5 Ways to Keep Your Walt Disney World Trip Magical in the Rain

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Disney World is the happiest place on earth rain or shine, but what should you do if a drizzle dampens your day? Do not fret, and do not let a little liquid spoil your magic, instead let the water whet your appetite for adventure! Here are 5 things to in a Disney drencher:
  1. Go Undercover – There are lots of places around Disney World that are indoors, even many attractions. Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, It's Tough to be a Bug, and The Living Seas are just a few attractions that are completely inside. There are many in each park. You can also grab some food and wait for the storm (or at least the heaviest showers) to pass. If it looks like it's going to pour all day consider playing it up at Disney Quest in Downtown Disney.
  1. Seize the Storm – The truth is that a rain storm is an optimal time to be in Disney World. It really cuts down on the lines. So grab your poncho and just go for it! This is the perfect time to ride all of the water rides – who cares about getting wet?! The lines will be shorter for a lot of your favorite attractions so think of the clouds as your friendly fast pass! You can even get some good photos. It would be the perfect opportunity to get a silly family picture playing in the rain. What better time to get a photo under the Singing in the Rain umbrella in the Streets of America at Hollywood Studios?
  1. Do Something New – Now is the perfect time to try that thing that you've never bothered to do before. You can stop and smell the roses a little instead of rushing from attraction to attraction. For instance, on a regular day you may not bother to go see a movie, but it may be a treat to do just that at the AMC Downtown Disney on a dreary night. Try that attraction or exhibit that always looked a little too boring. Explore all the nooks of Disney that you have never uncovered. Why not check out that resort that you've always wanted to stay at? The ideas are limitless.
  1. Rest & Relax – Nothing wears you out faster than long days playing in the sun. A gloomy day is a good excuse to catch some rest. Chill out in your room, or catch a massage at the closest spa. You may want to depart from the parks to head out for a bite to eat on the town or grab some supplies you need (snacks, sun block, ponchos?). Enjoy your resort and see all that it has to offer to help you relax. You can even take a dip in the pool if the weather is not severe.
  1. Shop 'till You Drop (or at least the rain stops) – There are so many wonderful places to shop in Disney and sometimes in the hustling crowds we don't take time to enjoy them. There is no better time to hunt for some special treasures! Not only is there a whole world of shopping pleasure in Downtown Disney, but each park has different little stores to discover. Don't forget to shop at the little bakeries & other confectioneries to pick yourself up a treat!
Disney is not only fun on days that are dry! Every day at Disney can be magical. Most attractions and rides stay open during rainy weather as long as it is not dangerous – even the parades and fireworks! Don't let a little drizzle ruin your next trip!
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    • Congratulations on the new site. It looks great. I agree, the best time to be in the park is when not many people are there and that time is when it is raining.

  1. I absolutely love DisneyWorld in the rain, as someone who has visited over 60 times I find the grey rainy days give a different view of the parks, and most certainly the lines for everything are shorter, I wish I was there today as Tropical storm Debby is keeping the parks wet.

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