12 Things That Will Get You Banned From Disney World

Disney World, often referred to as “the most magical place on Earth,” is a beloved destination where families and friends create lasting memories surrounded by enchanting characters and captivating attractions. However, just like any public space, the park has rules and guidelines in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors. Violating these rules can lead to serious consequences, including being banned from the park.

Don’t Do These Things That Could Get You Banned From Disney World!

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In this article, we will delve into 12 actions that can result in being banned from Disney World. Understanding and adhering to Disney World’s rules and guidelines is vital to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

The park’s emphasis on safety, respect, and magic is evident in the strict measures it takes against inappropriate actions. By following guidelines, guests help contribute to the enchanting atmosphere that Disney World is known for.

Unauthorized Access

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Attempting to gain access to backstage areas, restricted zones, or any other areas off-limits to the general public can result in immediate removal and potential banning. These restricted areas exist to ensure the safety of both visitors and staff while preserving the enchantment that defines Disney Parks.

 Violence or Threats

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The paramount concern for Disney World is the safety and wellbeing of its guests. Engaging in violent behavior or making threats towards fellow visitors, park staff, or anyone else within the park is strictly prohibited. Any actions that compromise the safety of others will lead to immediate removal and potential banning.

Disruptive behavior, such as excessive loudness, screaming, or causing disturbances during performances and parades can also result in removal. Disney places great emphasis on creating a serene and magical atmosphere, and visitors are expected to help maintain this through proper behavior.

Unauthorized Resale

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Selling merchandise, tickets, or any other items without proper authorization is a violation of park rules. Disney works diligently to manage its brand image and maintain quality control. Unauthorized resale not only undermines the parks’ efforts but also poses a risk to visitors who might unknowingly purchase subpar products. Disney takes unauthorized resale seriously and may take legal action or even ban those involved from its properties.


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One of Disney World’s distinguishing features is its meticulously maintained environment. Damaging property or defacing walls, rides, or any other part of the park is considered vandalism. The park takes great pride in its appearance, and any acts of destruction will lead to severe consequences. Respecting and appreciating Disney Property is essential to ensuring the magical experience for everyone.

 Not Adhering To Costume Guidelines

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While dressing up as favorite Disney characters is encouraged for younger guests, costumes that are inappropriate or offensive are not tolerated, and guests 14+ are not allowed to wear full costumes except for during certain special events. Disney World has specific rules for costumes, including no accessories that could resemble a weapon, no material that drags on the ground, and more. You can see all of the Disney World costume rules on their Park Dress Guidelines page.

Striking a balance between creative expression and respect for the parks’ guidelines is key to avoiding any potential issues.

Unauthorized Photography or Filming

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Recording or photographing performances, attractions, or designated restricted areas without proper authorization violates park policy. This rule serves to respect Disney’s intellectual property and ensures the privacy of other guests. Adhering to these guidelines not only shows consideration for the park’s values but also safeguards the experiences of fellow visitors.

Indecent Attire

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Disney World enforces a dress code to maintain a family-friendly environment. Wearing clothing that displays offensive language, graphics, or inappropriate images is strictly prohibited. Some guests may be told to change, while others may be turned away from the parks. Before your trip, it’s essential to assess whether your park outfit adheres to the rules to ensure an enjoyable vacation experience for everyone.

Counterfeit Tickets

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Using or attempting to use counterfeit tickets to gain entry to the park is illegal and strictly prohibited. Walt Disney World tickets are assigned to specific guests and must be used by them during their visit. Disney World employs fingerprint authentication when guests enter the parks to prevent ticket fraud, ensuring a fair experience for legitimate visitors.

Harassment or Discrimination

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Disney World is committed to promoting an inclusive atmosphere where all guests are treated with respect. Engaging in harassment or discriminatory behavior based on race, gender, religion, or any other factor is a violation of park rules and can lead to removal and banning from the parks.

Carrying Political Signs

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Disney World is a realm of fantasy and a place to find escape from the outside world. The Disney Parks maintain a neutral environment, allowing guests to immerse themselves in magic without encountering real-world controversies. Carrying political signs or engaging in overtly political behavior disrupts this atmosphere and may lead to removal or banning.

Rolling in the Parks

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While Disney World’s vast spaces might seem ideal for Heelys or skateboards, these can pose safety hazards to both riders and pedestrians. The park’s focus on visitor safety means that any behavior endangering others is treated seriously. To ensure a secure and enjoyable environment, shoes with built-in wheels, scooters, inline skates, and skateboards are not allowed at Disney World due to the safety risks they present for other guests.

Balloons in Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrates the beauty of the natural world and is committed to animal welfare and conservation. In line with this commitment, the park prohibits balloons due to the threat they pose to wildlife and the environment. Upholding this ban reflects Disney’s dedication to safeguarding the animals that inspire and delight visitors.

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