are beautiful and unique pieces that you will be sure to love.

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Sonoma Terrace (California Adventure)Sonoma Terrace bars at Disneyland

The Sonoma Terrace is a quick service wine and beer bar located in the heart of California Adventure. It is just steps away from the Pacific Wharf, Radiator Springs, and the Avenger’s Campus. This outdoor spot offers a great opportunity to grab a glass of wine or draft beer to enjoy on their Sonoma Valley-inspired terrace. They also offer a small list of cocktails you can try. To couple with these drinks, the venue sells pretzels and a rotating list of seasonal sandwiches. I find its central location of the Sonoma Terrace to be perfect, especially when I am enjoying the park with family.  A quick drink and Bavarian pretzel are a great snack stop pairing without taking too much time out of the day.

Unlike many of the other options on this list, the Sonoma Terrace does accept mobile orders which can be a big time-saver, especially while enjoying the parks. I would not recommend the terrace to someone looking for a bit of a more exclusive or unique experience. Still, this quick-stop location does a great job of getting in some simple relaxation during a park visit.

Uva Bar (Downtown Disney)Uva Bar Downtown Disney bars

The Uva Bar is impossible to miss on a walkthrough of Downtown Disney. Placed centrally along the walkway, this Spanish outdoor bar offers guests a long list of cocktails, wines, and beers to choose from. These drinks include micheladas, sangrias, and multiple margarita options. Uniquely, this location is also open with a full-service bar for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. I would not leave the parks just to visit the Uva Bar, but it can be perfect on a walkthrough of Downtown Disney or as a stop as you begin or end the day at Disneyland.

The Uva Bar’s location as well as breakfast offerings allow it to give guests a unique drinking opportunity. You can find guests enjoying a drink here early in the morning before park escapades or deep into the evening after catching a late show, such as fireworks or Fantasmic!

GCH Craftsman Bar and Grill (Grand Californian Hotel)GCH Craftsman Bar

This poolside bar is situated centrally within the Grand Californian Hotel. It sports craftsman stylings make for a unique experience while relaxing within the pool, nestled away from much of the bustle of the Disneyland Resort. Food options include artisanal pizzas and great entrée choices, including burgers, nachos, and poke.

Like most other Disney bars and lounges, visitors can choose between a large selection of specialty cocktails, beer, and wine. In total, there are almost fifty alcoholic drinks on offer here, including over a dozen cocktails. It is a great stop for getting a quick drink while enjoying the normally excellent Anaheim weather.

Personally, however, I would prefer to stay away from this location if you aren’t already staying within the Grand Californian hotel as it can be a big detour for a casual drink. There are some other locations, such as the Hearthstone Lounge or Napa Rose, at the same location for those looking for an indoor, more upscale experience.

Cathay Circle Lounge (California Adventure)Carthay Circle bars at DIsneyland

Located at the end of Buena Vista Street, the Cathay Circle Lounge provides American and Mediterranean-inspired Alfresco dining. The vintage-styled mixed drinks here offer guests a glimpse back into the Golden Age of Hollywood that match the art-deco styling of the building. Their list of mixed drinks includes dozens of drinks, including mojitos, mixed coffees, and martinis. There also is an extensive selection of beer, wine, and other non-alcoholic beverages that guests can choose from.

A Cathay Circle Lounge experience is perfect for people looking to be transported back in time. It is particularly a unique experience during the bi-annual Dapper Days at Disneyland Resort. The combination of fancy old-fashioned clothing with the Cathay Circle’s ambience is a perfect getaway that really captures the magic of Disneyland.

Similar to many other experiences within the park, the Cathay Circle Lounge can become very crowded and have a long wait. Due to this, we again recommend guests consider utilizing Disneyland dining reservations for their visit.

Ballast Point Brewing Company (Downtown Disney)Now Open! Ballast Point Brewing Company in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort | Disney Parks Blog

This location is a beer-lovers paradise, being owned and operated by a craft beer brewery from San Diego, California. The establishment is entirely on a second story of a building overlooking Downtown Disney. There is an indoor lounge for those looking to escape the heat, but I prefer outdoor seating every time I come. It is located on a beautiful rooftop patio within the heart of Downtown Disney. Food options are heavily inspired by Californian cuisine. They include pub snacks, salads, burgers, and tacos.

There are many alcoholic options to pair with food or to try on their own. This includes different types of wine and a small selection of hard seltzers and ciders. The real strength of this Downtown Disney bar lies in their beer selection, though. Choices include small-batch specialty brewed IPAs, lagers, ales, barrel aged beers, and a rotation of small batch specialties. There are nearly endless options available to meet any beer-lover’s taste. Every visit can be a unique experience with so many new and interesting beer options to choose from.

Hearthstone Lounge (Grand Californian Hotel)

Another great bar option within the Grand Californian hotel, this lounge is situated around a fireplace. Like most of the hotel, this  decorated as a homage to the Arts and Crafts era. The lowkey atmosphere offers a relaxing break for Disneyland Park visitors. This Disneyland bar is a great mid-point between the upscale vibes of the Napa Rose and the outdoor GCH Craftsman Bar.

Food offerings are available for most of the night. Artisanal pizzas are available until 11pm. Alternatively, desserts and other bar-treats, including sandwiches, salads, and burgers are on offer until midnight. Similar to most other Disneyland bars and lounges, there are extensive alcohol lists to choose from. This includes the usual large list of wine by the glass or bottle, beers, and sangria. There is also a large number of alcoholic cocktails and mocktails to sip and savor.

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