Disney California Adventure’s Ambassador of Popular Culture and Entertainment News Turns 10 Years Old

I'm sure that the second that you saw this post, you were a little confused about what I would be writing about. Well I am here to welcome you to our celebration of having Genie and the rest of the Aladdin gang putting on Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular in Disney California Adventure for 10 years.

aladdin friend like me genie During our countless trips to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, one of the many hilarious Genies has always been in Hyperion Theater ready to make our side crack up with old jokes and new ones.

One of the reasons that the Genie has continued to stay relevant is that he has learned to be an Ambassador of Popular Culture and Entertainment News and with that widespread knowledge, he cracks jokes at the speed of light about the latest and greatest.

Here is a video from Asianjma123 on Youtube that highlights some of Genie's latest jokes from the past summer. They include jokes about Carly Rae Jepsen(Call Me Maybe) and Cars Land.

Of course there are some classic jokes that have always stayed the same like my three favorites:

  1. Genie: Boy you look good from close up…but I bet you would better from JaFAR.
  2. Genie(to Jafar after making him Sultan): If only your last name was PepperShaker (audiences laughs) Cause you know, Sultan PepperShaker.
  3. Genie(to Iago after turning Jafar into a Genie): Two words, Chicken…Nuggets(Iago goes off stage and bird feathers shoot out of a canon back on stage).

There are hundreds more Genie jokes from Aladdin at Disney California Adventure that we have heard over the years such as Genie chanting Gotta Getcha Getcha Head in the game during the High School Musical phase(from Disney Channel).

Disney has shared some amazing facts that really makes you think about the amount of work and dedication of each Cast Member across the Disneyland Resort and in every Disney Park around the world.

  • There are more than 100 performers in the show’s company.
  • As many as 35 cast members perform in the show each day.
  • There are 18 scene changes during each performance.
  • More than 40 wireless microphones are used in each performance.
  • There are 48 pieces of scenery on the stage, weighing more than 60,000 pounds.
  • More than 12 million guests have seen the show

While Disney Performing Arts did try to shut down the show a couple of years ago, the fans returned with a cry for help and the show continues to go on. Although their are murmurs that Disney will close the curtain for the last time once they move their off-Broadway version of Aladdin to Broadway to take the place of Marry Poppins, which will close in March.

Let's cross our fingers that we will be able to watch Aladdin at Disney California Adventure for a very long time. Your thoughts?

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  1. I’ll make one comment. In September 2011 the flying carpet in Aladdin flipped upside-down during the “Whole New World” segment which was easily the show’s highlight. No injuries occurred since the performers were harnessed to the carpet but it was a terrifying incident (there is a YouTube video). The flying carpet segment has not returned to the show since the incident and the show seems to have lost its signature “goose bump” moment. For that reason alone, I’m ready for a new show. But I also know to be careful what you wish for – whatever they replace Aladdin with just may not be is good.

    • We are family friends with the stage manager that was managing that performance and I have heard how terrifying the event was. The show had to be stopped, theater evacuated, and carpet lowered to the theater floor. They haven’t replaced it since. I will always miss seeing Aladdin and Jasmine in a Whole New World and Genie at the end of the show.

  2. We saw that show on our last trip. It was amazing. The whole family was blown away by the performers and the grandness of it all. I really hope that it is still there the next time we visit Disneyland and DCA.

  3. I just saw the show today and it was maybe my 5th time. It was GREAT. The Genie had sharp jokes, like holding the lamp like a phone telling Kim Kardashian “sorry you already used all your wishes…” I do miss the flying carpet but you would think they should be able to do a smaller version of that with the couple flying just over the stage above the Eiffel Tower, etc., showing how they are flying around the world. Not nearly as dangerous and if they fall it is only 5 feet at the most. Anyway, still SO GLAD it is still there and the theater was full at 12:40 on a Friday.

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