10 Things Disney Parks Employees Wish Guests Wouldn’t Do, and 5 They Wish They’d Do More

Working at the Disney theme parks can be one of the most fun, fulfilling career options around, and those who are employed there are passionate about their job. Spending time interacting with guests is a major part of most Cast Members’ jobs, and just like in any other customer service role, there are a lot of things guests do that Cast Members are not huge fans of.

Keep reading to learn about the 10 things Disney Parks employees wish guests wouldn’t do and 5 things they wish guests would do more often!

Don’t – Try to Bypass Height Requirements

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Another major rule that keeps guests out of harm’s way is checking the height of children who may not be tall enough to ride the larger, more intense thrill rides. Disney Parks employees must enforce these requirements, and they wish guests wouldn’t try to bypass these safety protocols to get their kids onto the attractions.

There are often posts online about ways to “get around” the designated height requirements so families can sneak their young, too-small children onto the rides. However, this is never a good idea, as these standards are decided by the ride creators after running tests, and they can be based on a variety of factors that have to do with the height, speed, and intensity of each attraction.

When Cast Members are checking a child’s height and denying their access to a ride, it’s not because they want to be difficult or spoil the fun. It’s because they have a duty to keep all guests safe, and permitting someone who’s too small to board an attraction that’s unsafe for them could end up having unwanted consequences.

Don’t –  Climb on Objects That Are Unsafe

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Out of all the different responsibilities Disney Cast Members hold, their top priority is to ensure everyone remains safe during their time in the theme parks and resorts. This is why they wish guests wouldn’t climb (or sit, or stand, or swing) on objects that aren’t meant to be used in that way.

When there’s a parade or fireworks show going on, it can be very tempting to get up on top of fences, ledges, or even trash cans to see better. Or if you’ve been walking around the park and standing in long lines all day, you may want to sit on one of the ropes or chains in the ride queue to relax.

However, there’s a chance that something could go wrong and you or the people around you could get hurt, which is the last thing Disney Parks employees want to have happen. When they’re asking you to get down off the object you or your child are climbing/sitting/standing on, it’s not because they want to ruin your fun. In fact, they do so to ensure that you don’t get injured and are able to keep having fun on your vacation!

Don’t – Expect Perfect Weather All the Time

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As much as Disney Parks employees wish they could control the weather, there’s no special bubble covering the theme parks to keep them sunny and comfortable all the time. Depending which Disney park you’re visiting, you can experience everything from extreme heat and torrential downpours to chilly winds and golf ball-sized hail.

There are a few steps you can take to ensure you’re prepared for whatever you could possibly experience when you visit. Consistently check the high and low temperatures leading up to your trip to figure out what types of clothes you’ll be most comfortable in. Pack ponchos, raincoats, and whatever else you need to keep you protected from pop-up rainstorms.

Additionally, it’s possible that the weather could change suddenly and affect your plans, and it’s important to understand that there’s not much Cast Members can do about it. While they do their best to accommodate cancellations of ticketed events and other extra-cost experiences, Cast Members don’t have the capability to provide refunds or exchanges for things like attractions being closed due to rain.

Don’t – Attempt Hacks Seen on Social Media

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While there’s a lot of great Disney theme park content out on social media, Disney Parks employees wish guests wouldn’t believe everything that they see about ways to “hack” their trip. There are a lot of videos out there that share tips and secret ways to get free merchandise, exclusive access into certain areas, and special upgrades—and unfortunately, most of the time they aren’t true and don’t work.

If online creators are trying to go viral, they will post anything they can think of to encourage people to share their content. Because Disney trips can be expensive, people will look online to find ways to make the most of their vacation, and when they find these hacks that they’re told will work every time, they will often attempt them.

Cast Members are busy enough with their regular role responsibilities and they don’t have the time or energy to handle hundreds of guests trying fake hacks they heard about from a random account on the internet.

Don’t – Ask for “Magical Moments”

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Going along with trying out hacks for free things, Disney Parks employees wish guests wouldn’t ask to be gifted with “magical moments,” which is when Cast Members are given the freedom to surprise guests with random acts of kindness and gifts like free snacks and merchandise.

It’s a wonderful feeling for guests who aren’t expecting anything extra to be given something special just because, and Cast Members enjoy getting to share those experiences with them. However, when guests believe they also deserve preferential treatment because another person received it and blatantly ask or insinuate that they’d like to be given a magical moment too, it ruins the whole point of the gesture.

