2013 Disneyland 58th Birthday Events July 17

Recently I received this question from Josie, one of our readers:

I'll be in Disneyland on my birthday this year (July 17th. Disneyland opened July 17th, 1955) and I was wondering if Disneyland ever does anything special for its anniversary or if they will be this year?

To summarize what she asked for anyone who doesn't read italics (I know I don't), Josie wanted to know what the birthday celebration for Disneyland's 58th year in existence will be like.

Well Josie, while no official announcement has been made for this year, I can bet that Disney will be putting on a pretty special couple days of fun to celebrate. There are two indicators of this.

  1. This year's special theme has been limited time magic and special history oriented Annual Passholder history lectures have been held a couple of times this year.
  2. If the past is any indicator–which it usually is with Disney–then Disneyland will have two ceremonies that day. Also, Disney really likes to celebrate their anniversaries as is evident with their huge Disneyland 50th Anniversary and Disney World 40th Anniversary parties. While turning 58 is not 50, Disney will still celebrate this magical day.


In the past, the ceremonies have both been held in Town Square in front of Main Street Station. The first appeals more to the everyday passerby and consists of a large group of characters (and the crowd) singing Happy Birthday to Disneyland. The second ceremony that has occurred once or twice in the past is the honoring of club 55 members, or cast members who worked in the park on opening day and also includes speeches from Disneyland ambassadors, the Disneyland President, and cast members with a notable story.

My assumption is that both ceremonies will happen again this year because Disneyland Resort just got a new president who will want to be recognized by the public and the ceremonies have always been really full. I would definitely expect the singing of Happy Birthday and anything else will be….frosting on the cake(hahahaha).


Inside the Magic had great coverage of both last year's and the year before's event.

I hope that answers your question. Anyone else who has any questions about the parks, we have experts in every area. Simply contact us at the bottom of our about page.

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