A Staggering Series of Stupendous Stunts: Disney Alliteration at its Finest

The Barnstormer

Entrance to The Barnstormer

After a long wait, the Fantasyland train stop serves more of a purpose than just a water refilling station!  It is a quick way to get from the park’s entrance to the Barnstormer and avoid the morning rush of eager Disney fans.  I highly suggest going to this newly opened ride first thing in the morning since the wait times can vary from ten to sixty minutes.  The Barnstormer featuring The Great Goofini is an acrobatic skyleidoscope that pays homage to a part of history while Disney guests experience part of the new Fantasyland.

In the 1920s, pilots would barnstorm by flying biplanes and performing stunts for mesmerized onlookers.  These groups of stunt pilots were called flying circuses.  How fitting that The Great Goofini, a barnstormer, has landed in Storybook Circus.  Goofy has graduated from a flight instructor to a full out daredevil.  Riders can follow in The Great Goofini’s footsteps and dip, dive, and turn at speeds up to 25mph on this mild roller coaster.  Items like the bulls eye shades, a crashed rocket, the Wheel of Peril, and first (and second) aid boxes fill the queue.  The billboard that riders crash through is not as elaborate as the barn from the old ride but still provides some comic relief. Even those exiting the ride get to enjoy hearing the squeals of laughter and seeing the roller coaster speed by them as they zigzag through the fenced pathway leading back out to Fantasyland.

Though I miss crashing into the barn, I do enjoy the ride and the attention to detail that Disney puts into the rides and queues.  The new ride still pays respect to old rides and even movies in the queue while remaining fresh and entertaining for Disney fans of all ages.  Maybe riding The Barnstormer Featuring The Great Goofini will inspire a new generation of children to dream big and even learn a little about our countries great history of daredevils.


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