8 Reasons That I Continue to Fall in Love With Disneyland Even More With Every Visit


Oh Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. To many this sentence may just be a marketing campaign, but to me it is a true statement that comes to life every time  I walk down Main Street or ride Pirates of the Caribbean. At this point many of you are probably thinking, great, he is about to get all sad and sentimental. I am.

Below is my collection of reasons that make me fall in love with Disneyland with every visit.

  1. Everyone greets you with a smile The cast members at Disneyland have smiles on their face 24/7, and because of that all of the guests feel the same way. Laughter and happiness are contagious.
  2. Everything is so clean. One time I experimented by dropping a piece of trash on the ground and looked at my watch. In under a minute the trash had been swept up by a Cast Member. After that I got the name of the cast member and told City Hall about my experience. I always try to do this when a Cast Member does something that I like.
  3. It is never silent. Someone once said life should be set to music (if they didn't then I call that quote mine), and so it is in Disneyland. You can't walk through Fantasyland or get wet on Splash Mountain without hearing music.
  4. Who doesn't like being told happy birthday? I sure do, and so does every other person who dons a birthday button and has every Cast Member in Disneyland wishing you happy birthday.
  5. The night time is just so cool. Every night at dusk the entire park lights up and the fireworks go off. Then there's World of Color and Fanstasmic!.
  6. The food may be expensive, but it is good. For example, when was the last time that you had a Corn Dog that was as good as one from Corn Dog Castle? Just try to answer that question.
  7. There is a whole other park across the way. Yes, California Adventure wasn't the best park when it first opened, but now, after Disney invested $1 Billion into the park it will be amazing, starting with Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, and World of Color.
  8. It is much more quaint than Walt Disney World. When I visit the Magic Kingdom in Disney World it feels huge, but not so Disneyland, Disneyland feels just right.

I hope that you enjoyed my sentimental list of the reasons why I continue to fall in love with Disneyland over and over again. What are the things that you love most about Disneyland? If you have had the chance to visit both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland which do you prefer?

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    • In fact they do, Disney recently spent $1 billion dollars investing in California Adventure to improve it.

  1. I like your 8 reasons for loving Disneyland and it has special sentimental value for me too. The original Park opened in 1955 at which time I was a freshman a Michigan State University. MSU won the Big Ten and came to the Rose Bowl and Played USC which MSU won,by the way! We had 7 trains from East Lansing Michigan to Los Aneles and I was on one of those trains. This was one of the best tmes of my life and I went to Disneyland in its infancy (very first year) and the park was only about 1/6 of its pesent size! Through the years We have loved taking our kids and now our granchildren to Disneyland! This summer and next we are taking first Corey and her kids, and then Bruce and his family on a Disney cruise (the brand new Fantasy) To the Caribbean. More Disney Fun! Rook

  2. All the comments were so insightful and sincere. Gavin captured all the key elements when attending Disneyland. Another key element to going to Disney is : Buy American.

  3. Your thoughts are right on. The only thing I would add, Disneyland is the only place that I know of that you can forget how old you are and feel young and become a kid again.

  4. I loved reading your 8 reasons! Like Rook, I remember when Disneyland opened. The Mickey Mouse Club was on television, and very popular with all my friends at school. As the opening of Disneyland approached, the kids on the show would talk about this wonderful place, and it was a big topic of conversation at school. It was to be unlike anything that had been done before. It truly was a first! I didn’t go there until years later when I had children of my own, but I remember the excitement of that time. When I did take my two sons, they loved it — and so did I. One of their favorite places was Tom Sawyer’s Island — not sure that’s even still there.

    Thanks for reminding us of all those memories!

    • Yes Ginger,

      Tom Sawyer’s Island is still open at Disneyland, and it used to be my favorite place to. I am so glad that I could bring back so many good memories.

  5. Gavin- You are very clever and I very much enjoyed your article. It made me smile as I read it! You have a great future as a writer/journalist!

  6. Well done!! Your reasons are so true. The only additional reason I have is that it is a great family event.

    • Definitely. I rarely ever venture to the parks without my family in tow.

  7. I’m 13. I love Disney! Haven’t been to california adventure but have attended both Disneyland florida and Disneyland Paris. And hoping to re-visit Disneyland Florida again. Is it just me or does Disney just keep getting more awesome each day… I went to Paris late last year with the school. And when the long anticipated Disney day arose from various trips to sites and shops. It was just amazing! It was,as you described. So clean. It grasped the human imagination with characters and performances and you lost your self,for how ever long you stayed. In a childish world. Though I am slowly rearing out of my childhood with every year. I will always be a Disney kid through and through.

    Those 8 reasons are just so true!!! =) =) =)

    May I please ask you a question?
    What is “Disneyland: California adventure.” Like after its 1 billion refurbishment. May you please enlighten this 13 year old. =)

    • Alycia,

      Disney California Adventure is amazing and redefined after its Billion Dollar Expansion. I personally love Carsland and the World of Color. Buena Vista Street is amazing as well.

  8. I loved reading your thoughts on Disneyland. I have always loved Disneyland, it opened on my first birhday. As a child it was the only place I ever wanted to visit. unfortunately living in Australia made this pretty much impossible. But since becoming an adult I have visited Disneyland in 1984 & again in 1994. My memories are si vivid of what a fantasic place it is, and reading these memories are like reading my memories. Well except for California Adventure because that was still a car park when I was last there.
    Next year I am coming back! I am currently planning a trip that will take me to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and on to a Disney cruise. People ask me why I want to do Disneyland again, why not go elsewhere? And I just answer “Because it’s the happiest kingdom on Earth!” Of course, if you’ve never been there, you will never understand!

    • Thank you for sharing your great memories of Disneyland with us. I am so excited for you, that you get to return to the Happiest Place on Earth after so long.

      Thanks for that great comment,


      P.S. Shoot us an email when you go.

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