7 Ways to Enhance the Magic by Giving Back

It is always good to do good, and it makes you feel good, too! What better time to bring a smile to someone's face then on your vacation? Here are 7 ways that giving back can enhance the magic for someone else at a Disney Park.

  •  1. Say Cheese – Offer to take a family's photo & help them out if you can tell they would like a photo together.
  • 2. Snacks are on Us – 
  • If you are on the DDP and find that you have unused snack credits, offer to buy snacks for another family waiting in line with you.
  • 3. After You – Let others go ahead of you when you reach a line or a door at the same time.
  • 4. Fast Forward – If you find yourself with fast passes that you can't use, give them away to someone who can!
  • 5. Dry Idea – If you go to The Park on a day that you know it will rain, bring some extra cheap ponchos & share them with a family who is getting soaked
  • 6. Be Courteous – Always be extra courteous to Cast Members. There are lots of pushy people in this world. Don't be one of them! Clean up after yourself and tip where appropriate.
  • 7. Send Some Love – Take some time to send out postcards to everyone you miss back home.

These are just 7 ways that you can give back while on vacation, but there are tons more that will pop up throughout your trip. Being kind and courteous will not only give you a good feeling, but may put a smile on someone's face and be a memory that they never forget!

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  1. I love giving away fastpasses! I will try to get a few extra to the “big rides” at each park and on my way pass them along. Of course it maybe tougher with the one hour restriction now, but it still will get a big smile from the family you give them too everytime.

    I will also take pictures for people (sometime to a fault..lol ask my wife). I always take two steps like I am running off with their camera….after the initial panic, it does produce a big smile!

    • While I don’t recommend running away with others cameras, it is always nice to help out other families in when visiting the parks. Thank you for posting this great article DizBuzz.

    • Awesome way to spread the magic! Also a way to get a new camera – just kidding! Keep up bringing the smiles!

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