Why People Avoid These 10 Disney World Hotels – They Might Be Wrong

Walt Disney World is a beloved vacation destination, enchanting millions of visitors each year with its magical atmosphere and world-class attractions. However, not every aspect of the resort receives universal praise. From budget options like Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s All-Star Movie Resort to more upscale choices such as Disney’s Saratoga Springs and Disney’s Beach Club Resort, we will explore the criticisms and shed light on the opinions surrounding these hotels. It is important to note that individual experiences can vary, and what may be a drawback for some may not necessarily detract from the overall enjoyment for others. Ultimately, careful consideration of personal preferences, budget, and priorities can help guests make informed decisions when choosing accommodations at Walt Disney World.

Pop Century Resort

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Pop Century Resort, known for its nostalgic theme spanning several decades, has faced criticism primarily due to its large size and crowds. As one of Disney’s more popular value resorts, it often has large crowds year-round. This resort is also extremely beloved amongst families with children, which may influence the overall experience within the resort, with some guests complaining about the noise level and the challenges associated with navigating the extensive property.

Coronado Springs Resort

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Coronado Springs Resort, known for its Mexican and Southwest American theming, has received mixed reviews. While some guests appreciate its elegant design and amenities, others have criticized the resort for its convention center, which can draw increased crowds and result in reduced availability of recreational facilities during certain times.

This resort, like many others on this list, is large, with more laid-back theming that may not be ideal for some guests looking for a more “Disney”-themed vacation. This resort is also not near any of the major theme parks, which makes transportation difficult.

Saratoga Springs Resort

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While Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa offers an upscale experience, it has received criticism for its sprawling layout. The resort is spread out over a vast area, which can be inconvenient for guests who prefer to be closer to the theme parks. Additionally, some visitors have reported issues with the maintenance of rooms and amenities. Getting from place to place also causes issues, as guests have to walk across the resort in order to arrive at transportation and experience long wait times for transportation to arrive at the bus stop.

This resort is not for guests looking for easy access to the transportation as well as guests who want to be closer to all the amenities. It is themed to the 1880s New York Retreat famous for its horse racing, so it is not exactly a flashy Disney Hotel. It is extremely laid-back and made for guests who don’t want to feel like they are at Disney resort. Despite this, Saratoga Springs is extremely close to Disney Springs and has a walking path connecting the two, which is convenient for guests who would like to spend time exploring there.

All-Star Movies Resort

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The All-Star Movies Resort, with its iconic film-themed decorations, has also faced criticism for similar reasons as Pop Century Resort. It is often seen as loud and crowded, resulting in longer wait times for amenities and transportation. The resort’s value pricing attracts large groups, further intensifying the congestion. It is a large resort with theming that may be too childish for some guests. This resort is not for guests who are trying to have a more low-key Disney trip!

All-Star Music Resort

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With its theming to music throughout the decades, the All-Star Music Resort is a fun and dynamic hotel for some guests. Yet, similar to its sister properties, All-Star Music Resort has been criticized for its large size and crowded atmosphere.

The food at the All-Star Resorts have been criticized for being mediocre and overpriced, and it has also been noted that rooms at these resorts seem to be too small for some families, with two queen sized beds (one being a murphy bed) and one bathroom. Because these resorts are extremely large, some rooms are quite far from amenities.

Caribbean Beach Resort

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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, designed to evoke a tropical ambiance, has faced criticism primarily due to ongoing construction and renovations. Guests have expressed frustration with the noise, inconvenience, and limited amenities during these periods. However, it is worth noting that once renovations are complete, the resort’s appeal is expected to improve.

One of the main drawbacks of this resort is its size. Because the layout is so spread out, many amenities may be a long walk away from some rooms. Though there is transportation for traveling within the resort, the lines get extremely long, and sometimes even longer than it would take to just walk. Despite its flaws, this is one of the resorts connected to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios via the Skyliner, which makes transportation to the parks much easier, but certain rooms are extremely far from the Skyliner and bus stations.

All-Star Sports Resort

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The final All-Star resort is the All-Star Sports Resort. Catering to sports enthusiasts, it has faced similar issues as other value-priced accommodations. Noise levels and crowded common areas have been the primary concerns voiced by visitors. Additionally, some guests have reported cleanliness issues in the rooms and common spaces. This resort is nothing special compared to the other All Star Resorts on this list, but if you have sports fans within your group, this is an option to consider.

Old Key West Resort

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Old Key West Resort, with its relaxing Florida Keys-inspired vibe, has been criticized for its dated rooms and overall appearance. Some guests have found the resort to lack the same level of polish and theming found in other Disney World properties, making it feel less immersive and magical. This resort is the first DVC resort, which makes it a good spot for a relaxing vacation but also may influence why it seems a bit outdated in its theming. Like most of the resorts on this list, the property is large and some amenities are far from rooms within the property.

Beach Club Resort

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While Disney’s Beach Club Resort offers a prime location and beautiful surroundings, it has faced criticism for its high price point. Some guests have found the cost to be disproportionate to the amenities and overall experience provided. Additionally, the resort’s popularity and location means that it can be crowded, particularly at peak times.

Many guests want to stay at the Beach Club Resort for a relaxing experience away from the busy Disney World atmosphere and find themselves disappointed. This resort is not one for guests looking to get away from the crowds because of its close proximity to EPCOT. Resorts farther away from the parks with more laid-back theming may be more relaxing for guests looking for this type of experience.

Dolphin Hotel

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The Dolphin Hotel, while not operated by Disney, is located on Disney property and has faced criticism for its lack of theming and immersive Disney experience. Some guests have found it to be more of a convention hotel rather than a Disney vacation destination. The shared amenities with the neighboring Swan Hotel and Swan Reserve have also been a point of contention for some visitors.

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