The easiest way to avoid that disappointment is to go into your vacation with the expectation that you won’t be receiving anything complimentary. Then, if it doesn’t happen, it won’t feel like as much of a letdown. And if a Cast Member chooses to do something extra for you, it will feel even more special!

Don’t – Bring Items That Aren’t Allowed

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A massive issue that Disney Parks employees constantly have to deal with is guests trying to bring things into the parks that aren’t allowed. The Disney Parks websites have an entire section devoted to what can and cannot be brought with you, ranging from certain sizes of strollers to selfie sticks and loose or dry ice.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t review the guidelines before making their way to the park with restricted items, only to be told at the gate that they cannot bring them into the park. This process can be frustrating for both the guests and the Cast Members, and it wouldn’t have been an issue if the guests had read through the rules before they arrived.

If you’re planning a trip to the Disney theme parks, be sure to read what you are and aren’t allowed to bring into the park with you before you arrive. The Cast Members will be grateful, and you’ll have a much smoother time getting through the security check and through the turnstiles to start enjoying your vacation!

Don’t – Leave Hidden Items Around the Parks

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Something that has become a lot more popular on social media is the idea of leaving things around the Disney theme parks for other guests to find. Oftentimes, people will write online that they’ve left hidden trinkets scattered around a certain area of the park so that those who see their post will know to be on the lookout.

While it’s a nice idea in theory, Disney Parks employees wish that guests wouldn’t do this for a couple reasons. For one thing, if the hidden items are something really special or coveted, guests will often ask Cast Members where to find them, and most of the time, the Cast Members won’t have any idea what they’re referring to.

Additionally, all Cast Members are trained to pick up any trash or items they see as they’re working. If they find an item that was hidden by a guest lying on the ground or in the bushes, there’s a good chance it’s going to be taken to Lost and Found or thrown away depending on what it is. If the goal is to spread some magic to other guests, it’s much better to surprise them by walking up and giving the items to them directly than to leave them for people to happen upon.

Don’t – Sneak into Paid Events Without Tickets

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Throughout the year, the Disney Parks will offer special experiences like Halloween and Christmas parties, After Hours events, and more. These are not offered with general park admission and require purchasing a specific ticket to enjoy the additional activities, snacks, and shows.

During these events, Cast Members will usually provide guests with a wristband that shows they paid for the event and are permitted to remain in the park after the regular admission guests are required to leave. However, guests who didn’t pay the extra fee for the party will sometimes attempt to remain in the park to take advantage of the specialty offerings.

Cast Members wish guests wouldn’t do this for a few reasons. For one thing, it’s not fair for someone who didn’t buy an event ticket to get to experience the bonus perks for free when everyone else has paid to be there. Secondly, it makes the Cast Members’ jobs more challenging since they are required to ask those without wristbands to leave and, if necessary, escort them out of the theme park.

Don’t – Remain in the Parks After They Close

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After a long day in the Disney parks, many guests are ready to head back to their resorts for the evening, but there are some who want to spend as much time in the theme park as they possibly can.

When this occurs, Disney Parks employees wish that guests wouldn’t try to remain in those sections of the park. Typically, Cast Members will block every walkway so that guests are required to head toward the front gates, but there are still people who try to hang around a bit longer or even bypass the Cast Members to reach the closed areas.

At this point in the day, Cast Members are exhausted from a long day of work and are ready to head home. When guests try to sneak into places they aren’t permitted to be, the employees end up having to spend more time and energy enforcing the rules and firmly nudging the guests toward the exit. They will not bend the rules on this, so trying to get past them only ends up making everyone frustrated.

Don’t – Cut Other Guests in Line

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One of the major downsides to taking a trip to a theme park is that a lot of time will be spent waiting in lines. Even with options like mobile ordering at restaurants and Genie+ Lightning Lanes, guests will always find themselves waiting in some type of line. Since there’s no avoiding it, it’s only fair that everyone has a similar experience.

There are always a few guests who believe they should have preferential treatment and attempt to cut the line to get ahead, and this is something Disney Parks employees really wish they wouldn’t do. It’s frustrating to the other guests that have been waiting longer, and it ends up holding up the line when the Cast Members have to stop what they’re doing to send the cutters to the back. Plus, if the situation escalates enough, it can even end up getting guests removed from the park.

To avoid feeling the need to cut in front of other guests, it’s important to arrive with the expectation that a lot of the trip will be spent waiting in lines, especially if visiting during a busier time of the year. Riding popular attractions in the morning or keeping an eye on wait times and heading to certain rides when their wait times drop can help guests get the most out of their trip without feeling the need to cut ahead of other people.

