Adrianne Draude: Pin Signing at Downtown Disney

Adrianna Draude visited Disney's Pin Traders in Downtown Disney this evening.

The line to purchase the featured Lion King movie pin was extremely long due to the confusion of the pin's availability.


When we arrived, shortly before 5pm, we were informed that the Lion King movie pin was sold out. There was discussion of more pins being in the back. Two lines formed. One to meet Adrianne and one to purchase the elusive pin. The pin showed up about the same time the artist did.


Adrianne Draude has art running through her veins. Even as a child, she was interested in art. It was no surprise to her family and friends when she became a Disney artist.


She has designed many pins in Pin Traders. Our favorite pins were the shrinking room ones from the Haunted Mansion. We learned that those are her “babies.” She couldn't divulge what pin she is currently working on but we guessed it. A Disney one! She did say that she works on a lot of the pins for the new Fantasyland. If you see any new ones in the store, chances are they are hers. In all of the excitement, we didn't get a picture of her!

Oh, and the best part of her job? Going to the Meet the Designer events and meeting fans. That made our day.


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