Anonymous Report From One of the Previews of the New Club 33

I was just sent a trip report from one of yesterday's preview days of Club 33. The report comes from a random anonymous source. I thank them for sending in the report. (If you ever have news to share, please contact us.) These photos come from a different source.

new club 33 entrance door

The new entrance to Club 33 as posted previously.

Anonymous Club 33 Preview Report:

The Club 33 expansion exceeded expectations! 

The Court of Angels remained in tact for the most part, just with the addition of faux stain glass doors to enclose the area and beautiful bronze and  glass lamps along the stair case.

Once ascending the stairs, you find a second reception area where you'll find the merchandise case, and even the famous Turkey Vulture sitting atop a Curio cabinet (where it may or may not interact with guests again!). The first thing I noticed upon entering this area was the increase in brightness due to paint colors and natural lighting coming from the openness of the Court of Angels and the addition of many windows.  From there you can either go right or left: left towards the new lounge and right towards the dining room.

The new entrance to the Court of Angels.

The new entrance to the Court of Angels.

Upon entering the dining room, I noticed the increase in brightness, again due to the addition of a large window and a new paint scheme. The floor has a beautiful checkerboard pattern common to many restaurants in New Orleans. The new chairs are beautifully simple, and you don't sink into them upon sitting in them. The new charger plates and napkin rings and cutlery are beautiful as well. (Also due to the addition of the window and to some tree trimmings you can moderately watch Fantasmic from the balcony!)

Going to the lounge, upon entering the hallway you find yourself in a wine cellar, where you find wine refrigerators on either side of you, holding hundreds of bottles of wine from all around the world.  Continuing into the lounge there are booths on either side of you, featuring paintings of the Haunted Mansion, or the Mark Twain, etc. in each.  Upon entering the lounge, you find it much darker than the dining room. As you look up, you'll notice in the center of the room a pane of stain glass painted to match the decor of the room, with the rest of the ceiling made to look like wood to match the bar and decor as well. The bar is made of hand carved wood, and is absolutely gorgeous.

The color scheme is mostly greens, blues, and browns, in attempt to bring a southern feel. The decor as well is beautiful. There are couches, booths, chairs, and bar stools. The center of the lounge is a beautiful piano.  Many pianists were recorded playing various tunes, which was programmed into the piano to literally play itself (same effect as in mansion and pirates).  Also, if someone, say in Austria, is playing the same piano, it can stream that concert and play what is being played in Austria.

The bar also features a center show case which features (for lack of a better term) a device which can keep expensive bottles of wines that are opened for small tastings preserved for a long period of time! Finally, the bathrooms are beautiful. The woman's features a very light atmosphere with white and blue hand painted tiles featuring roses and geese, which were a favorite of Napoleon's wife Josephine. The men's features a darker tone, with many pictures of Napoleon himself.

Overall the Club expansion exceeded my expectations. I honestly love it so much more than I did before.   I also believe the logo fits well with the new theme.  Pictures do not do it justice! It's absolutely gorgeous, and Disney deserves a round of applause.

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  1. It may be gorgeous on the inside – and it seems to be that is all they cared about with this expansion. The damages done to the exterior elevations and theming to the NOLA Square alleyways is awful. The new windows you are gleaming about all the new light do not match in style, scale or placement on the exteriors. A new window over Cafe Orleans is painfully off center – it may look good on the inside, but on the outside it looks like a terrible construction/design oversight. And it painfully stands out. Balconies that used to wrap around buildings have been just arbitrarily cut as needed. New building textures do not match the existing textures. It’s been haphazardly done – looks rushed at best and is a large punch in the nose to the original-best themed land, in Disneyland. All this so they can get another 1-2 million annually a year from dues of an expand the member base. It won’t free up the 10 year waiting list much – if at all.
    You know, I am really getting tired of the obvious bean counter design decisions being made at the parks. There is barely any “magic” left, unless you consider dollars signs magical.

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