5 Things Cast Members Wish Guests Would Do More

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Now that we’ve discussed 10 things Disney Parks employees wish guests wouldn’t do, here are some things they wish guests would do more! When guests do these 5 things, it makes Cast Members’ lives easier and ensures that everyone at the parks is having the best time possible.

Do – Research the Parks You’re Visiting

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Planning a trip to a Disney theme park is an extensive process and one that should be taken just as seriously as planning a trip to any unfamiliar place. A lot of guests don’t tend to think this way though, and Disney Parks employees wish that they would take more time to research the parks that they’re going to visit during their vacation.

When guests show up to a Disney park without knowing the attractions, restaurants, and entertainment that are available at that park, it can be very frustrating when they realize the particular experience they wanted is located in a different Disney park (or even a park owned by an entirely different company). Even understanding the travel distance and transportation options from one location to another is a very important part of having a successful vacation experience.

Unfortunately, when guests realize too late that they wanted to visit another park, eat at another restaurant, or stay at a different type of resort, there’s not much Cast Members can do for them at that point. By doing research ahead of time, guests don’t have to worry about whether they booked everything correctly, and they’ll have a much more enjoyable trip.

Do – Park Strollers in the Correct Areas

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There are thousands of guests who vacation at Disney with young children and need to use a stroller to take them around the parks. Because most of the ride queues aren’t designed to accommodate strollers being pushed through, guests are usually required to leave them outside of the attraction.

While a lot of guests are great about parking their strollers in the designated stroller parking areas, there are unfortunately many who just throw theirs off to the side of the ride entrance before heading in. When the parks are crowded, there’s not a lot of walkway space to begin with, so having to dodge strollers in areas they’re not meant to be can be frustrating for both other guests and Cast Members.

Parking strollers in the correct areas will accomplish several things. If strollers are in the designated areas out of the way of traffic, they won’t be a hindrance for people walking through the park. Doing so will also keep Cast Members from having to constantly move them into the correct areas. And best of all, they’ll be easier to find after getting off the attraction if they’re all in the same place.

Do – Pay Closer Attention to Your Children

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With so many people constantly moving in every direction during any given day at Disney, Cast Members wish that parents would pay closer attention to where their children are and what they are doing. It’s understandable that during a busy day at the theme parks, adults can get wrapped up in trying to do several things at once, and it’s easy for children to wander off.

Thankfully, Disney Parks employees are all well-trained in what to do when kids are separated from their group, and they can handle those situations. When Cast Members talk about parents paying closer attention to their children, what they usually mean is keeping an eye on them to make sure they’re not being rowdy, annoying other guests, or getting into dangerous situations.

While it’s important that the adults are able to enjoy their vacation too, it shouldn’t be at the expense of Cast Members who have to repeatedly ask the kids to stop misbehaving because their parents aren’t keeping an eye on them.

Do – Go with the Flow

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No matter how much time and effort are put into planning a Disney trip, no guest will ever have a perfectly executed vacation. When guests are trying to keep track of ride wait times, show times, transportation options, and dining and hotel reservations, there are so many factors at play, and things are bound to go wrong.

In these moments, Disney Parks employees wish that guests would learn to relax a little bit and go with the flow. It can be frustrating when weather, traffic, ride malfunctions, and even other guests mess with the plan, but there are always other options available. That’s the beauty of the Disney theme parks—there’s so much going on at all times that it’s easy to find something to do if your original plan fails. Expecting perfection is one of the several Disneyland mistakes we urge you to avoid!

With dozens of attractions, restaurants, and activities to choose from, there’s rarely a time where something goes so badly that the entire vacation is completely ruined. If guests are willing and able to expect the unexpected, they’ll have a wonderful time on their trip even if it’s not exactly how they originally hoped it would be.

Do – Treat Cast Members with Kindness

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Above all else on this list, Disney Parks employees wish that guests would treat them with more kindness. There are plenty of people who understand how complex running an operation like a Disney theme park is, and they give Cast Members grace and treat them with courtesy even when they’re frustrated.

Sadly, for every patient and respectful guest a Cast Member encounters, there’s usually at least one who is argumentative, rude, and sometimes downright mean to them. It’s very easy to get temperamental during a massive, expensive vacation, especially if things aren’t going according to plan. However, being unkind to Cast Members is not only disheartening for them but also annoying to other guests having to witness it as well.

When guests are genuinely friendly and polite to Cast Members, they are much more willing to go the extra mile to help resolve their problems and even make a little magic for them where they can.

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